2020 Project Photos (Secondary)

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A Novel Zebrafish Assay to Discover Non-Opiod Painkillers

A Ring-Based Non-Invasive Technique

AI to Detect Eosinophils

Algae to Mitigate the Effects

An Enhanced Early Detection Model

An Optimization of the Marriage Between FDM

Analyzing Cortisol Levels

Applying RNAi Screening

Aquatic Hitchhikers

Are Biofertilizers Farmers Solution to Global Warming

Assessing the Stability of Mannich-Base

Asthema Free Fireworks

Aurora Kinase B Inhibitor Synergy Screen

Beyond the Decomposition Potential

Binding Fragments in E. Coli using DNA

Bioplastic Packaging Material

Bisected Planaria Flatworm Cell Regeneration

Breast Cancer Viral Takedown

Building Air Quality Predictions

Characterization of learning and memory dysfunction

CO2 Reduction Potential

CTE vs Football

Deeper Investigation in the Effects of Small Molecule

Design of Short Peptide Chains

Determining if Essential Oils have an apoptotic Effect..

Determining the Effect of Intrauterine Growth Restriction

Doc Talk


Effect of Cold Temperatures on Batteries

Effect of Differing Levels of Soil Nutrients

Effect of Ocean Acidification

Effect of Sunscreen on Danio Rerio Embryos

Effect of Wastewater on Danio Rerio Embryos

Effects of Fertilizer on Water Chemistry

Effects of Lactic Acid in Mice

Electrostatic Discharge Box

Enabling Precision Medicine

Enviromental Impact of Bever Dam

Generating Electricity from Wasted Energy

Global Chemical Enrichment of Galaxies

Got Water

Grass Turf and Hardscape

Harvesting Energy from Sound

Heart Healthy Spinach

How Far Can Green Synthesis Go

Human Powered Generator

Implications of Mushrooms in Oil Clean Up

Improving Security and Fraud Prevention with Blockchains

In Depth Detection of Pneumonia

Increasing Thermal Efficiency

Investigating the Effects of CH4

Machine Learning for Single Cell RNA

Manipulating Prochlorococcus Algae for Improved CO2

Medication and Sea Life

Melanoma Gene Therapy

Novel Experimental-Computational Approach for Advanced Solid Polymer...

Our Water Dilemma

Polymer Consumption

Psychological Benefitsf from Lithium Ions in Water

Python Diagnosis

Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Through Enzymes

Relationship Between Personality and Political Opinion

Significant Brain Network Abnormalities in Autistic Children

Simulating Spacetime

Synthetic Melatonins Effect

Synthetic vs Enzyme

The Effect of Ampicillin on the Expression

Thermoelectric Generators


Understanding the Redox Regulation of Tumor

Unsing Algae to Bio-Mediate

Use of An Augmented Reality Microscope

Using Maching Learning


Vitamin B Brain