Why Compete?

A science fair project is the answer to the question Why do I need to learn this stuff?

Participation in a science fair is one way to build student confidence, challenge potential, and instill the feeling of independent achievement.

Science fair projects can pay off in cash and open doors of opportunity. Senior division grand prize winners have the opportunity to compete for additional awards and scholarships at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

Graduating high school students with records of awards for original research or engineering at the regional fair and beyond have a distinct advantage over other college applicants in being considered and accepted by the schools of their choice. This is because science fair honors rank high among the screening factors used by admissions officers at most top universities.

Students who participate in regional fairs have their projects evaluated by top local scientists from research and industry. Participants whose projects are judged to be worthy of international competition will be judged by the top scientists of the world. Imagine discussing your project with a Nobel Prize winner.