This page will be a collection of ways to leverage technology to make the science fair process easier.

Here is a list of things that are included here:

How to Digitally Sign Your Paperwork

Here are a few videos showing how to digitally sign the required paperwork. If you are signing these documents yourself or sending these to others for their signatures, you can refer to these videos to make gathering those signatures easier. There are also a number of iOS and Android apps or other online services that you can use to digitally sign PDFs.

For those using an iOS device (using the built-in PDF viewer)

For those using a PC (using Adobe Reader)

For those using a Mac (using Preview App)

Teachers: we will be happy to schedule an in-person workshop at your school to help you & your students with the science fair process. Please contact us and we'll set up a date & time to meet.

Science Fair Friday Week 1: Don't Freak Out

Here is the first of a series of videos we're making to share tips and tricks on how to have a successful science fair. We'll publish a new one each week. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see when they are released.

Science Fair Friday Week 2: Investigating a Topic

This week we explore how to get kids excited about the science fair and how to guide their brainstorming efforts towards an appropriate and interesting idea.

Science Fair Friday Week 3: Doing The Research

Content to help teachers, parents, and students stay on track in the science fair process. This week: Doing the research.

Science Fair Friday Week 4: Asking the Right Question

Developing a testable question for science and engineering projects. Science Fair Friday is a 12-week series taking teachers (or students and parents!) through the process in the classroom.

Science Fair Friday Week 5: Designing Your Experiment

Now that you've asked the right question, this video covers how to get started with experimentation. Ideas, Planning & Doing.

Science Fair Friday Week 6: Hypothesis and Design Goal

Week 6 in the Science Fair Friday series. Hypothesis and Design Goal writing for students.

Science Fair Friday Week 7: Writing a Research Plan

This week we discuss how to write a research plan for both engineering and experimental projects.

Science Fair Friday Week 8: Approval & Paperwork

Week 8 discusses what forms need to be completed prior to experimentation or construction.

ISEF Paperwork Video Tutorials

We made a set of videos explaining how to properly fill out all senior division forms. Give these short videos a try if you have any questions.

Challenging ideas Find a lab Find a researcher Where are they now Tips for success

We've Changed Our Name!

You are in the right spot—we've changed our name from SLVSEF to USEF—The University of Utah Science & Engineering Fair. We are now an official University event! Yay!