This page is for you—the student who is going to participate at USEF. Each month we'll post a few links with tips and tricks to make sure your trip on the road to science fair success is as smooth as possible. So buckle up and check this page often for updates.

Where To Start

Where to the beginning of course. Here are a few hand-picked links that will help you get started with your project. We'll update this page throughout the year so check back often.

What Now?

So by now, you should have a good start on your project (if not see the 'Where To Start' links below and git 'er done!). Now it's time to take the next steps which are form a hypothesis and learn more about the scientific method. Here are a few links to get you started:

A Few Tips

So by now you've (hopefully) started down the road to Science Fair Success! To make your journey a little easier, here are a few tips:

  • Seniors—Don't let your project fail to qualify before you even start! Some projects need to be cleared by the SRC Committee before you begin experimenting! Check the sciencebuddies site for more info.
  • Keep a Notebook. I know, it's tough to be disciplined and keep thorough notes, but it's one of those things that great scientists do. Here is a PDF on how to keep good notes. Read it, then get your pens out and start writing!
  • Get Help! Here's a site where you can ask an expert your science fair related questions. Check it out.
  • Working on an engineering-related project? Great! Go to this page to learn all about The Engineering Process and how to apply it to your work. Learn more here.
  • Read some excellent tips on how to write a good abstract.

Project Board Design

Hello Science Fairithians! Time is growing short Time to get thinking about your project display boards. Here are a few links to get you on the right path.

Tips on Being Judged

How time flies! Soon you'll be setting up your beautiful project boards (see January's links) and submitting your hard work to be judged. Here are some very useful tips to survive (and even enjoy) the judging process.

What's Next?

All your hard work has paid off and you have won your school or district fair. Nice going! So where do you take your project next? Glad you asked:

Broadcom MASTERS™: A competition for middle school students sponsored by the Broadcom Foundation and Society for Science. The Broadcom MASTERS™ (Math, Applied Science, Technology and Engineering for Rising Stars) competition that rewards independent research, scientific inquiry, hands-on learning, and teamwork. Learn more at their website.