Parent / Guardians

We get it...

You hear that your child is required to participate in their school science fair and you cringe a little. You know that they already have tons going on: early mornings, school, then homework, maybe lessons, then more homework, and now a science fair project that you'll probably need to help them with on top of it all? We understand.

We made this page to help with the process of helping your student complete a successful science fair project. We also welcome your feedback on how we, as a fair, can improve our processes to make this experience more fun (or at least less painful).

We'll add resources and ideas to this page as we go, but in the mean time, please let us know if you have any ideas on how we can improve the science fair experience.

To get started, here's an outline of things we will include here:

Info. Coming Soon

For now, we've made some great videos for science fair teachers to help their students with the science fair process. Turns out they have great info for parents & guardians too. So check them out if you have time.

Visit our YouTube channel to view the videos

Another great resource to review is a how-to book created by past students. This helpful guide includes tips & advice for how to choose a project, keep a journal, make a great display board, and a review of the judging process from the student's perspective.

Download Guide

So... why even "Science Fair" at all?

Helping your child choose an interesting project

Ensure your student is learning something new

Helping your student be as independent as they can

Preparing for the actual competition & speaking with judges