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  • JODY: 00:12:44
  • Jack: 00:33:51
    Hi I am Jack an am in 8th grade! I have just been brainstorming, but I am trying to find a renewable energy source that hasn't been explored yet. Currently almost every renewable energy source isn't completely green. Any ideas on where I should start?
  • Jack: 00:36:47
    Sorry my mic isn't working. Thank you so much!
  • JODY: 00:37:18
    Happy to help! Feel free to ask follow up questions and I'll put them out there.
  • Jake: 00:39:03
    Do we need to go to our district fair before USEF?
  • divyam: 00:39:19
    Yes you will need to go to district
  • Jake: 00:39:33
    Great thank you
  • divyam: 00:39:39
    of course!
  • EV: 00:42:04
    When will our schools let us know about district fairs?
  • iPhone: 00:42:15
    question Parv- the airplane project example was good. But do project like this fit the criteria of projects with dependent and independent variables that school wants.
  • divyam: 00:42:56
    You can make it work - for example in the plane topic an independent variable would be wingspan and dependent variable would be fight distance or flight time
  • JODY: 00:44:27
    Ivo Zell
  • Clara: 00:45:13
    Here is a more detailed explanation of his project: https://abstracts.societyforscience.org/Home/FullAbstract?Category=Any%20Category&AllAbstracts=True&FairCountry=Any%20Country&FairState=Any%20State&ProjectId=5104
  • iPhone: 00:45:15
    Parv- Thanks
  • Jack: 00:46:41
    I am all online... How do I get materials if I need them?
  • Jack: 00:49:45
    That is!
  • Jack: 00:50:20
    Ok thank you!
  • divyam: 00:51:01
    Jack - as a general rule never mix two random chemicals or substances in your home before checking online to make sure it is a safe mix, okay? And never go looking for medications at home! Other than that the go look around your home rule stands-
  • Jack: 00:51:37
    Thanks so much!
  • Jack: 00:53:02
    My dad got one of those crazy science books from the 30s and burned his hair off
  • divyam: 00:53:46
    Yeah don't do that, I am sure you have fabulous hair and we don't want to get it burned--
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We've Changed Our Name!

You are in the right spot—we've changed our name from SLVSEF to USEF—The University of Utah Science & Engineering Fair. We are now an official University event! Yay!