2010 Project Photos

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6 M Mheater

A Bioassay On Natural Pesticide Filtration

A Cell Septic

A Hair Raising Solution

A Look Inside A Kaleidoscope

A Or B Cookies

A Pumped Storage Problem

A Tale Of Water

Absorbed Or Not

Air Foil Sand Life

Algae Growth In Glass & Plastic

Alternative Energy

Analysis Of Co2 Levels

Anti Bac & Anti Inflam Effects Of Myricetin

Anti Bacterial Resistance

Antioxidants Can They Help Plants Too

Are Childproof Containers Really Childproof

Are Most Peoples Bodies Right Or Left

Are You Smarter Than A 6th Grader

Artemia Salina

Ascertaining The Threat Of Noise


Baby You Can Light My Fire

Balancing Height

Basketball Dropout

Battle Of The Germs

Bears Blankets & Drugs

Best Method Of Water Purification


Biological Firefighting

Bloodsplatter Analysis

Brain Cell Count


Breaking A Law Of Physics

Breathalyzers Accuracy

Breathless Pounds

Bridge Busters

Bright Idea

Building Tall

C The Vitamin C

Can Metal Float

Can People Differentiate Between

Can The Stroop Effect Be Manipulated

Can You Hear Me Now

Can You Tell The Difference

Can You Tell The Difference In The Cookies

Can You Weaken A Magnet

Carp Fishing

Catapult Vs Trebuchet

Clonal Propagation And Modification

Color Crisis

Color Interference

Color War

Colorful Flavors

Conditions Of Rusting

Cookie Fat

Cuprite Sense Right

Deduction By Rotation

Deflecting Radar With Paper

Dehydration Through Osmosis

Deicers And Soil Ecology

Detergent Vs Stain

Diaper Deals


Diary Of A Worm

Digital Logic


Distracted Driving

Distraction Action


Do Identical Twins

Do Lysol Wipes Really Work

Do Lysol Wipes Really Work2

Do Plants Grow Differently

Do Preferences Bias Our Choices

Do Pulleys Make Work Easier

Does Bill Size Affect Seed Preference In Wild Birds

Does Ice Melt Create Heat

Does Music Help Pinto Beans Grow

Does Price Really Matter

Does Telomere Relate To Stress

Does The Density Of Wood

Does The Weather Affect Peoples Moods

Doggy Dilemma

Down The Sound

Drano Or Lame O

Drown The Sound Breathless Pounds

Earth Friendly Soil Suckers

Earthquake Damage Prevention

Effect Of Age On Traffic Accidents

Effect Of Gum On Academic Performance

Effect Of Temp On Chem Reaction

Effects Of A Foreign Introduced

Effects Of Shoe Type

Effects Of Steroids On Plants

Efficent Detergent

Eggstreme Science

Electrical Conductivity

Electrolyte Challenge

Electromagnetic Fields

Electrostatic Levitation Brought To Earth

Endothermic Reaction

Ethanol Fuel



Everlasting Whipped Cream

Experimenting With Naturaldye

Eye Love Phi

Finding Pi


Fire Of Life


Flippin Flaps

Fly Sway

Foamy Science

Forget It Boys Vs Girls2

Frozen Electricity

Fun In The Sun

Fun With Wind Generators

Galvanic Cells And Cathodic Pro

Generator Voltage


Germ Killers

Get A Clue About Co2

Get Down With The

Glycol Gamble

Go With The Flow

Great Globs Of Gluten

Green Energy

Green Energy1

Growing Bacteria

Happy Hands

Health One Step At A Time

Hearing Is It Affected By Handedness

Heart Rates And Exercise

Heat Storage

High Quality Real Time Animation

Home Automation Using Web Technology

Hot Bananas Cold Bananas

Hover Craft

How Different Beverages Affect

How Does Weather Slope Aspect

How Eyes And Ears Affect

How Far Will It Go

How Much Water Is Absorbed By Beans

How Slippery Is A Banana Peel

How Strong Is The Arch Of An Egg

How Thick Is Your Yogurt

How To Build A Simple Radio

How Yeast Works

Human Sonority

Hydraulic Arm

If Earth Had A Ring

Immersion Plating

Innovative Gene Delivery

Insulation Sensation

Intercepting A Moving Target

Is Eye Color A Factor

Is It Easier To Balance With Your Eyes

Is It Really That Simple

Is It The Oven That Burnt

Is Texting Dangerous

Is Your Hair As Sweet As Sugar

Is Your Lunch Cold Enough

Isnt It Ironic

It Resonates

It's Not My Fault I Don't Like Broccoli


Jello Japes

Keep The Water In Or Out

Keeping Cool

Kinetic Super Coaster

Lead In Thrift Store

Lick Granuloma Problem

Lie Detector

Lift Of A Rotating Wing

Light Or Heavy

Liquid Erosion

Liquid Light

Liquids And Rust

Low Cost 3 D Mapping

Magnetic Linear Acceleration

Magnets In The Middle

Marble Run

Menstruation And Dream Recall

Mental Number Line

Mold On Bread

More Cowbell

Mr Bs Theory



Muscle Testing A Salie

Musical Plants

Mystery Seeds

Myth Busting And Flower Nut

Name Brand Or S Store Brand

Net Or Nonet

Noetics Or Nonesense

Nothing But Net

Once Scratched Now Fixed

Out Of The Dark

P H And Voltage

P H In Water

Paint It Black Paint It White

Parachute Size And Drag

Photosynthesis Is It Green

Plants Grow Toward Light

Plate Speaker Material Experiment

Plethora Of Parachutes


Poleing Electromagnets

Pollution Sensors

Popcorn Is Butter Better

Potential Hazards Co2 Injection

Power Producing Seeds

Powerfull Produce

Pulse Vs Steady

Reaction Times

Real Dna

Refraction Reaction

Regenerative Braking

Resistance Of Salt Water

Robot Ball Pitcher

Rocket Nose Cone

Rollercoaster Marbles

Save Goldfish Save Environment

Save Us From The Tsunami

Saving The Bills With Sunlight

Searching For Mc1 R Mutations

See Say Hear No Evil

Shades Of Awareness

Sleepless In Slc

Smell And Taste

Solar Energy

Solar Energy2

Soothing A Savage Beast

Speeding It Will Cost You

Speedy Sport Drinks

Star Light Star Bright

Status Update

Stop Rot

Stopping Forest Fires

Structure Function Analysis Of Pdcd10

Suds And Duds

Sugar Light Refraction

Super Cooling Water

Survey Of Star Forming Regions

Susceptibility Of Proteus Vulgaris

Sweet Bacteria

Target Nek2

Tasting The Cacao Content

Tectonic Collisions

Temperature Eeffects On Vernal Wheat Growth

Temperature Rise In Parked Cars

The Balancing Act

The Best Way To Mummify A Hot Dog

The Contamination

The Effect Of Color On Dark Vision Adaptation

The Effect Of Economic Factors On Human Population

The Effect Of Location Of A Dna Base

The Effect Of P H On Total Chlorophyll

The Effect Of Salt On Boiling Water

The Effect Of Selenium On Brine Shrimp

The Effect Of Temperature

The Effect Of Temperature On The Regeneration Of Planarians

The Effects Of Caffeine And Alcohol

The Effects Of Temperature On Corrosion

The Factors Affecting Seed Germination

The Fall Of The Ball

The Keys To Musical Pleasure

The Music Of The Spheres

The Need For Speed

The Other Black Death

The Perfect Shot

The Power In Fruits And Vegetables

The Power Of Waste Water

The Preservation Of Dna

The Pulseriser

The Speed Of Light

The Zzz Files

Think Before It Shrinks

Thirsty Rocks

Tomatoes In The Terrible World

Trash Talk

Tricking The Mind

True Eye Witness


Using Java To Calculate Occurance

Using Stable Isotope

Vampire Outlets

Vanishing Night

Veggie Fresh

Water Quality In Our Canyons

Website User Experience

What Are We Drinking

What Fertizilers Make Banana Peppers

What Fruit Produces The Most Juice

What Happens In Dirt Stays In Dirt

What Household Materials Make

What Is The Affect Of Neodymium Magnetic

What Is The Best Method Of Storing Bread

What Is The Relationship Between The Volume

What Material Interferes With Remote

What Motivates You

What Product Cleans Hands Best

What Protein Makes The Most Co2

What Soil Treatments Help Plants Grow

What Substances Melt Ice

What Treats Do Dogs Prefer

What Treats Do Dogs Prefer2

What's Hiding Under Your Plate

What's My Line

What's That Speeding By

Wheres Waldo

Which Acne Medication Will Really

Which Beverage Is Least Acidic

Which Color Of Light Temperature Solar

Which Common Household Surface

Which Diapers Absorb The Most Moisture

Which Flavor Of Gum Lasts Longer

Which Light Bulb Works Best

Which Metal Makes The Best Magnet

Which Orange Will Mold

Which Pop Bev Rots Teeth Fastest

Which Popular Beverage Rots Teeth The Fastest

Which Practice Makes Perfect

Which Shape Of Ice Cube

Which Soda Is More Acidic

Which Substance Can Stop A Moving Car

Which Toothpaste

Who Really Dunnit

Why Does The Temperature

Wii Stayed Up All Night

Wildlife Safety

Will Green Grow

Will Putting A Rose In Colored Liquid

Wipe Out Water Waste


Zube Cube