Category Awards

For Junior & Senior divisions, cash awards and trophies are awarded for each 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place projects in each of the competition categories.

For Elementary division, we award medals to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & Honorable Mention winning projects in each of the competition categories.

Special Awards

The following special awards will be presented this year:

  1. The project makes use of math extensively (Mission Math)
  2. The project has demonstrated relevance to the Great Salt Lake ecosystem, including addressing climate change, biology, air quality, water conservation, or water quality (Friends of GSL)
  3. The project is focused on energy, management and/or environmental science (TD Williamson & AWMA)
  4. The project is focused on plant science (Red Butte Garden)
  5. The project is related to geosciences AND is either conducted by a young woman or by a group with at least one young woman member (Assoc. of Women Geoscientists)
  6. The project is focused on wildlife conservation, habitat preservation including creating a habitat, cleaning up habitats, making urban habitats more livable for animals (Tracy Aviary)
  7. The project is focused on infectious diseases and/or medical microbiology (U of U Infectious Diseases Division)
  8. The project is focused on invention, with the definition of 'invention' being a novel or unique device, process, or method including an improvement on an existing device, process or method (Lemelson)
  9. The project makes extensive use of the metric system (US Metric Assoc.)
  10. The project aims to improve human health and/or is medical and healthcare focused.
  11. The project is focused on water, including water treatment, reuse, purification and more.
  12. The project involves coding and/or computational thinking at any level (basic, intermediate and advanced) in its design, methods, and/or development.