Challenging Project Ideas

Highway Transportation & Safety

Here are a few challenging project ideas related to highway transportation & safety:

Using seat belts can reduce the chances of injury or death in an automobile accident. What innovative methods can increase people's use of seat belts?

What are the trends in pedestrian-vehicle accidents, and what innovative methods can help to reduce the number of these accidents?

Can the use of "smog-eating pavement" on highways be cost-effective in reducing the amount of contaminants found in the air? What other innovative methods can help to improve air quality?

Are innovative intersections and interchanges improving traffic mobility and safety? What additional methods can be used to improve traffic mobility and safety at intersections and interchanges?

Detecting Sink Holes

This video of a sinkhole in Louisiana is amazing! Sinkholes can happen for various reasons, and there are ways we currently predict and detect them.

Research sinkholes and learn about the current methods of detection, then answer the following questions or one of your own. What do you think we can do to detect sinkholes earlier? Can we prevent them? How would you do this?

Oil & The Environment

Various projects related to the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

For example:

  • What effect do oil contaminated fish have on humans?
  • Are oil pollutants shortening the life of animals in the gulf?
  • Engineering project: A device to safely siphon oil from the water or animals.
  • For younger students: Why does oil float?

Local PCE Plume

The 700 South 1600 East PCE plume (aka VA hospital plume) is currently proposed for listing on the NPL (Superfund). This plume is showing up in springs near East High School. Utah Utah Department of Environmental Quality (UDEQ), Salt Lake City and the Salt Lake Valley Health Department, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are sampling and investigating it right now.

There may be opportunities to get involved before clean up starts and into the future. This project will go for many years. Here is a website for more info. More information.

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