2012 Project Photos (Secondary)

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A Coiled Coil Mutant Designed to Targer Ber Abl

A New and Innovative Way to Test for Deafness in Dogs

A Novel Assay to Screen for Anti-Cancer Agents

A Study of Arsenic Levels in Apple Juice

A Tale of Two Alleles

Absorbant Colors

Affording the Sun

Age and Gender Differences in Visual Spatial Adaptation

Algae Biodiesel

All Crossed

An Assault on Cilia

An Expansion on the Analysis of Artemia Salina in a Petroleum Contaminated Environment

An Isotopic Analysis of Anthropogenic Food Sources

Analysis of the Effects of Lawn Fertilizer on DIssolved Oxygen

Angus or Murray Grey

Are Fingerprint Patterns Inherited

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin C

As Far As This Can Reach

At The Line


Balance to the Beat

Banana Peel as a Potential Biosorbent for Sequestering Heavy Metals from Wastewater

Better Out Than In

Big Bounce

Bio Me

Birds Eye View

Blame it On The Weather

Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind

Blurry Concentration

Bond Strength

Breakfast Does it Matter



Caffine and You

Calcium Carbonate in Rocks

Can the Semi Aquatic Plant Elodea Remove Harsh Chemical From Water

Can Wind Transported Dust Cause Snow to Melt Earlier

Can You Read This

Can You Taste What I Taste

Cans Can Cool

Colors Effects on Memory

Comparison of Costs of Nuclear Fuel Cycle

COnstruction and Structural Building of a Bamboo Bike

Cool Blue Glowing Reactions

Corn Crazy

Cricket Cryostasis

Cutting with Molecular Scissors

Darkness vs Light

Death of an Orange

Deficiency of Robo4 Confers Susceptibility to Diabetic Nephropathy

Designing and Building A Solar Emergency Kit

Development of Gene Therapy for Retinitis Pigmentosa

Dice Probabilities

Does A Different Dye Make Our Water Dry

Does Highlighting Text Improve Students Ability to Remember

Does Niche Partitioning Occur in Winter Flocks of Forest Songbirds

Does Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitations Stretching Affect Impule or Speed

Does Tapping A Soda Can Really Prevent Explosions

Does Temperature Affect the Strength of a Magnet

Does the Type of Tree Influence How Quickly its Leaves Fall Off

Don't Shoot Your Eyes Out

Don't Spill On Me

Doodling Listening

Earring Bacteriophobia

Easy Pickings

Eat Like A Mouse

Effects of Detergent on Plants

Effects of Meth Pretreatment on the Dopamine Transporter

Electric Lemons


Electromagnetic Pollution A Look at Body Voltage

Emulsifying Grease

Escalation Innovation for the Visually Impaired

Ethanol The Future Fuel

Exciting Enzymes

Experience Multicolor

Factorin $


Faraday Generator Eddy Current and Lenz Law Brake

Fear Itself

Ferret Intelligence

Ferromagnetic Matchup


Floating Bodies

Focusing Internet Signals

Food Dye and Forensic Science

Force Aluminum vs Wood Bat

Friction Rubbed Me Wrong


Funky Glow

Gallons for Gallons

Gas or No Gas

Gene Expression in Cancerous and Noncancerous Tissues

Gerbil Training

Girls Have Better Taste

Go Green Get Green

Goo Be Gone

Good Rid Ants

Gray Water Greenery

Grease Be Gone

Green Clean DIshwashing Detergent Breakdown Oil in Water

H2O No

Here Comes the Sun

Holes on the Brain

Homemade Water Vortex Power Generator

How Accutate us a Formula for Estimating the Weight of a Smallmouth Bass

How are the Video Game Habits fo Boys and Girls Different

How Attractive are Magnets when You Change Their Temperature

How Cold is it

How DancersAverage Hear Rate Compares to Other Athletics

How Do Different Air Speeds Affect Lift

How Does Mass Influence Precission

How Does Road Salt Affect the Develepment of Fescue Grass

How Gliders Can Give Air Travel Some Lift

How Permanent Are Permanent Markers

How Shapes Demonstrate Stealth Technology

How Temperature Effects CFL Type Light Bulbs

Hydroelectric Energy

Improving Refugee Care Through Data Collection

In Vitro Protein Expression

Increasing Motor Efficiency

Inhibition of Survivin in Melanocytes Using Sirna

Invasion of the Mold Spores

Is It Really Fair

Is Light an Energy Thief

Is Red Really the Hardest to Get Out of Carpets

Is There Bacteria in Mascara Before Application

Is There Cauliflower Mosaic Virus in Your Lunch

Is Your Dog As Smart As You Think

Its a Bird Its a Plane Its Gone

Just Add Water

Just the Right Note

Just Wing It

Keep That Noise Down

Kids vs Adults A Test of Multitasking

Killer Breath

Kinetic Energy in Different Masses

LASP2 Run Amok

Lateralization in the Canine Brain

Lead Contamination in Fresh Water Lakes and Rivers

Leaking Fertilizer

Lighten Up

Look Listen Up

Magnet vs Heat The Effects of Temperature on Magnetism

Magnetic Propulsion vs Gravity Propulsion

Math Wars

Matrix Effect in a Bio Analytical Assay

Measuring Water Harness Calcium Levels in Northern Utah Water

Melatonin vs Placebo

Melatonin vs Placebo (1)

Memory of Words

Mental Health Screeners in the Teenage Population

Mnemonic Magic


Music to The Brain

Musical Plants

My Plastic Brain

Mystery Meat

Natures Flashlights

Networking Nuances

Nine Mile Dust Suppression

Oh Baby Im on Fire

Olfactory Fatigue

Oops I Crashed a Roller Coaster

Our Flammable Secret Recipe

Paper Bridge

Pass on That Gas

Password Safety

Perception of Time

Periodic An Interactive Periodic Table and Equiation Balancer

Photography Science

Picture This Heat Radiation and Insulation

Pinhole Photography

Pollution Where Will It Strike Next

Power Up

Predicting Variations of Pascals

Produce Tracking System

Protein Fuel

Pumped Up Optimum Air Pressure Optimum Distance

Put Your Water to Work

Quantifying Implicit Stereotypes Through Cognition of Abigous Speech


R U Distracted

Radiation Shielding

Rat.tastic Slumber

REcovering the Effective Thermal Conductivity of SIMBA Sea Ice with a Composite Material Model

Renewable Energy Im a Big Fan

Ressellation Observation

Ring Around the Yolk

Rocket Aerodynamics

Rocket Flight Science

Rocket Fuels

Sand Popsicle Sticks and a Whole Lot of Glue

School Lunch What are Our Kids Eating

Searching for Flourescence A Possible Flourescent Molecule in Physalia Utriculus

Show Your True Colors

Side to Side A Journey Through Peripheral Vision

Simply Bananas

Singing the Blues

Slish Splash

Snowmen Dressed for Success

Soil Profiling and Characterization

Solar Cells Salt vs Salt

Somewhere Over the Prism

Sour Oranges

Spare Parts Power

Spice it Up

Stare Down

Strong Shapes

Subconscious Sense

Surprise Fire

Synesthesia and Stroop

Synesthesia and the Stroop Effect

Take a Tumble

Target Aquire3D

Temperatures or Explosions

The Anchoring Effect

The Best Direction to Place a Solar Planel

The Big Thaw

The Brain A Journey to Recovery

The Breaking Points

The Briggs Rausher Reaction

The Comparison of Strength in Balso Wood Bridges

The Convincing Mind

The Dissolution Rate of Various Brands of Ibuprofen

The Effect Fins Give on Each Rocket

The Effect of Cloth on Liquefaction

The Effect of Various Materials on Sound

The Effects of Consuming Only Vegetables

The Effects of Dissolved Oxygen and Archaea on Methyl Mercury in the Great Salt Lake

The Effects of Neurological Processing Style on Academic Success

The Effects of Temperature on Magnetism

The Herpetoculture of the Tangerines

The Identification of Bacillus Globigii Within Dugway Proving Ground Soil

The Lactase Race

The Mpemba Effect

The Perfect Pipes

The Power of the Sun

The Red Stain Caper

The Role of B Catenin in Melanoma Invasion

The Salt of the Earth

The Science of Phenytion Injection Through IVs

The Soil Found Under a Chicken

The Suitability of Elaeagnus Angnsifolta as a Bioindicator of Sulfur Dioxide

The Tooth Shows the Truth

Through Thick and Thin

To Freeze or Not to Freeze

Toll Creek vs East Canyon Creek

Tyhe Correlation Between Rock Color and Its Element Composition

Up Up And Away

Using a Fractional Antenna To Improve a TV

Vitamin C

Volt Smart

Warning High Voltage

Washing Green for Life Downstream

Water Quality

Wave Speed

Website File Manager

What Are We Putting Into Our Bodies

What is The Best Lint Paper Product

What's in Your Milk

Which Burns Faster

Which Plastic Wrap Most Effectively Prevents Oxidation

Which Water is the Best for Germinating Carrot Seeds