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The University of Utah has a policy addressing the safety of minors who participate in University-sponsored programs or programs held on campus. You can read about the policy here. In an effort to provide for the safety of our minor participants, as a volunteer judge for USEF, you will notice a few additions to the registration:

  1. You will need to provide your legal name, as listed on your driver’s license or official ID. USEF staff will need to check your ID when you register at Rice Eccles Stadium on the day of the event.
  2. The registration form requests your date of birth. USEF staff will check all volunteers on the National Sex Offender Registry and/or the Utah Sex Offender Registry database(s).
  3. When you complete your judge registration, you will be asked to read a Judge / Volunteer Code of Conduct and type your name, verifying that you have read, and agree to the statement.

The safety of the students who participate in the Science Fair is, of course, very important to us.

Thank you,

Jody Oostema
Fair Manager

Brenda Mann
Fair Director

Please include your full legal name as it appears on your driver's license.

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Avoiding Conflict of Interest

Judge / Volunteer Code of Conduct/Youth Protection Program


The University of Utah Science & Engineering Fair (USEF) is committed to providing a positive experience for everyone involved, in an environment that provides for the safety and protection of the students. Adults, including judges, and volunteers who interact with children, are in positions of trust and influence, and we expect all adults involved with USEF to use this position to support the well-being of the students. Thus, all judges & volunteers agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct:

  • I will treat everyone equally regardless of race, color, national origin, age, gender, religion, status as a person with a disability, gender identity/expression, veteran’s status, or sexual orientation.
  • I will be a positive role model for the students.
  • I will ensure that USEF is a positive experience for the students
  • I will be fair, considerate, and honest with students and communicate clearly with students using language appropriate for their grade and/or age.
  • My language, manner, punctuality, preparation, and presentation will demonstrate high standards.
  • I will display control, respect, dignity, and professionalism to all involved in USEF (students, teachers, parents, staff, other judges and volunteers).
  • I will encourage students to demonstrate the same qualities as above.
  • I will not smoke or chew tobacco at USEF except in designated areas.
  • I will not drink alcohol or take illegal drugs while participating in USEF or USEF-related activities.
  • I will refrain from any form of personal abuse towards students and others, including inappropriate or unwanted sexual advances, and verbal, physical, or emotional abuse (humiliation, ridicule, or degrading language).
  • I will report any emergencies to the appropriate authorities after first taking immediate action to ensure the health and safety of the participants.

I understand that as a judge / volunteer for USEF and working with students, I may be subject to a criminal background check. I understand that any action inconsistent with this Code of Conduct may result in my removal from participation in USEF or USEF-related activities.

Youth protection brochure


In an effort to keep our kids safe, The University of Utah requires that any volunteer who works directly with children read the Youth Protection at the University of Utah training pamphlet and indicate that they have done so. Please download a copy, read through it and indicate that you have read it by checking the check box below. You can read more about this program here. Thanks!

Download & Read Brochure

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We've Changed Our Name!

You are in the right spot—we've changed our name from SLVSEF to USEF—The University of Utah Science & Engineering Fair. We are now an official University event! Yay!