2014 Project Photos (Elementary)

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A Bacterial Smack Down

A Race to the Top

All Cows Eat Grass


An Egg Vavluation of Eggs

An Exploration of Dark vs Light Preference in Rats

Apples To Apples


Avalanche Prediction

Avocado DNA

Avoiding Disaster

Balloon Lift

Barrels The Goods and the Bands

Best Bass Rosin

Best Insulators

Best Jump

Better Picture Better Camera or Your Perception

Black Dots Heat Pool Water

Blacksmith Heat Treat

Bottled Light

Bouncing Balls

Breathe In Take More Time Out

Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble

Burning Biofuels

Burning Fabrics

Can a Car Float on Magnets

Can Oxygen Produce Heat

Can You Remember

Cell Phone Blocking

Changing the Plastic Cycle

Cheesy Green

Chewy Gooey Gummy Hair

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cilantro Showdown

CO2 Emissions

Color My Mind

Compact Disc Balloon Hivercraft

Comparing the Viscosity of Household Lquids

Conditions Affecting Table Sugar Crystal Growth

Conductivity of Household Materials

Craters in The Ground

Crypsis In Praying Mantises


Deteriorate Steak


DIfferent Slopes

DIsh Soap Rinse Research

Do Magnetic Bracelets Work

Do More Programs Slow Computers DOwn

Do People with Long Legs or Short Legs Take More Steps

Do Plants Dead or Alive Help Stop Erosion

Do Plantys Grow Better In Sunlight or Artificial Light

Do You Need An Altitude Adjustment

Does Adding Instant Pudding to Chocolate Chip Cookies Make Them Better

Does Degrassing Seeds Improve Germation

Does Eating Breakfast Improve Your Memory

Does Exersize Improve Memory

Does High Traffic Make Air Quality Worse

Does it Make Sense

Does Sugar Effect Smarties

Does the Amount of Mixing Affect How a Cake Bakes

Does Water Become More Polluted As it Goes Down the Dam System

Does Weight Affect Your Speed

Doggie Airbag

Don't Go Bananas

Don't Judge a Candy By Its Color

Don't Rock the Boat

Effective Hand Washing

Effects of Air Temperature on Falling Objects

Effects pf Dark and Light on Developing Monarch Butterfly

Egg Cellent Eggs

Egg Staining with Black Liquid

ELectric Liquids

Electrical Generation By Fruit

Fading Finger Prints

Falling Objects

Fallout Background Radiation and Building Materials

Fast Fizzing The Effect of Size and Temperature on the Speed of a Reaction

Flaming Chemicals

Flashligh Energy Midday and Dusk

Flat Wings vs Bernoullis Principle

Flower Pot Heaters

Flowers to Dye For

Flying Aces


Fruit and Vegetable Batteries

Fruity Fire and Ice

Gel Beads in Liquid

Genders Effect on Remembering Clothes

Get Charged

Globs of Gluten

Glow Sticks

Glowing in the Dark

Golden Ratio

Good Snow Bad Snow

Got Dirt Hydroponic vs Soil Based Gardning

Have You EVer Wondered What Type of Wood is the Strongest

Having A Bad Hair Day

Heads I Win Tails You Lose

Heads Up

Heart Health BMI and Blood Pressure

Here Comes The Boom

High vs Low

Hockey Friction

Home Lunch Nutritious or Biohazard

Hot Bounce Cold Bounce

How About Them Apples

How Bad Is Soda for Your Body

How Do Different Fruit Types Effect the Cure Tim of Gelatin

How Do You Make The Perfect Oatmeal Cookie

How Does Hand Do,inance Affect A Persons Ability to Do a Puzzle

How Does Music Affect Your Ability to Perform Tasks

How Does The Splatter Matter

How Habitat Affects Plants Growth

How High Will The Rocket Fly

How to Filter Sod Water Using Common Materials

How to Make Your Pop Rocks Really Rock

How To Prevent Sunburns

How to Throw a Party Without Your Neighbors Hearing


I Want It Now

I'm Melting

Inattentional Blindness

Inversion Invasion

Iron For Breakfast

Is Our Water Safe

Is Your Bathroom Breaking Bad

Its a Boy Its a Girl Its Super Chromosomes

Its Not As Clean As Your Think

Jumping Sparks

Keeping Flowers Fresh

Keyboards for Kenya

Kick It

Land is Not Forever


Lego Car

Let Your Fingers Do the Taking

Light and Color

Lighting Up Liquids

Lights Out

Maglev Highways

Magnet Experiments

Magnetic Levitation

Making a Robotic Hand

Materials and Traveling Sound Waves

Math Mindcraft And The Mind

Me Myself and Eye

Measuring Particles in an Inversion

Melting Chocolate

Melting Ice

Memory Challenge Kids vs Adults

Memory Study

Movement of Fetus From Sugar

Muscle Memory

Music Beats

Music With Heart Rate


Oh the Soils Youll Find

Our Reusable Planet

Owl Pellets


Paper Pencils and Computers

Paw Preference in Pets

Pencil Resistor

Pictures vs Words

Plain Grain vs Molasses Grain

Plastic Bag Waste

Pollutants and Electricity

Pollution May Be Killing Our Food Supply

Pykrete Does the Percentage of Sawdust Matter

Quarter Questions

Rainasa Source of Renewable Energy

Reaction Time

Reading Fluency Study

Ready Set Rrrrring

Red White andBlue

Reflexes Whos Faster Boys or Girls

Rise Pancake Rise

Rocket Nossle Design

Rubber Band Powered Motors

Sensitive Hands

Shattered in Space

Shooting Strategies

Shoud I Breathe

Simon Says Memory

Simple Machines Make A Balloon Box Go Further

Slow The Flow

Smog Busters

Smoke Safety

Sneezing For Science

Solar Water Heater

Solution in the Washing

South or West

Stop Drop and Roll

Styrofoam The New Plastic

Super Sinkers

Survival or Death

Sweet vs Sour

Taste The Rainbow

Temperature vs Tablets

Testing Wood Glue Strength

Testing Your Taste Buds

The Accuracy of Vision Before and After

The Apple

The Effect of a Microwave on the Calories of a Marshmellow

The Essential Electromagnetic Phenomenon

The Faster Way To Swim

The Five Second Rule

The Five Second Rule.2

The Need for Speed

The Power of Coins

The Science of Bioplastic

The Science of Scoring

The Solar Express

The Tooth Truth

Thermal Insalation

Throw in the Towel

To Grow or Not to Grow

Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes

Unlocking the Super Stength of an Eggshell

Variations of Light Output

Video Game and Blood Pressure

Vinegar vs Water in The Plant Growth Contest

Voltaic Pile

Walloping Walls

Water Detection Stick

Water Oil and Temperature

Wax On Wax Off

We Are All in This Together

We Boil At Different Degrees

Weight For It

What Age Group Makes the Best Eyewitnesses

What Color Is Your Appetite

What Gum Blows The Biggest Bubbles

What Hits a Baseball Further?

What Insulation Materials Is Most Effective For Retaining Heat

WHat is The Effect of Caffeine on Heart Rate

What Kind of Paper Makes the Best Airplanes

What Makes Blood Pressure Change

What Makes Cupcakes Rise

What the Heck Happened to My Balloons

What Type of Salt Melts Ice the Fastest

What's For Breakfast

What's In Your Water

Whatts Up

Where do the Bubbles Come From

Which Battery Lasts Longer

Which Citrus Fruit Conducts The Most Electricity

Which Dome Dominates

Which Liquid Will Make a Plant Die the Fastest

Which Melts Ice the Fastest

Which Soap Works Best

Which Style of Airplane Will Travel the Furthest

Who Chewed My Chicken

Who Ndees Sleplnig

Why Are The Apples Brown

Why Cant We Breathe

Will a Dancer Do More Clean and COntrolled Pirouettes When Spotting

Will a Fly Fishing Dry Fly Float Better on a Warm or Cold Lake

Will a Trebuchet Launch Farther with a Shorter or Longer Arm

Will Listening to Music Make You a Rockin Student

Will the pH af an Acid Predict Breakdown of Exposed Fabrics

Will You Melt Already

Wood Flexibility Tests

You Nailed It