2013 Project Photos (Secondary)

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49 shades of green

49 SHades of Green

5 seconds is it true

5 Seconds Is It True

A colorful catastrophe

A Colorful Catastrophe

A new road salt

A New Road Salt

A raptor in decline

A Raptor in Decline

A solvent that acts as both an inhibitor and a catalyst at different molar amounts

A Solvent That Acts As Both An Inhibitor And A Catalyst At Different Molar Amounts

Acid vs alkaline

Acid vs Alkaline

Analysis and simulation of missile interception

Analysis and Simulation of Missile Interception

Analysis of toxins in local waterways

Analysis of Toxins in Local Waterways

Analyzing the mineralogy of a mesosiderite meteorite

Analyzing the Mineralogy of a Mesosiderite Meteorite

Are mechanical gills possible

Are Mechanical Gills Possible

Are we running out of energy wave power

Are We Running Out Of Energy Wave Power

Assessment of mutritional status in human by using skin as biomarkers

Assessment of Mutritional Status in Human by Using Skin as Biomarkers

Balloon blast

Balloon Blast

Balloon light

Balloon Light

Battle of the brains

Battle of the Brains

Bee amazing bee smart

Bee Amazing Bee Smart

Beef bacteria acid

Beef Bacteria Acid

Bend until you break

Bend Until You Break

Binkies and bacteria

Binkies and Bacteria

Biomass to biogas

Biomass to Biogas

Biomonitoring of periconceptual exposure to environmental chamicals

Biomonitoring of Periconceptual Exposure to Environmental Chamicals

Blinded beauty

Blinded Beauty

Body clock

Body Clock

Bone decalcification

Bone Decalcification

Bouncing golf balls

Bouncing Golf Balls

Bouncing tennis balls

Bouncing Tennis Balls

Bridge stength

Bridge Stength

Brilliant bacteria

Brilliant Bacteria

Burn baby burn

Burn Baby Burn

Can ball tracking really improve a persons ability to read

Can Ball Tracking Really Improve a Persons Ability to Read

Can smoling change deoxyribonuecleic acid and form snps on genetic scale

Can Smoling Change Deoxyribonuecleic Acid And Form SNPs on Genetic Scale

Can you have a sustainable garden using aquaponics

Can You Have a Sustainable Garden Using Aquaponics

Capturing energy

Capturing Energy

Cell phone spectrophotometer detecting visible light

Cell Phone Spectrophotometer Detecting Visible Light

Coal fired

Coal Fired

Coffee biodiesel

Coffee Biodiesel

Coffee brain food

Coffee Brain Food

Cold or hot magnet

Cold or Hot Magnet

Cold pack chemistry

Cold Pack Chemistry

Color wonder

Color Wonder

Colors on the move

Colors on the Move

Comparing classical text complexity measures to teachers reading expectations

Comparing Classical Text Complexity Measures to Teachers Reading Expectations

Contaminated ponds

Contaminated Ponds

Correlates of leisure time physical activity participation among latino children and adolescents

Correlates of Leisure Time Physical Activity Participation Among Latino Children and Adolescents

Correlation of osa and other medical problems

Correlation of OSA and Other Medical Problems

Creating pictures from time dilation

Creating Pictures From Time Dilation

Density and absorption in beans

Density and Absorption in Beans

Density vs ball height

Density vs Ball Height

Destination lamination

Destination Lamination

Developing for discovery

Developing for Discovery

Development of rnai mediated gene suppression and replacement to cure retinitis pigmentosa

Development of RNAi Mediated Gene Suppression and Replacement to Cure Retinitis Pigmentosa

Different ph levels

Different PH Levels

Discovery of new lsdi corest anti cancer drugs

Discovery of New LSDI COREST Anti Cancer Drugs

Distractions vs reactions

Distractions vs Reactions

Do aerodynamics matter

Do Aerodynamics Matter



Does color affect the appeal of foods and drinks

Does Color Affect The Appeal of Foods and Drinks

Does medicine grow on trees

Does Medicine Grow on Trees

Does musical talent affect your reflexes

Does Musical Talent Affect Your Reflexes

Does presentation affect the taste of sugar

Does Presentation Affect the Taste of Sugar

Drink to your health

Drink To Your Health

Echoic or eidetic

Echoic or Eidetic

Eco insulators

Eco Insulators

Economic feasibility of biofuel production

Economic Feasibility of Biofuel Production

Effect of color on tasteperception

Effect of Color on TastePerception



Eliminating contrails

Eliminating Contrails

Emission of radiant energy by different colors

Emission of Radiant Energy by Different Colors

Encrypted or decrypted

Encrypted or Decrypted

Engineering a hovercraft

Engineering a Hovercraft

Equine biomechanics

Equine Biomechanics

Examination of post wildfire soil erosion and mudslides

Examination of Post Wildfire Soil Erosion and Mudslides

Experimenting with the hydrogen fuel cell

Experimenting With The Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Exploring the potential of lord kelvins electrostatic generator

Exploring the Potential of Lord Kelvins Electrostatic Generator

Expression of camklla and zif268 mrns in striatal efferent neurons

Expression of CaMKlla and Zif268 mRNS in Striatal Efferent Neurons



Fake trees real clean

Fake Trees Real CLean

Falling water

Falling Water

Far infared rays

Far Infared Rays

Fast feet

Fast Feet

Fear and recall

Fear and Recall

Fight or flight

Fight or Flight

Fire fighters home remedies vs over the counter antacids

Fire Fighters Home Remedies vs Over the Counter Antacids

Fish power

Fish Power

Fizz or fizzlle

Fizz or Fizzlle

Fluorescent light

Fluorescent Light

Food for thought

Food for Thought

Freezing magnets

Freezing Magnets

Friction fiction

Friction Fiction

From celsius to cell phones

From Celsius to Cell Phones

From language to lullabies

From Language to Lullabies

Furnace efficiency based on filter type

Furnace Efficiency Based on Filter Type

Futile first aid

Futile First Aid

Game of clones

Game of Clones

Gauss rifle

Gauss Rifle


Genetic Causes for the Partial Albinism Phenotype in Southern Right Whales

Genetically modified seeds

Genetically Modified Seeds

Geotropism in non woody plants

Geotropism in Non Woody Plants

Germination rates of the pinus species

Germination Rates of the Pinus Species


Germitron: Probotic Assessment of Seed Vitality

Getting the grit out

Getting The Grit Out

Go with the flow bro

Go With the Flow Bro

Got c

Got C

Got foam

Got Foam

Ground level ozone prevention

Ground Level Ozone Prevention

Guns flame and steel

Guns Flame and Steel

Heart racing without the race

Heart Racing Without the Race

Heavy breathing

Heavy Breathing

Henry cavendishs gravitational experiment

Henry Cavendishs Gravitational Experiment

Here today gone tomorrow

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Home radon levels

Home Radon Levels

Horses short term memory

Horses Short Term Memory

Hot air balloon flight experiment

Hot Air Balloon Flight Experiment

How can track an field participants improve streamlining

How Can Track an Field Participants Improve Streamlining

How cheap can a homemade telescope get

How Cheap Can A Homemade Telescope Get

How does it grow

How Does It Grow

How does the color of light affect the rate of photosynthesis

How Does the Color of Light Affect the Rate of Photosynthesis

How does the number of electrolytes in orange juice compare with sports drinks

How Does the Number of Electrolytes in Orange Juice Compare With Sports Drinks

How hard is too hard

How Hard is Too Hard

How many cars on the road have adequate tire tread

How Many Cars on the Road Have Adequate Tire Tread

How much iron

How Much Iron

Human perceptions and its illusions

Human Perceptions and Its Illusions



Identifying variable stars in star clusters using photometric observations

Identifying Variable Stars in Star Clusters Using Photometric Observations

If your happy and your know it

If Your Happy and Your Know It

Incandescent vs cfl light bulbs

Incandescent vs CFL Light Bulbs

Insulation investigation

Insulation Investigation

Internet delays

Internet Delays


Investigation of Different Pretreatments for Bioethanol from Grass Clippings

Is butter always better

Is Butter Always Better

Is it safe to fly

Is It Safe to Fly

Is there a link between type 1 diabetes and pther autoimmune diseases

Is There a Link Between Type 1 Diabetes and Pther Autoimmune Diseases

Its radish time

Its Radish Time

Lab crabs

Lab Crabs

Lactase persitence a numerical study of gentic propagation

Lactase Persitence A Numerical Study of Gentic Propagation

Left vs right

Left vs Right

Liar liar pants on fire

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Lizard eating trends

Lizard Eating Trends

Long chain acylearnitine activiates sensory neurons

Long Chain Acylearnitine Activiates Sensory Neurons

Maegen finds metal

Maegen Finds Metal

Magnetic muscle

Magnetic Muscle

Magnetostrictive speakers

Magnetostrictive Speakers

Maldi.tof analysis of bacteria and antibiontic resistance

MALDI.TOF Analysis of Bacteria and Antibiontic Resistance

Maniacal magnets

Maniacal Magnets

Manipulating complexity theory

Manipulating Complexity Theory

Measuring social networks

Measuring Social Networks

Medieval engine of war

Medieval Engine of War

Memorizing mazes

Memorizing Mazes

Mental health screeners in the teenage population

Mental Health Screeners in the Teenage Population

Microwave assisted fixation improves preservation of dynamic cell structures

Microwave Assisted Fixation Improves Preservation of Dynamic Cell Structures

Mirror mirror on the wall whos the smartest of them all

Mirror Mirror on the Wall Whos The Smartest of Them All

Money in the wind

Money In The Wind

Mood paint

Mood Paint

Motion detectors what sets them off

Motion Detectors What Sets Them Off

Movie music mind control

Movie Music Mind Control

Moving water with an archimeadis pump

Moving Water With An Archimeadis Pump

Muscle memory

Muscle Memory

Music in movies

Music in Movies

Net or no net

Net or No Net

Networking nuances

Networking Nuances

No pain all game

No Pain All Game

Novel screening of biosorbent for preconcentration and analysis of heavy metals in water

Novel Screening of Biosorbent for Preconcentration and Analysis of Heavy Metals in Water

Oil in the soil

Oil in the Soil

Optimization of storage and expression of fungal pks nrps domains

Optimization of Storage and Expression of Fungal PKS NRPS Domains

Organic form generation

Organic Form Generation

Paper dynamics

Paper Dynamics

Penetration of different weights of arrow tips

Penetration of Different Weights of Arrow Tips

Perception of speed

Perception of Speed

Personalized cancer testing developing a pdms microfluidic spotter system

Personalized Cancer Testing Developing a PDMS Microfluidic Spotter System

Pish power

Pish Power

Potato potato

Potato Potato

Potential overuse of the herbicide round up

Potential Overuse of the Herbicide Round Up

Programmed android app to use smartphone camera to calculate heart rate via index finger

Programmed Android App to Use Smartphone Camera to Calculate Heart Rate Via Index Finger

Recognizing impossibility

Recognizing Impossibility

Recovering the effective thermal conductivity of simba sea ice with a composite material model

Recovering the Effective Thermal Conductivity of Simba Sea Ice with a Composite Material Model

Rock impurity identification using sem examination with bse detector and eds x ray

Rock Impurity Identification Using SEM Examination with BSE Detector and EDS X Ray

Rocket tail fins

Rocket Tail Fins

Running on sugar

Running on Sugar

Salmonella whats in your chicken

Salmonella What's in your Chicken

Salt snow and science

Salt Snow and Science

Seeing double

Seeing Double

Shape memory alloys may save your life

Shape Memory Alloys May Save Your Life

Sharp shooting

Sharp Shooting



Should we trust herbal remedies for bacterial infections

Should We Trust Herbal Remedies for Bacterial Infections

Shutter speed vs light exposure

Shutter Speed vs Light Exposure

Soil quality

Soil Quality

Solar energy predictions

Solar Energy Predictions

Solar panels served hot and cold

Solar Panels Served Hot and Cold

Solubility of tylenol and calcium in different liquids

Solubility of Tylenol and Calcium in Different Liquids

Spare a watt save a lot

Spare a Watt Save a Lot

Spectroscopic analysis of banana ripening

Spectroscopic Analysis Of Banana Ripening



Split ends chlorines threat

Split Ends Chlorines Threat

Stimulus discrimination as a function of age and gender

Stimulus Discrimination as a Function of Age and Gender

Stream lining solution mining

Stream Lining Solution Mining

Studying vs cramming

Studying vs Cramming

Sugar by light

Sugar by Light

Sugar imposters

Sugar Imposters

Summer sault science

Summer Sault Science



Surface tension

Surface Tension

Tee time

Tee Time

Testing the develpment of the sense of fairness

Testing the Develpment of the Sense of Fairness

The barbie or the dinosaur

The Barbie or The Dinosaur

The big chill

The Big Chill

The burning truth

The Burning Truth

The cleaner cheaper future of cars

The Cleaner Cheaper Future of Cars

The effect of a reactive oxygen species on the regeneration of planaria

The Effect of a Reactive Oxygen SPecies on the Regeneration of Planaria

The effect of bpa on brine shrimp survival

The Effect of BPA on Brine Shrimp Survival

The effect of building material weight on building susceptibility to liquifaction

The Effect of Building Material Weight on Building Susceptibility to Liquifaction

The effects of silver woven fabric on k 12 escherichia

The Effects of Silver Woven Fabric on K 12 Escherichia

The efficenty between store bought and homemade rocket fuel

The Efficenty Between Store Bought and Homemade Rocket Fuel

The great calculator experiment

The Great Calculator Experiment

The healthy mandate  a comparison of apples to oranges

The Healthy Mandate A Comparison of Apples to Oranges

The heat loss project

The Heat Loss Project

The hyoe for sports drinks

The Hyoe for Sports Drinks

The magic of magnets

The Magic of Magnets

The oil absorbance of different soils

The Oil Absorbance of Different Soils

The pressure is on

The Pressure is On

The rise of the bread

The Rise of the Bread

The secret life of the brain

The Secret Life of the Brain

The shots fired for a graph of science

The Shots Fired for a Graph of Science

The slinky drop

The Slinky Drop

The steam engine

The Steam Engine

The tailpipe trials

The Tailpipe Trials

The ultiate bridge

The Ultiate Bridge

The wind turbine does the wing count matter

The Wind Turbine Does The Wing Count Matter

There is more than meats the eye

There is More Than Meats The Eye

Thermodynamic rubber

Thermodynamic Rubber

Things are getting sketchy here

Things Are Getting Sketchy Here

Things that go bump in the gel

Things That Go Bump in The Gel

Time course of microglia activation in an infection induced model of epilepsy

Time Course of Microglia Activation in an Infection Induced Model of Epilepsy

To float or not to float

To FLoat or Not To Float

To infest or not to infest that is the question

To Infest or Not to Infest That is The Question

Tori cody

Tori Cody

Traces of the periodic table

Traces of the Periodic Table

Trust behavior

Trust Behavior

Turn milk into plastic

Turn Milk Into Plastic

Ups and downs the effect of food types on blood glucose levels

Ups and Downs The Effect of Food Types on Blood Glucose Levels

Urine specific gravity

Urine Specific Gravity

Using food waste to remove contaminants from waste water

Using Food Waste to Remove Contaminants from Waste Water

Using hydropower

Using Hydropower

Using modified markov chains to model dynamic systems

Using Modified Markov Chains to Model Dynamic Systems

Vanishing liquids

Vanishing Liquids

Vibration generation

Vibration Generation

Visual and auditory memory and gender

Visual and Auditory Memory and Gender

Watch and learn

Watch and Learn

Watch me roll

Watch Me Roll



Water 2

Water 2

Water vs oil

Water vs Oil

We all scream for ice cream

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Weapons of magnetic destruction

Weapons of Magnetic Destruction

What a drag

What A Drag

What are the odds

What Are The Odds

What causes turbulant water

What Causes Turbulant Water

What common liquids prevent the germination of seeds

What Common Liquids Prevent the Germination of Seeds

What i cant hear you

What I Cant Hear You

What source of fuel for a fuel cell will generate the most power

What Source of Fuel For A Fuel Cell Will Generate The Most Power

What's glowing on

What's Glowing On

Which helps you solve sudoku puzzles faster

Which Helps You Solve Sudoku Puzzles Faster

Which is which candy vs medicine

Which is Which Candy vs Medicine

Which ski structure makes a ski go the fastest

Which Ski Structure Makes a Ski Go The Fastest

Why is this so hard to see

Why is this so hard to see

Why people have vocal security

Why People Have Vocal Security

Wind energy

Wind Energy

Winners and leaders

Winners and Leaders

Youd think a place like a high school would be infested with bacteria but is it

Youd Think A Place Like A High School Would Be Infested with Bacteria But Is It

Zombies will light the way

Zombies Will Light The Way

Challenging ideas Find a lab Find a researcher Where are they now Tips for success

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