2009 Project Photos

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333s Company

A Bananas Dna

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

A Study Of Cell Motility And Targeting

A Study Of Uinta Mountain Water Quality

Acid Rain

Air Flow

Air Heads

Air Is Here Air Is There Air Is Everywhere

Amp It Up

And Then There Was Light

Annaling Temperature For Pcr

Antibacterial Antioxidants

Antioxidants And Apple Slices

Are Fingerprint Patterns Hereditary

Are We The Ones In The Dark

Are You Sure You Are

Are Your Kids Safe



Base Isolation

Battery Battle

Beatings Tree

Bedrock Or Sand

Bio Diesel Fuel

Bird Feeder Color And The Foraging Habits Of Birds

Blown Away

Blunting The Vascular Response

Bridge Tender


Built To Break

Burnin Down The House

Bye Bye Birdie

Bye Bye Bubbles

C02 And Aquatic Plants

Caffeine And Brain Function

Can Children Mistake The Difference Between Medicine And Candy

Can Looks Be Everything

Can Stride Legnth Predict Speed

Can We Recover The Leftover Methane In Our Biodiesel

Can You Hear Me Now

Can You Hold Up

Candy May Help You Learn

Canine Companions

Cant Stop The Music


Carbon Monoxide In Underground Parking Can Kill

Change The Color Of The Flower

Changing Heart Rates With Music

Cloud Chambers And Cosmic Rays

Cold Flow Improvers And Biodiesel

Colors Of Crime

Commercials Vs Shows

Cool Lights On Plants

Counting Your Calories

Created By Light Destroyed By Light

Crusty With A Chance Of Mold



Daily Drugs Or Deadly Ones

Decoding Rsa

Density And The Dam

Do Distractions Really Affect Driving

Do Males Or Females Generally Have Better Balance

Do You Have Better Eyes Or Ears

Does Age Effect Lung Capactity

Does Antibacterial Mouthwash

Does Caffeine Affect The Heart Rate Of Daphnia

Does Color Effect What You Read

Does Cost Of Ammunition Determine Quality

Does My Breakfast Cereal Have As Much Iron

Does Temperature Affect The Abundance

Does Temperature Affect The Electrical Production

Does The Temperature

Does Wind Direction Affect Windmil Speed

Dog Behavior

Dog Smarts

Don't Breathe The Air

Don't Eat The White Snow

Don't Eat Your Vegetables

Downhill Disc

Dream Analysis

Eat A Good Breakfast

Effects Of Acid Rain On Seed Germenation

Effects Of Body Mass Index On Blood Pressure

Electrified Peas Please

Electromagnet Power

Elephant Autopsy

Elevate Your Weight

Exchanging Microbes

Exersize In Physical Education

Exploding Volcanoes

Falling Solar

Fast Food And Childhood Obesity

Fast Food Fungi

Fe And Fish

Feed The Kitty

Feel That

Filter Factor

Fire Proof Balloon

Flying Marshmallows

Forensic Fingerprints

Freezing Flows

Future Population And Population Density For Utah Counties

Gardens Miracles

Gelcap Generic Coated Does It Matter

Geometry Makes A Better Baller

Geothermal Energy

Grey Water Guru

Growing With The Flow

Hand Writing Hubbub

Hang Up And Drive

Have A Coke And A Smile

Havent I Been Here Before

Heat Absorbtion Of Different Fabrics

Hey Soda Did You Let Out Gas

Hot Dog Hot And Cold

How Acid Rain Affects Plant Growth

How Can Juice Production Be Increased By

How Can You Control Your Ph Level

How Clean Is Your Water

How Different Mediums Affect The Growth Of Peas

How Do Baseball Stadium Dimensions Affect Stats

How Do Different Types Of Music

How Do Various Household Mediums Affect The Speed Of Light

How Does Temperature Affect Viscosity

How Does The Temperature Of The Earth

How Humidity Affects Electrons

How Length Affects Flight

How Long Can You Go

How Rare Are Toe Print Patterns

How Safe Are Microwaves

How Things Break

Hybrid Light Rendering

Ice Cream Ice Cream

Identical Or Fraternal? That Is The Question


Ion Channel

Is All Candy Created Equal

Is Diet Soda An Effective Source Of Weight Loss

Is There Such A Thing As Dragon Candy

Is Your Cleaner Greener

Itune In Or Itune Out

Keeping Cool

Kill A Watt

Killer Liver

Land And Air

Levees Data

Light Power

Lightening In A Layden Jar

Liquid Evaporation


Long Lasting Flowers

Lung Capacity In Height

Maquin A Solar

Metal Sucking Plants


Minding Your Mummies

Music And Moods

Musical Hearts

Musical Hearts Ii

Musical Math

No Splash

Not Another Blonde Joke

Olefactory Recognition

Omg Its A Rdr

On The Rebound

Optical Data Integrity In Dv Ds


Paint Natural Vs Synthetic

Parachutes To Wind Resistance


Patterns In Life

Pedestrian Safety

Periodicalcicad As And Global Warming


Personal Lifestyle Choices

Photosynthes Is Rain Boq

Pimp My Panel

Plants In A Simplified Hydroponic

Polluting Our Earth

Pollution Sensors



Power Packed Seeds

Protein Interactions

Purification And The Oxygen Level In Water

Rapid Reaction

Reducing Apple Browning


Regeneration Of Brown Planaria

Relationship Of Number Bases

Road Salt Runoff

Rockin The Light Waves


Scaling Oximetry With Bmi



Shiny Pennies

Should This Really Float

Ski Waxes

Slinky Superiority

Soap Boats

Soils And How Plants Affect Soils

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar Power

Solving A Murder At Home

Solving A Rubix Cube

Sonic Boom


Stain Away


Statistical Finger Printing

Stealing A Kiss

Stop Look Live

Temperature And Magnets

Test Of Food Products As Fire Initiators

The 3 Second Rule

The Clean Air Test

The Curious Case Of Alumcrystal

The Dog Senses

The Effect Of C02 On Solar Energy

The Effect Of Nosecone Shape On Rocket

The Effect Of Ph Concentration

The Effect Of Questioning Methods

The Effect Of Red Dye On Natural And Synthetic Materials

The Effects Of Dapophas On Our Body

The Effects Of Drinks On Teeth

The Effects Of Temperature On Masking Tape Stickiness

The Fastest Path

The Other White Paper

The Potential Effects Of Bark Beetle Infestation

The Pressure Is On Dude

The Production Of Ethanol

The Rolling Stones

The Salt Effect

The Secret Of The Battery

Time Dilation And The Doppler Shift

Traffic Synchronization

Trouble Sleeping

Truss Or Bust

Veggies And Fruit Power

Water Storage

Water Testing

Watts Light

Weight Distribution On A Hovercraft

What Brand Of Popcorn Leaves The Least Amount Of Kernels

What Causes Sink Holes

What Flour Makes The Chewiest Bread

What Gorilla

What Helps You Digest Food

What Liquid Will Decay A Tooth Faster

What Material Will Hold Back The Most Amount Of Water

What Should I Wear

What Types Of Flour Make The Best Bread

What's In A Nut

What's On Your Restroom Door Handle

When The Levee Breaks

Where Does Mold Grow Best

Which Bridge Truss Design Is Stronger Under Load

Which Dishsoap

Which Drugs Dissolve Faster

Which Fabric Burns Up The Fastest

Which Has More Bacteria

Which Is Stronger

Which Will Grow The Tallest

Who Am I

Who Follows Directions Better

Why Do I Look The Way I Look

Wii Can Do It

Will Using Air Freshener Around Drinking Water

Wind Energy

Wireless Communication Using Arduinos

Yeast And Sugars

You're Killing Me