2013 Project Photos (Elementary)

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5 Second Rule True or Myth

A Battery That Makes Cents

A Bright Idea

A Colors Affect On The Solar Heating of Water

A Dogs Rainbow World

A Kick in The Air

A Knightly Decision

Acid Snow in Utah

Airplane Formations

All Wound Up Investigating Efficient Generator Design

Amp It Up

Are We What We Breathe

Are You Sure Thats A Smile

Auto Aerodynamics

Avalanche Beacons

Ball Bounce

Basketball Shooting Accuracy


Battery Brands

Be Like Mike Sports Drinks vs Other Common Beverages


Beats Per Minute

Biomass to Biofuel

Blind Spot Bonanza

Blood Glucose Levels and Exercise

Brandens Science Fair Project

Brush Trust

Bubble Trouble

Buildings and Earthquakes

Bungy Bands

Burning Biofuels

Burning Wood Soaked in Different Liquids

Bus Drivers vs Teachers Reaction Time

Can a Cell Phone Conversation Affect Your Reaction Time

Can Graywater Be Green

Can People Focus on One Thing with Distractions

Can We Save A House in the Forest By Installing A Fireline

Can You Taste The Rainbow Blindfolded

Cars That Float on Air

Chocolate Meltdown

Claytons Meteorites and Impact Craters

Clean Up That Spill

Color Confusion

Color Explosion

Colored Lights Do Make A Difference

Commercial Success Battle of the Male and Female Voice

Comparative Color Absorption

Comparison of the Total Energy Efficiency of a Car

Controlling Storms

Controlling The Ice

Cool Roofs A Green Idea

Crazy Chocolate Chip Cookies


Deep Sea Mystery

Digging Up Soil Profiles

Dimmer Switch vs Regular Switch

Dissipation and Disbursement

Do Cell Phones Damage Brain Cells

Do Fireplaces Cool Your Home

Do Launch Angles Affect How Far an Object Will Travel

Does a Cell Phone Conversation Affect Reaction Time

Does Air Pressure Affect The Growth of Seeds

Does Elevation Affect Radon Levels

Does Hand Eye Coordination Get Better As You Get Older

Does Music Affect Heart Rate

Does Practice Really Make Perfect

Does The Color of What You Wear Affect the Heat Absorbed From the Sun

Dog Hair Versus Human Hair

Duchenne or Not Duchenne That is The Question

Duckweed Plant and Water Quality

E.Cigarettes vs Cigarettes

Earthquake Proof Shapes

Effect of Automotive Hydrocarbons on Germination

Electrical Current and Conductivity

Electrical Fruit

Electronic Rockets

Energetic Rubber Bands



F.O.C.S. Finding Oil Clean Up Solutions

Fingerprint Patterns

Fingerprints Inherited or Not

Five Second Rule

Flingin Sticks

Flowers Forever

Fluff vs Fluff

Flying High Which Paper Goes Farthest

Font and Impact of the Written Word

For Young Ears Only

For Young Eyes Only

Freezing Times of Different Liquids

Freezing Water

Fresh Apple Challenge

Friction Addiction

Fruit Electricity

Fun with Gum

Fuse A Lator

Gatorade Energy Chews

Gears in The Works

Geobaciffus Stearothermophilus

Give Me a Lift


Green Heating Is It Really Effective

Growing Growning Gone

Gyroscopic Adventure

Hardwood or Softwoods Nailing it Down

Harvesting Electricity From Heat

Hazardous H2O

Heart Health BMI and Blood Pressure

Heat Miser

Hello Is Anybody There

Hot Pots

Hovering Close

How Can I Make The Warmest Hand Warmer

How Different Windmill Shapes Affect Harnessing The Winds Energy

How Greasy Are Your Potato Chips

How High How Low The Ball Baounces The Way The Temperature Will Show

How Many Digits Can You Remember

How Many Numbers Can You Remember

How Much Juice Does Your Produce Produce

How Much Soda is Really in Your Soda

How Products That Are Biodegradable Really Decompose

How Reliable is The Eyewitness Testemony of 5th Graders

Human Body Video Games With a Beat

Hurricanes Sand and Wind Erosion

I Mentos To Do That

I Wonder How Germs Wander

Insulation Comes Naturally

Is Dolbears Law Correct

Is Smiling Contagious

Is The 5 Second Rule True

Is There A Color That Absorbs More Sunlight Than Black

Is There a Connection

Its All In The Taste Buds

Knee Power

Lead Preservation

Lenses to Lectrons


Light and the Beanstalk

Lightening in a Bottle

Lightweight Figure Skates Are They Lead Weights

London Bridge is Falling Down

Lunch Box Food Poisoning

M and M Survival

Magical Music

Magnetic Field Effect on Mice


Magnets and Direction

Make it or Buy It

Makin Free Throws

Measuring Sugar Content of a Liquid With a Laser Pointer

Measuring Voltage

Melting Ice A

Melting Ice B

Memorizing Information

Memory Visual Vs Auditory

Mentos Color Science

Microwave Heating Pads

Mindset How Our Perceptions Affect our Performance

Mnemonics Better Test Scores

Mouse Memory

Nail Polish Which Brand Lasts Longest

Natural Humidifier

Now Youre Cooking


Optical Illusions

Oral Hygiene Is Bacteria the Target

Our Everyday Pollutants

Oxidization of Iron

Oxygenated Soil

Paper Airplane Aerodynamics

Paper Airplane Flight

Paw Preference

Peas in a Pod

Ping Pong Salvage

Plants and Polluted Water

Putting Water To The Test

Quick Silver

Recycling Organic Waste to Fuel

Related Inc


Rocks are Not Forever

Rouch Surfaces and Friction

Rubber Band Wars

Salt Waters

Salts Effects

Science Fair Project

Seeing Dots

Seek The Peek

Shocking Static Motors

Slippery Slopes

Smell and Taste

Soaring Shoes

Soaring Speedster

Soccers Head On Impact

Some Like It Hot

Sorbe Do Wheat Free

Sound Testing

Space Balls

Speed Sledding

Speed to the Target

Speedy Search


Stand Up An Investigation on the Effect on Different Bowls to Beat Egg Whites

Start Your Engines

Static Electricity

Static Friction

Stressful Excercise

Stronger and Stronger

Stroop Effect

Sugar Rush

Sugar Spice and Everything Ice

Taking Flight

Tarnished Silver

Temperature Effects on Glow Stocks

The Art fo Taste

The Best Laundry Detergent

The Boiling Bingo

The Boiling Point of Water

The Condition That Melts Ice The Fastest

The Cooking Catastrophe

The Effect of Follow Through

The Effect of Free on Different Ages of Kids

The Effects of Pine Needles in Compost

The Flight of the Paper Airplane

The Floating Egg

The Impact of Physical Disabilities on Self Esteem

The Jordan River Could It Be Better

The Mouse Trap Car

The Safest Building

The Secret of Fingernails

The Speed of Sports Balls

The Sting in The Swing

The Sunny Side of Pollution

Think Before You Clean

Think Fast

Think Positive

To Xeriscape or Not to Xeriscape

Toxic Waters in Our Crops

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Up Up And Away A

Up Up And Away B

Upstream Downstream

UV Rays and Color

Veggies Clean or Not

Vinegar Water Lime Juice Oh My

Was Dr Oz Right Does Green Coffee Bean Make You Loose Weight

Water Gelatin Light

Water on Water

Wax On Wax Off

We Can Out of the Black and Into The Blue

Weather Is it Predeictable

What Are the Effects of Different Hooks on Fish

What Are You Blubbering About

What Can You Grow Plants In

What Does Yeast Like to Eat

What Effect Does Temperature Have on Growing The Largest Purest Crystals

What is The Effect of Different Chamicals on Snow

What Is The Effect of Increaing Curved vs Straight Resistance on An Electromagnet

What Makes Blond Hair Turn Green After Swimming

What Makes Ice Melt Fastest

What Role Do Genes Play in Cancer

What Shoots Farther

What Type of Material Insulates the Best

What's Better Visual Memory Alone or Visual Plus Auditory Memory

What's Hungry at the Jordan River

Which Batteries Work Best

Which Color Shall Be Chosen

Which Common Fabrics Keeps You the Warmest in the Cold

Which Fabrics Burn the Fastest

Which Fast Food Ice Has More Bacteria

Which Fruit or Vegitable Has More Electricity

Which Insulator Will Keep The Water Temp Consistent the Longest

Which Metal Conducts Heat Best

Which Paper Airplane

Which Search Engine Is Best

White Or Black

Who Is The Noisiest Dog

Who Smells Better Men or Women

Why I like Fries with My Milkshake

Wildfires Do They Create a Muddy Mess

Will One Type of Animal Eat Its Own Kind

World Wide Web of People

Worm Plant vs Normal Plant

Would People More Likely Use the Same or Opposite Side as the Hand They Write With