2015 Project Photos (Elementary)

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30 06 Projectiles

A Ball of Fire and Ice

A Classical EGGsperiment

A Rainbow of Flowers

A Toxic Test

Acne Who Knew

Add Absorb Drip

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Aerodynamcis and Wing Design

Age and Memory

Ammonia A Fishy Problem

Antacids Action

Apple Preservation

Are Feathers Longer on Bigger Birds

Are Flushable Wipes Really Flushable

Are There Dangerous Levels of Lead in the Soil Near the Bingham Canyon Mine

Are There Ringtones that Kids Can Hear but Adults Cant

Are Your Fingerprints Unique

Attraction Hot or Not

Bacteria and Water Activity

Bad Air Day

Balloon vs Tac

Baseball in the Wind

Battle for the Sun

Battle of The Fertilizers

Being Blind

Bend it Like Bode


Blooming Rocks

Brace Yourself

Brain on the Run

Brain vs Taste Bud


Brand Wars

Bridge Breaking

Bridge Design Which Bridge Can Hold The Most Weight

Bristle Bots

Bubble Fizz Experiment

Buckle Your Best

Butter Shake It Up

Cabbage Chemistry

Can a Robot Really Help With Arthritis

Can Water Float on Water

Can We Slow Down Evaporation

Catch This

Catching ZZZzzz In Science

Causes of Riding Sea Levels

Challky Mess

Chemistry of Baking

Chicken Vision

Climatic Changes to Crustaceans

Color and Memory

Color Pigmintation with Lights

Cooking Catastrophe

Cool Conductors

Crack Catastrophe

Creating My Own Computer Encrypt Method

Crystal Radio

Cup Case Counter Drawer

Cup Of Dirt


Dirt and Its Impact on Snowmelt

Dishwasher DIssolved

Do Altered Visual Cues Affect Verbal Responses

Do Fruits and Vegitables Conduct Electricity

Do Men and Women See Things DIfferently

Do The Eyes or the Ears Have it

Do You Have Nerve

Does Candy Help Improve Mental Performance

Does Coke Take Out a Stain

Does Color Matter

Does Density Matter

Does Expectation Affect Taste

Does Eye Color Affect Your Sight

Does Peppermint Have a Cooling Effect

Does Temperature Affect Chemical Reactions

Does The Color Of Hair Affect The Static Electricity of a Balloon

Does the Type of Liquid You Take With Your Medicine Affect the Rate That the Pills Dissolve

Does Wax Make Your Skis Go Faster

Domino Theory

Ebola Run

Eggs Not Included

Electrolysis of Water

Electrolytic Seperator


Energized Batteries

Engineering Music

Evaporation Contemplation

Excersise That Brain


Exploring Nanotechnology

Fiddling With Foundations

Fighting Malaria With Plants

Filthy Hands

Fingerprint Investigation


Fizz Pop

Flight Analysis

Floating Layers

Follow The Herd

Food Producing Power

Fully Loaded

Funky Fosilization


Get a Whiff of This

Get Fit

Get That Zit to Quit

Gold Mine

Got Plastic

Gross Takes On Chemicals

Growing Grass

H2 Uh Oh

Happty Feet Cotton vs Wool

Healthy Teachers, Healthy School. Healthy Environment

Heartburn and Antacids

Heat Loss

Helium Balloons In The Cold

Here Comes the Sun

Hmm Thats A Bit Salty

Hot Or Not

Hot Pajamas

Hot vs Cold

House Color and Energy Footprint

How are Batteries Affected by Cold

How Art Affects Emotion

How Color Affects Taste

How Do Different PH Levels Affect The Cells Of A Vegitable

How Do You Like Them Apples

How Does Music Affect a Persons Blood Pressure

How Does Salt Effect Water

How Fast is Your Cap

How Household Ojects Muffle Sound

How Salty Does the Sea Have to Be For An Egg To Float

How To Detect Changes in The Earths Magnetic Field

How to Make an Aircraft to Radar

How Wire Thickness Affects an Electromagnets Strength

I.S.A. Infared9000

Ice Ice Melting

Ice Melt

Ice vs Ice Water

Interests of a Fly

Into The Storm

Is Sensitivity Heightened on Your Dominant or non Dominant Hand

Is There Life in the Ice

Its Written All Over Your Face

Lie Detector Test

Long Lasting Bubbles

Measuring Air Pollution

Memory Testing

Mirror Writing and Brain Function

More Power To Ya

Music Makes Movies

Music to My Ears

My Bed is Better Than Yours

Mystic Not Really

Natures Mark Markers

No Batteries for Breakfast

Noodle Head

On The wing Position of Gliders

Organic Alternative Energy

Pains of the Stains

Paint The Ozone


Pendulum Properties

Penny Cleaning

Pictures and Short Term Memory

Pondering Pond Scum

Power an LEd Light With a Homemade Battery

Power To The Paws

Predicting a Balls Flight Using Laws of Motion

Preservation Project

Problem Control Authority

Project Earthquake

Protists in our Pond

Pucker Up

Put Your Water To Work

Race Car


Rock That Test

Rocket Candy

Rust Remedies

Satellites and Gravity

Save The Sea

Saved By Science

Second Hand Smoke

Short Term Memory and Snacks

Sizzle Sizzle

Sleep Everyone Needs It Right

Slingshor Catapult Distance vs Force

Small Electric Motot


Soda Science

Solar Ovens

Sound v Hear Rate

Sound Waves

Space Elevator

Speaking Mobility Device

Stop Roll and Go Gender and Stop Signs

Stop Talking Dirty

Strong Bridge Design

Strong Bridges

Structural Beam Analysis Lego Economics

Styrofoam Repolymerization as an Insulator

Sugar Overload

Sugary Sweet

Sun Protection In Our Clothes

Super Shocker

Swim Caps and Swim Times

Take The Pedal Off The Metal

Taste Perception

Taste Test

Taste Without Smell

Tee It High And Let It Fly

Test Distress

That She Throws

The Best Design for a Wind Turbine

The Best Type of Soda That Can Inflate a Balloon

The Big Thaw

The Effect of Air Quality on Student Attendance

The Effect of Altitude om the Temperature at Which Distilled and Salt Water Boil

The Effects of Blade Density on Low Speed Savonius Vertical Acis Wind Turbines

The Effects of Length, Material, and Diameter of a Wire on its Resistance

The Effects of Soda on Tooth Enamel

The Iceman Cometh

The Icy Window Dilemma

The Joule Thief

The Magic of Nature

The Mesh Effect

The Night Light

The Nose Knows

The Nose Knows (1)

The Power of the Winds

The Puck Theory

The Pudding Trick

The Science LabRador

The Science of Degradation Salt Water vs Fresh Water

The Sleeping Giant

The Testing of Strengths in Homemade Electromagnetics

Thermal Electricity

To Silence a Garage Band

Tomato Growth

Toothpick Bridges

Twist of the Wrist

Types of Firewood and Heat

U See Me Rolling

USA High Speed Rail Suitability Analysis Using GIS

Using the Power of PH to Grow Phantastic Radishes

Vocal Ranges

Water Water Everywhere Make a Drop to Drink

Wax On Wax Off

What A Shock

What Damages Your Grades Pop Or Classical Music

What Goes Up Must Come Down

What Is Sublimation

What is The Best Blend of Biofuels

What Is The Fastest Way To Cool a Soda

What Materials Maked the Best Homemade Skis

What Paper Airplane Flies the Straightest

What Popcorn Pops The Most Kernels

What Size if Fastest

What Things When Dissolved into Water Conducts Electricity the Best

What Water Solution Will Hatch Brine Shrimp The Fastest

What Will Make Your Christmas Tree Last

When Will My Wing Stall

Which Battery Lasts the Longest

Which Brand Blows The Biggest Bubbles

Which Brand Pops Best

Which Is Cleanest

Which Water Type Helps My Plants Grow Best

Why Does the Ocean Flow

Will a Driver Make A Full Stop at a Stop Sign

Windmill Blade Experiment

Wing Shape and Lift

Wings of Shape

Winter Roads

With What Type of Light The Plant Goes Uppity up

Woods Strength

Worm Farm Ecology and Construction

X Ray Hormesis in Yeast