2014 Project Photos (Secondary)

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A Computer Controlled Garage Door

A Fruity Dilemma

A Study of Fluid and Compression Through Various Materials

Acid Rain and Its Effect on Metal

Ah Crap

Air Quality During the Winter Season

Aligning with Magnetic North

An Analysis of The Genome Pandoravirus Salinus

Analysis of Cost Effective Purification Systems

Analysis of Montane Rainforest Dwellings

Anthropogenic CO2

Appy Holidays

Are More Expensive Golf Balls Worth the Extra Cost

Are You Sick From Arsenic

Automated Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Using Artificial Intelligence

Avalanche Gaurdian

Bacteria Can Fix It

Bacterial Growth at Varying Distances from Toilet Source

Bad Air vs Pond Water

Balloons Not Pokes

Beating the Stock Market

Bend It Like Benford

Best Sled Material

Binkies Antibiotics and Bacteria

Biochar and Crop Yeild

Biodegradable Banana Leaf and Banana Peel Based Trash Bags

Biodegradable Decomposition Quality

Bombs Away

Breath of Life

Bridges Gateways From Here to There

Building a Better Bridge

Building on Blockly

By Taking Tallies and Scores the Daphnia's Heart Rate is Faster Than Yours

Caffine Crazy

Can You Have A Sustainable Aquaponic System

Can You Remember

Carbon Capture and Storage with Algea Blooms

Cartoons Carrots and Cucumbers

Catapult Perfomance

Cellular Radiation

Chickened Out

Cognitive Impairment and Behavioral Testing in a Mouse

Collecting DNA

Color of Your Heart Rate

Column Chromatography

Column Chromatography Seperated Dyes in Grape Soda

Comparative Hydroponics

Comparing Two Objects in Their Ability to Simulate the Interception of Moving Objects

Conformity in the Classroom

Contact Light

Counting Eye Color

Creating Water Vapor Using Air Cannon

Cupcake Madness

Daphnia Diagnosis

David Vs Goliath

Decreasing Fear in Horror Films

Decreasing Functional Fexedness Through Abstraction of a Concept

Demonstration and Characterization of Split Ring Resonators

Denaturing Enzymes

Dentures Anyone

Development of an Autonomous GPS Guided SecurityRobot

Diverse Watering Methods for Seed Germination

Dizzy Frisbee

DNA Damage and Response to UVB Radiation

Do Different Genres of Music Affect Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Do Wrinkles Help Fingers Get a Grip

Do You Hear What I Hear

Do You See What I See

Does Chewing Cinnamon Gum Kill Mouth Bactria

Does Going Green Really Help

Does Popcorn Get Altitude Sickness

Does Popularity Affect the Taste of Sugar Cookies

Does the Price of a Violin Correlate with Its Sound Quality

Does the Temperatire Affect the Rate of Biodegration

Don't Burn Please Don't Burn Baby

Don't Move a Mussel

Double Trouble

Draggin Wings

Dring Drank Drunk

Eat Your Energy

Effect of Religion on Perception

Effectiveness of Various Types of Honey as Antimicrobial Agents

Effects of High Voltage on Solution

Effects of Soda on Orthodontia Glue

Effects of Sports on Teens

Efficacy of Five Methods of Purifying Water and Their Possible Uses in Third World COuntries


Electronic Precipitator

Elevation and Snow Purity

Energy Drinks Amazing or Not

Energy of the Future

Energy Produced By Zinc Copper Bettery

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

Finding the Difference in Protein Expression Level and Post Transitional Modifications in RAS Cancer

Fishy Fertilizer


Flour Gluten Content

Flower Power

Fossil Fish Fatalities

From the Ashes

Garden of the Future

Generalizing a Non Linear Infinite Series

Genetic Inheritance

Glu Hoax

Go Green

Goldilocks and the 3 Rockets

Good Eye Good Eye

Got Electrolytes

Grease Wars

Growing Plants in Pencil Shavings

Guns FLames and Steel 2.0

Gyrocopter Flight

Hammering Pucks

Hand in Ice Water

Home Remedies That Kill Roundworms

How Do Different Solutes Affect The Boiling Point of Water

How Do Different Water Sources Affect The Growth of Plants

How Do Tubes Affect Sound Waves

How Does Gaming Affect the Brain

How Effective is Burlap in Purifying Contaminated Water

How Much Air is Thair

How Or Cold Thermocouples Have Potential

How Well Different Grains Retain Heat


Hydrogen is the Future

Hydroponics Pollution Sudan Dye Oh My

Hygiene Killing You

I Will Protect This House

Ice Bot

Impact of Various Sources of Irrigation Water on Macro and Micro Nutrient Uptake

Imparing the Thermodynamics

Improving Alzheimers Symptoms

Improving Reaction Times

Improving the Longevity of Tires

Incentives as Memory Biases

Intelligent Searching

Investigation of Different Degradation Treatments on Pesticide

INvestigation of the Interaction Between HIV Matrix and EPRS Linker

Is Lymphatic System Involved in Muscle Pain and Fatigue

Is SOlar Energy Really Cheaper

Is There a Link Between Type One Diabetes Type Two Diabetes

Its in Yours Genes

Juicy Fruit

Just Beet It

Kids Earning a Sweet Reward

L Ascorbic Acid

Latte or Not te

Lets Make A Deal

Lighting a Bulb With Gravity

Liquid Carbohydrates vs Complex Carbohydrates

Load Efficiencies and Light Intensity

Location Location Location

London Bridge is Falling Down

M.A.P.S. Reactor

Magnetic Linear Acceleration

Making a Program to Problem Solve CF Care

Making a Rocket

Man Made Fertilizer vs natural Fertilizer

Medical Devices Take a Bath

Methane Wars

Microbial Biofilms

Milk Titration

Mirror Mirror

Momentum in Action

Mother Nose Best

Mound vs Ground

Moving With Magnets

Neighbothood Built Environment

Night Terrors

Oceanic Glowworms and Their Sensitivity to Salinity

Oil in the Soil

Optimum Handle Design for Saled and Satisfaction

Ozone and PM10

Parachute Shapes

Parallax Powers

Patience in the Computer Age

Pegboard Probability

Perpetual Motion Motors

PHantastic Snow

Photosynthesis and PH

Plants on Caffine

Pollution Party in the Snow

Post Wildfire Soil Recovery

Power For Pennies

Powering Hydrogen Fuel Cells Using Chemical Waater Splitting

Predicting Mule Deer Winter Habit Using GIS

Prevention of Staph

Protect our Plants

Purifying Contaminated Water

Racing Bristlebots



Reading Is It Really Black and White

Reading Scrambled Words in and out of Context

Rocket Car Arodynamics

Salty Viscosity

Satellites in Motion

School Absenteeism

Seeds Through Time

Sense's Speed

Sensor Based Automatic Positioning System for Jet Bridges

Shoes Got Hops

SLeep Quality in Utah

Soil Support

Solar Disinfected Water

Spectro Science

Stealthy Reflections

Stop Don't Drink That Yet

Stop That Crying

Stopping the Freeze

Synergistic Inhibition of Lymphoid Specific Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase

Synthesis of Gold Nanorods and Nanocages for Hypothermic Tumor Targeted Drug Delivery

Targeting p53 to Pro Apoptotic Bak

Taste Bud CHallenge

Teen Cellphone Usa and Academic and Social Well Being

Temperature Surface Tension

Tesla Coil

The ADEPT Project

The Amount of Gluten in Each of the Six Types of US Wheat

The Analysis of the Genome of Pandoravirus Salinus.2

The Antimicrobial Effectiveness of Essential Oils

The Art of Regeneration

The Bending Bone

The Brine Shrimp Solution

The Comparison of Plastics

The Correlation Between Levels of Education and Population Growth Rate

The Effect of 2.4-Dichlorphenoxyacetic Acid on Caenorhabditis

The Effect of a Antioxidant on Planaria

The Effect of Cola on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

The Effect of Friction Coefficient on the Strength of Arches

The Effect of Intercropping on Daisy and Catnip

The Effect of Pollution on Bee Navigation

The Effect of SCF and TPO Proteins on the Differentiation of Stem Cells Into Blood Cells

The Effect of Social Networks on Peoples Social Lives

The Effect of Various Sources on the Amount of Radiation Given Off

The Effect Of Venuss Core on The Length og Its Day

The Effects of Salicylic Acid Treated Poultry Litter

The Goo You Breathe

The Optimal Size and Angle Configuration of a Turbine Blade

The Price of Power

The Psychology of Driving

The Quantum Eraser

The Science of Holography

The Tic Research

To Build or Not to Build

To Grow Or Not To Gorw That Is The Question

Toxic Shadow

Toxic Smog

Trains That Can Fly

Trashcan Telepresence

Tree Preservatives

Tumbling Rocks

Turning Biking Into Energy

Unknown Impact

Using Salinomycin Loaded Micelles to Fully Eraticate Cancer Stem Cells


Van De Graaff Generators

Vector Analysis The Effects of

Viable Energy Production Through the Utilization of Charge Seperation by The Kelvin

Warming Your Home or Warming the Globe

Waste to Watts

Water Hardness As Measured By Drops of Detergent

Water or Air The Big Question

Water Witching

Wet Shirt No Break

What Affects Barcode Scannability

What Are We Doing To Our Food

What Conductor Would Be Best for an Electrical Current

What Does Your Face Say

What Features Make a Person Appear Attractive

What Is The Most Aerodynamic Shape

What Kind of Orange Juice Should You Drink

What Makes The Strongest Bubble

What's On Your Fountain

Where Did That Come From

Which Method Will Keep Fruit Fresh the Longest

WHich Spray Will Clean Your Day

Whos Mouth Is The Cleanest

Wind Power

Witness Identification

Wood and Water

Yeast on the Run