2011 Project Photos

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A Brighter Smile

A Dense Covering of the Unit Circle in Polar Coordinates

A Novel Sustained Release Antibiotic Polymer for Treatment of Open Wounds

Absorbancy vs Cost

Acid Rain in Utah

Affects of Magnetic Fields on Eating Habits of Crickets

Air vs Water

Amazing Absorbtion

Amazing Radiation

Angling the Winds

Apple Slice Preservation

Apples to Acid

Aqua Geddon

Archimedes Screw

Are All Four Chambers the Same

Are Child Resistant Containers Effective

Are Childproof Containers Really Childproof

Are Fingerprint Patterns Inherited

Are Park City 7th Graders Healthy or Not

Are Solar Cells Effected by Temperature

Are the Sunscreens We are Using Good Enough

Are You a Sleep Demon

Are You Addicted

Are You Awake

Are You on Solid Ground

Arrow Mass vs Arrow Penetratio

Attack on Teeth

Attracting Temperatures

Audiovisual HIVAIDS


Avoiding Interference Using Infared to Control Medical Vehicle






Bacteria Fighters

Bacteria in Water

Bacteria on Blankets Bed Sheets and Bears Now What

Bait vs Flies vs Lures

Bass Rock

Binocular Vision and Depth Perception

Biodiesel Microfluidic Processor

Bioluminescent Algae

Blood and How Its Components are Separated

Bombs Away

Bonding Power

Bowling Frenzy

Bridge Harmonics

Bridge Stregnth

Bridge Strength Test

Bridges and Their Capacity



Bubblewrap vs Foam

Building Bridges

Burn Baby Burn

Burn CD Burn

Burning Down the House

Bye Bye E Coli

Caffeine Crazy

Can an Emotional Response Be Measured in Blood Pressure and Pulse

Can Elodea Plants Help Oil Spills

Can Gum Cool You Down and Heat You Up

Can Oyster Mushrooms be a Safer Alternative to Clean Up Oil

Can Temperature Affect Electromagnets

Can the Color of Pavement Reduce the Urban Heat

Can the Color of Your House Affect Your Energy Bill

Can You Catch a Falling Star

Can You Give A Pan a Perm

Can You Handle the Pain

Can You Judge a Pill by Its Cover

Can You Purify Dirty Water with Dirt

Can You See the Vitamin C

Can You Tell the Difference

Capillary Action Do Flowers Get Thirsty

Capturing Air

Catalysts Yeast

Cease the Grease

Cell Phones Will Drive You to Distraction

Changes in the Amount of Sugar and Its Effect of Brownie Properties

City Storm Uses and Storm Water Pollution


Colliod Conductivity

Color Light Crazy

Color My Memory

Color Vision

Colorful Milk

Colors Colors Colors

Compost vs Potting Soil vs Sand

Computer Comprehension

Computers and Test Scores

Contact Rate

Cookie Count

Correlations Between Eye Color and Fingerprint Type


Crank the Tunes

Crime Scene Investigations Luminal

Crystal Radio

CSI Bleach

Cytochalasin on Endothelial Cells

Dance vs Soccor

Dart Launcher

Decible Destruction

Derby Dilemma

Desalinating Water

Detection and Analysis of Point Mutations of Oxidative Variety in K ras Gene

Diaper Duty

Diapers Diapers Diapers

Did You See That


Do Distractions Affect a Persons Driving

Do Distractions Like Video Games Affect a Persons Response Time to Pain

Do Earth Worms Smell Odors

Do Rockets Go As High As We Are Told

Do You Really Want to Drink That Soda or Juice

Do You Take More Steps in School or Out

Do Your Tastebuds Affect Your BMI

Does Age and Gender Affect Vocal Range

Does Caffeine Affect a Persons Blood Sugar

Does Culture Make a Difference in Knowledge

Does Green Really Clean

Does Kernal Temperatiure Determine How Much Popcorn

Does Magnetistm Affect Plant Growth

Does Niche Partitioning Occur in Wild Songbirds

Does PNF Stretching Affect Your Ability to Punch-Jumo With Power

Does Temperature of the Water Affect the Speed of the Ripple

Does the Attention Span of Dogs Differentiate Between Sizes

Does the Shape of Ice Affect its Melting Time

Does the Surface Area of a Person Affect How Fast or Slow

Does Your Sunblock Really Work

Dog Scents

Driving and Cell Phones Dangerous or Safe

Drug Solubility

Dual Roller Coaster



Eaves Dropper

Eco Energy

Effect of Caffeine on Plant Growth

Effect of Extreme Cold on Batteries

Effect of Soil Particle Size Diversity and Shape on the Mitigation

Effect of Temperature on the Rate of Corrosion of Nails in Water

Effect of UV Exposure on Stregnth of Materials

Effectiveness of Renewable vs NonRenewable Energy

Effects of Alcohol on Paper Whites

Electric Mania

Electrical Current Passing Through Liquids

Electrolysis in Water

Electrolytes Orange Juice Gatorade

Enamel Eaters

Energy Storage and Re Use Through Mechanical Propulsion of a Flywheel of Novel Design

Eternal Snowflakes

Evaluation of 4 Teeth Whitening Agents

Expected Value Theory

Exploring the Mpemba Effect

Fake or Real Smile

Fancy vs Feral in Battle of the Sound

Fashion or Function

Faster Skis

Fertilization Frenzy

Fighting the Germs

Find the Picture

Fingerprints Heriditary or Not

Fire Retardants

Fireproofing Cloth

Flame Resistance of Common Fabrics

Flapping Wing


Floating Lemons and Sinking Lemons

Flower Power

Food for Thought

Forever Apples


Fresh or Frozen

Freshness in Food

Frozen Red Cabbage Juice

Fun With Wind Power

Gas Weed and Feed and Windshield Wiper Fluid

Generating Electricity Using Wave Action

Germ Warfare

Get Focused on Perceptual Blindness

Get Green Go Green

Get the Na Out

Getting Fingers from Complex Fluids

Getting the Dirt on Vermicomposting

Girls vs Boys

Going Bananas

Going Green As We Clean

Good Study Habits

Got Wind

Green Eggs and Ham

Green or Traditional Detergent

Greywater Greywater Greywater

Growing Bacteria in Petri Dishes

Growing Crystals From Sugar & Stevia

Handy Power


Heads Up

Healthy Hearts

High Voltage

Hot vs Cold

How Do Changes in Carbon Dioxide Affect the Atmosphere in Plants

How Do Effect the Brain

How Do Heat Wind and Surface Area Effect Evaporation

How Do You Memorize

How Do You Take Your Tea

How Do You Think You Think

How Does a Guitar Make Sound

How Does Temperature Inpact Guitar Tuning

How Does the Bounciness of a Golfball Affect

How Factors Influence the Effectiveness of the Lactase Enzyme

How Far Can I See

How Germs Spread

How Greasy Are Your Potato Chips

How High Can You Fly

How Long Does It Take for Pain Killerst to Enter the Bloodstream

How Many Days Till Oxidation

How Much Juice is in an Orange

How Much Lead is in Your Schools Waters

How Noise Cancelling Technology Works

How Salty is the Great Salt Lake

How Strong Do You Think a Single Thread Is

How Sweet is the Sweet Spot

Human Bacteria vs Dog Saliva


Hype Up or Drop Down

Ice Ice Baby

If You Cut a Worm Will It Live

Implicit Stereotypes Associated with Skin Tone

Improving Genetic Algorithims

Increasing Light Efficiency

Indoor Air Pollution Contributors

Inducing and Electric Current with a Rotating Magnet

Inhibitory Effects of Spices on E Coli

Insulating Materials


Insulation Fabric vs Fabric


Insulin-like Growth Factor Variant

Investigating the Mpemba Effect

Is Arm Span Equal to Height

Is Brushing Your Teeth With Toothpaste Important

Is Music Distracting

Is The New SunChips Biodegradable Bag Really Biodegradable

Is There a Relationshop Between a Persons Height and the Legnth of His or Her Stride

Is There a Safe Way to Swim When It Storms

Its All About the Speed

Its In The Blood

Its Raining Cubes

Jordan River Water Quality SEction 4 and Its Tribulatires

Judging a Person By Their Cover

Just Why Didn't My Food Mold

Laser Leakage

Light it Up


Living in a Rain Shade

Low Cost High Quality 3D Scanning and Display of Human Faces

Magic or Magnets

Magic Plants

Magnet Stregnth and Extreme Temperatures

Magnetic Breaking

Magnetic Levitation and Our Future

Magnetic Propolsion

Magnetism and Flowing Water

Magnets and Heat

Making the Connection Designing an Ethernet Use with the Arduino

Manipulating the Stropp Effect

Marshmallow I Am Going to Eat You Now

May the Centripital Force Be With You1

Measuring Acute Toxicity of Common Household

Measuring Bacterial Transformation Efficency

Measuring Mastery

Measuring Planarian Regeneration Through a Colorimetric Feeding

Medicinally Unnecesarean

Microbial Fuel Cell

Microbial Fuel Cells

Microwaves on the Loose

Minding Your Mummies

Modeling Wind Power

More Wattage More Evaporation

Morning Breath

Mouth Bacteria and Vinegar

Moving Molecules

Mummification 101

Musical Guinea Pigs

Musical Heart Rate

Natural Energy Sources

Newsflash Video Games = Poor Reading

Novel Stimulation of Chemical Precipitation

Nutritional Preferences Slime Mold

Off the Grid

Oil Spills

Oily Feathers

Oily Predicament

Old Dog New Tricks

Oleophilic Investigation

On Bended Knee

One At a Time

One Bad Apple

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Ooldles of Noodles

Orange You Glad Our Flowers Turned Orange

Packing Protection

Parachute Prediciment

Patience Does it Pay to Wait

Penny Chemistry

Performance Under Pressure

Pigeon Smarts

Plant Fertilizer

Plants and Growth

Plastics in the Microwave

Pop Pop Popcorn

Powerful Pulleys A Simple Machine

Practical Chinese Character Reconigtion Using Computational Algorithims

Preventing Puckered Pumpkins


Pushing the Limit

Put a Punch in It

Radishes and Tomatoes in the Terrible World

Rampant Roots

Reactions Distractions

Reactions Distractions2

Really You Find Me Attractive

Recognizing Colors

Red Rover Red Rover


Risky Risk

Rock Erosion

Rocket Science


Rolling Racers

Rootbeer Fizz Compared to Others

Roses are Red Violets are Blue

Rubber Bones

Safe Landing

Save the Apple

Save the Sinking Egg

Screw vs Nail2

Searching for SILV1 Mutations

See Taste Touch

Sensational Swim Caps

Shedding Some Light on Growing Green

Shhh How to Dampen Sound

Shocking Fruit

Shoe Traction on a Gym Floor

Show the Love

Silo Placement and Wind Tourbine Electricity Generation

Skydiving and Terminal Velocity


Slime Mold Mania

Slinky vs Slinky Jr

Slope Failure

Slow as Molasses in January

So Many Colors

Soak Up the Spill

Solar Powered Water Desalination

Solar Powered Water Desalination Does it Work

Solar Sterling Engine

Sooner or Later

Sound Check

Sound Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Sound vs Glacier

Speeding Hearts

Sprouting Sounds

Stain Warriors

Stain Warriors2

Stick Flex

Stick to It

Stone Milk

Stressed Much

Structures How Strong Are They

Sub Zero

Subliminal Messaging How Does it Work

Substituting Baking Soda for Baking Powder


Sunscreen Is Thick the Trick

Super Magnets

Super Sledding

Tap vs Bottled

Taste Difference in Genders

Tasty Colors

Teen Opinions on Commercial Sex

Temperature and Catalase

Testing the Force of a Magnetic Linear Accelorator

Testing Torque

Thats a Real Smile or Is It

Thaw Time Experiment

The AA Dilemma

The Addictive Property of High Fructose Corn Syrup

The Albedo of Ice and Soot

The Amazing Effects of Yeast on Various Sugars

The Amazing Solar Heater

The Battle of the Bags

The Best Way to Cook Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Buildings are Falling Down

The Catapult Test

The Couch Potato Effect

The Doctor is In

The Effect of Enzymes on Carbohydrates

The Effect of Insulating Material on Hot Liquids

The Effect of Light Color on Photosynthesis

The Effect of Projectile Weight and Counter Weight on Distance

The Effect of Sodium Availbility and Ants Foraging Behavior

The Effect of Various Dog Food on a Dogs Heart

The Effects of Caffeine on the Body

The Effects of Differenct Exersizes on My Heart

The Effects of Sulforaphane on DNA Damage in Zebrafish

The Evaporator

The Flight for Science

The Grass is Always Greener

The Great Ice Melt

The Green Games

The Heat is On

The Hidden Truth About Chickens

The Hover Scooter

The Human Ability to Differenciate Between Natural and Sythetic Scents

The Hydrodynamics of Drag

The Memory Game

The Most Efficient Light Bulb

The Most Forceful Karate Kick

The Pendulum Swing

The Perfect Pitch

The Power in People

The Power of Friction

The Power of Sound

The Power of the Sun

The Pressure is On

The Prett Penny


Through the Looking Glass

Tie It Up

To Flex or Not to Flex

To Pop or Not to Pop

To Set or Not to Set

Tom Would Choose Jerry What Would Jerry Choose

Toothpaste Eggstravaganza

Toothpicks and Candy Lips

Tootie Fruity Batteries

Toxicity of Nano Sized

Trash or Treasure

Tree Huggers Unite

Tricks and Treats

Tuning Up Your Web App

Underwater Welding

Unknown 1

Unknown 2

Up on the Rooftop

Up Up and Away

Up Up and Away2

Urg, My Stomach Hurts

USA High Speed Railway Sustainabilty

Using Electromagnetism to Make a Simply Motor

Using My Bat Senses Measuring Distance with Sound

Utelite vs Soil and Plant Growth

Variations of PH on the Absorbtion and Reflection Spectrum of Chlorophyll

Video Games with a Beat

Vitamin C Comparison in Fruit Juices By Titration Experiment

Vitamin C in Orange Juice

Want to Improve Your Test Scores

Water Absorbtion in Native and Invasive Grasses

Water Absorbtion in Native and Invasive Grasses2

Water Quality

Water Quality2

Water Rockets

Water Saver Baths vs Showers

Water Water Everywhere But Not a Drop to Drink

We All Scream for Ice Cream

We Are What We Breath

Weight to What

What Absorbs the Most Oil

What Bridge Can Hold the Most Weight

What Decays Teeth Faster

What Distracts You From Pain the Best

What Do Color Blind People See

What Do I Wear Today

What Does the Magnetic Field of a Sphere Shaped Manget Look Like

What Effect Do Soft Drinks Have on Teeth

What Food Item Makes the Best Battery

What Freezes Faster

What Happened to My Little Brothers Pajamas

What Happens When You Switch Ingredients in Something

What Hockey Stick Flex is Most Accurate

What in My School Has the Most Germs

What is the Best Product to Water Your Plant With

What is the Best Way to Store Uncooked Popcorn Kernals

What is the Closest Living Relative to the Wolly Mammoth

What is the Most Efficient House Shape

What Level of Banana Ripeness Will Yield the Most DNA

What Makes Good Soundboard Material

What Shape of Wing Produces the Most Lift

What Shapes Travel Fastest Through Water

What Substance Works Best in a Zeer Pot

What's Cookin

What's in Your Snowflake

What's in Your Water

What's the Weather

When In Search of Chaos

When Life Gives You Sour Apples

When Put in a Burlap Bag Which Material is Most Effective

Where Does Bacteria Live in Your School

Where's the Oxygen

Wheres Waldo

Which Affects Marine Life the Most Cooking Oil or Dish Soap

Which Are Better Stocks or Savings

Which Battery is the Best

Which Battery Really Does Last the Longest

Which Brand of Soda Causes the Most Tooth Damage

Which Bullet

Which Fresh Fruit Will Not Allow Jello to Set

Which Glur Adheres to Wood Most Effectively

Which Household Materials Would Burn

Which Laundry Detergent Does Its Job the Best

Which Milk Curdles Fastest at Room Temperature

Which Nail Will Rust Faster

Which Nail Will Rust Fastest

Which One Holds the Most

Which Rock Will Soak Up the Most Oil

Which Type of Wood Burns Slower

Who Has a Better Short Term Memory Girls or Boys

Wicked Wax

Wind Energy Output for a Residence in Tooele Utah

Window Washing Solutions

Wing Shapes

Wireless Electricity

Woods vs Water

Worlds Smartest Snowflake

Writing with the Melody

XPB Bands

Yeast and Dye

Yeasty Beasty Burbs

You Light Up My Life

You Rinsed Your Produce But Is It Clean

Zap A Force Field