General Rules

All exhibits must conform to the following rules if they are to be selected for exhibition at the USEF. The rules should be followed throughout the development of the science project. Project supervisors should oversee and insure compliance with all rules before exhibition. The USEF Committee cannot be held responsible for errors in interpretation or failure to comply with these rules:

Individual Projects

The project must be the work of a single student and must concern itself with a single subject;

Team Projects

The team must consist of no more than three (3) participants and no fewer than two (2) participants. A team project cannot be exhibited as an individual project.

Students with multiple-year projects must re-submit all prior certification and consent forms for each previous year(s) and a Form 7 stating differences for each year of the project. Only research done in the current year can be displayed on project boards.

Students, including each team member, must keep a dated, step-by step, day- by-day notebook recording development of the project including all references, procedures, original data, and other relevant material. Entries should be in ink and be legible.

The project must be based on work carried out in compliance with all local, state and federal health, safety and environmental regulations and standards.

Students may, at times, have procedures performed by a scientist or other person(s) that he/she cannot or did not perform. Credit must be given to the scientist or any other person performing any part of the student's research, collection of data, experimentation, analysis of data, etc. Since the student's journal/ log is considered an historical document of all procedures pertaining to the student's research and experimentation, credit must be given to the person(s) performing any/ all activities not directly performed by the student researcher, in the journal/log.

Exhibits shall be accepted for display upon the express condition that neither the USEF, the University of Utah or any other Fair sponsor shall be held responsible for the loss or theft of, or any damage to exhibits, or exhibitor's personal property.

During judging and exhibition times, the exhibitors must remain with their project. If a personal emergency occurs during the Fair, an exhibitor must notify a USEF designated committee member at the Registration Desk. Ask the committee member to contact the USEF Director or Manager.

Failure to comply with all rules and regulations could lead to disqualification.