2012 Project Photos (Elementary)

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A Light Out of Darkness

A Look at Optical Illusions

A Pretty Penny

Absorbing Power


Advertisement Fact or Fiction

Air Pollution

Airplane Speed

An Incontestable Experiment to A Deliberate Worls of Stratospheric Contamination

Antioxidants Fighting Rad Radicals

Antioxidants Fighting Red Radicals

Are the Beans Ready Yet


Baggin Those Plants

Balancing Act

Basketball Bounce

Basketball Surfaces

Batter Up

Batteries and Flashlights


Beanstock Maze Experiment

Beat of The Music

Best Airplane Design

Bettery Life

Blade vs Material

Block The Sound

Blow Up Before You Fill Up

Blue Black Orange How Much Light do Colors Absorb

Blue Ray Disc or DVD Experiment

Boat Hulls

Borax Crystals

Bounce Back

Brown Apples

Bubble Bubble

Build A Low Cost Water Filter

Building Structure



Can Attractive Packaging Lead to Healthier Eating

Can Playing Exergames Be Considered A Form of Exercise

Can Playing Exergames be Considered Ecersize

Can The Shape Of A Building Minimize The Impact of A Tsunami

Can You Get Fingerprints Off Skin

Can You See 123

Can You Tell The Difference

Caution Wet Paint

Chemistry Kitchen

Cholestrol. Fad. Fact.or Fat?

Cold Is The New Hot

Cold Temperature VS Concrete Curing

Compressing Columns

Cooling Sodas

Copper vs. Salt

Cracking The Arch Mystery The Strength of Eggshell Arches

Crash Crash

Crazy Rockets

Cup O Danger

Dairy Microbiology

Diode vs Crystal Radio

Dirt and Worms


Do Certain Foods Affect Your Heart adn Blood Pressure

Do Seeds Need Soil to Germinate

Do Sight or Sound Affect A Persons Balance

Do Soybean Plants Pump Iron

Do Your Eyes Help You Taste

Does Age and Gender Have an Effect on Your Memory

Does Caffine Affect the Human Heart Rate

Does Color Affect Peripheral Vision

Does Color Affect Taste

Does Helium Affect A Note Played on a Wind Instrument

Does Sight Affect Taste

Does Sight or Sound Affect a Persons Balance

Does Soap Affect Plant Growth

Does Temperature Effect The Strength of a Magnet

Domino Dilemma

Drown Ground

Eco Foam Friendly or Not

Egg Tastic

Eggs vs Water

Electric Liquids

Electric Motor

Energy From Waste Waster Energy

Evaporating Utah Waters

Evidence of Alpine Glaciation on Mount Olympus

Exploding Sticks

Fabric Burn Rates

Fabric Shrinker

Faraday Fanatics Can Vibration Harvest Energy

Filtering Filters From the Landfill

Fingerprint Patterns Independent or Inherited

Fingerprint Tracking

Fizzy Growth

Floating on Air

Fluids in Hydraulic Systems

Force A Nail Into Wood

Fun With Bridges

Gelatin at its Fastist

Gender and Art

Geo Structures

Geothermal HeatT ransfer

Get Down And Dirty

Give Me Your Best Pitch

Going Bananas

Going Bananas For Renewable Sources

Got Lead

Got Pressure

Green Blue Red White Light

Green Electricity

Growing Vines

Hang Up and Drive

Heads or Tails

Heart Rate Increase

Hover Craft Time

How Color Affects the Flavor of Food

How Does a Different Percent of Carbondioxide in the Atmosphere Affect Plants

How Does Friction Affect The Speed Of A Toy Car

How Does Static Electricity Work

How Does Temperature Affect Yeast's Ability to Produce Carbon Dioxide

How Fertilizer Affects the Growth of Grass

How High Can My Hovercraft GO

How Liquids Effect Erosion

How Much Sugar are Kids Eating

How Road Salt Affects Plants

How Sweet it Is

How Temperature Affects Battery Life

How Well Do You Know Your Burger

How Well Do You Smell

Hydroponics and Ozonated Water

If I Ran The Aquarium

Inclined Planes Simple Machines

Insulation Maddness

Iron Nails in Different Liquids

Is Bottled Water Really Better for You to Drink

Is Expensive Always Better

Is the Size of a Tornado Affected by Water Temperature

Is There Acid In My Water

Is TV Music or Video Games The Best Distraction for Pain

Is Washability A Possibility

Is Your Home Quake Safe

Jack of All Trades Master of None

Jug Drop

Keep Everything Cool

Kill Your Vampires

Lazy Skill vs Crazy Skill

Lead Lead on the Range

Let the Chips Fall Where They May

Lets Catch A Wave

Light Dissipation Reflection Refraction

Liquefaction Reaction

Magnetic Growth

Magnetic Wind Energy

Magnetism and Its Effects on Plants

Mass In Motion.v1

Mass In Motion.v2

Measuring Static Electricty

Melting Crayons

Melting Ice

Melting the Ice

Memory Madness

Memory Magic

Metal Eating Salsa

Mixing Light to Make Color

Monitoring the Effects of Drought on Tree Mortality

Mummification Of A Hot Dog

Music's Effect on Math Performance

Musics Effect on Math Performance

My Dense Science Project

My Waters Blue How About You

Mystery Box


No Burn Zone

Oil in The Soil

Oil Spill

Orange Twist

Orange vs Grapefruit

P.E. 4 I.Q

P.E.4.I.Q Does Excersize Affect Test Scores

Pack It or Crack It

Painless Tune

Paper Airplanes

Paper Airplanes Test

Parachute Plunges

Parachutes Does Shape Matter

Passive Solar Energy

Pavlovs Fish

Pennies and Boats

Perfect Personal Protection

PH Balance of the Body

Pick A Winner

Plant Growth

Plant Growth And Wavelength Of Light

Plants and Vitamins

Plants Need Love Too

Play Land Germs

Pop Corn Wars

Pop To The Oil

Power Balance Bands

Practice Makes Perfect

Processed vs Natural

Processed vs. Natural

Race Car Marbles

Rainbow Plants


Ready Steady Now


Red Laser Light Absorbtion

Robotic Arm Strength

Rockets Are Out of This World

Roly Poly Bug Home Preference

Rotten Apples

Scientific Tee Shirts

Secrets Of Magnetism

Seeing with Sound Using Ultrasonic Waves 1

Seismic Waves and Soils

Shape Up Ship Out

SHapes of Chutes

She Shoots She Scores


Shoot for Accuracy

Short Term Memory

Skittles Statistics

Sleep vs Math

Sleep vs. Math

Slippery Slope

Slipping Through Your Fingers

So This Cactus Walks Into An Oil Spill

Solar Energy Angle of Incident on Solar Cell

Sports O Zone Busted

Steel Tounges

Step to the Beat of My Heart

Stick or Switch

Storing Static

Storm Windows vs Double Pane Windows

Surface Tension

Surprising Strength

Sweet Science

Take it or Leave it

Testing Sugar Substitutes in Sugar Cookies

That Fish Needs Air

The Biogas Contest

The Effect of Chlorine on Swimsuit Material

The Effect of Music on Animals

The Effect of Music on Annuals

The Effect of Water Temperature on Alka Seltzer Tablets

The Effects of Caffine on a Daphnia's Heartbeat

The Effects of Caffine on Children

The Effects of Magnets on Plant Growth

The Fizz Factor

The Grease Effect

The Ice Cold War

The Role of Insulation and Heat Loss

The Science of Wood Combustion

The Strength of Gelatin Gels

The Swimmers Dilemma

The Tooth Shows The Truth

The Wonders of Soil and Fertilizer

Think Fast

Thunderbird Super Sonic Catapult

Tie and Dye

Titratable Iodine Vs Chlorine Dioxide

To Be Restored or Not

To Breathe or Not to Breathe

To Infinity and Beyond

Up Up We Go

Using The Science of Electricity to Remove Rust

Verbal Learning vs Visual Learning

Vocal Chord Testing

Vortex Velocity

Warming A Room In Winter

Waste Not Want Not

We Put the Pee in Plants

Weather or Not

Weight In A Gravity Sport

What Can You See Out of Your Periphery

What Color M&M Melt Faster

What Does Soda Do to Your Teeth

What Goes Up Must Come Down

What id the Affect of Groominh a Horse After a Ride on its Heart Rate

What Increases Pain Tolerance the Best

What Makes The Utah Olympic Oval The Fastest Ice On Earth

What Types Of Materials Block Radiation Best

What Video Game Makes Your Heart Beat Fastest

What Wood Would You Use

What's Your Ball

When Are You Full

Where's My WIFI

Which Cup Keeps Your Cocoa Hottest

Which Detergent Really Works

Which Golf Ball Goes The Farthest

Which Grows Fastest

Which Hair spray Works Best

Which is Sweeter Sugar vs Substitutes

Which Robot Program Will Best Shovel Snow

Which Rocket Engine is the Most Fun

Which Temperature IS Best For Crystals To Grow

Which Wing Design Produces the Most Lift

Whirlybirds and Drag

Whitch Is Sweeter

Who has a Larger Lung Capacity Swimmers or Non Swimmers

Who is the Most Full of Air

Why Does My Lettace Turn Brown

Will watching Spongbob Cause Problems Concentrating


Woofers Play Bass Tweeters Play Treble

X Factor

Yeast and Sweeteners

Youll Get A Charge Out Of This

Yuck What Happened To My Apple