ISEF Paperwork

Welcome senior science fair participants! This area of our site was created to streamline the process of (correctly) filling out the required ISEF forms and to reduce the use of paper.

Please note that ISEF paperwork is due on or before January 31, 2022.

Please begin by creating an account below. Creating an account will allow you to sign in, submit and update required ISEF forms and get critical feedback from our staff regarding your project.

If you have had an account from a previous year: you will need to create a new account, they do not carry over!


1. We will communicate with you through email so please include a valid email that you’ll check often. When you submit the form below, we’ll send a verification email to the address you specify. Sometimes these initial emails will end up in your spam, so be sure to check there for the verification emails. The emails will be sent within a few seconds of signing up and be addressed from Also, please remember your password. If you forget, you can reset it here.

2. Remember only senior division students need to fill out ISEF paperwork. If you are an Elementary, Middle or Junior High student, you don't need to sign up and go through this process.

3. If your school is not listed, please continue your registration by choosing "... School Not Listed" and email so we can update your account and add the missing school for others.

4. This site is for ISEF paperwork pre-approval only. If you advance to USEF via your district level fair, you will still need to register your project using the user name and password you will receive on your award certificate in February.

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