2015 Project Photos (Secondary)

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A Computational Study of Ligand Influence in N Heterocyclic Carbene Chemistry

A Greener World Hydrogen From Solar Power

A Heart Pounding Experience

A Natural Way to Clean Up Oil Spills

A Novel Method and Apparatus for a Hydraulic Solar Tracking System for Improving the Efficiency of Solar Panels

A Novel Method and Application for Coating to Reduce Abrasion of Tire

A Water Filtration System for Developing Nations

Acids vs Snails

Algea Based Electrocatalytic Composites

Amazing Rust Removers

An Investigation and Improvement of a Fractal Algorithm

Analysis of Biomass Energy

Applying a Logarithmic Progression to a Fourier Transform in Order to Obtain a Logarithmic Spectrum

Are Altas Minind Days Gone Forever

Are You Safe Behind the Glass

Are You Sure

Arrow Dynamics

Artificual Intelligence Learning to Learn

Aspirin Dissolution

At Last I See the Light

Atherosclerosis Slowing the low

Avoiding Aeronautical Disasters

Back Benders

Back Flare

Bacteria Hysteria

Bacteria Tuna Cow Human

Balloon Method vs Digital Spirometer

Battle of the Kales

Battle of the Sexes Reaction Edition

Bending Space Time in the Basement

Binary Classification of fMRI Data

Bioactivity Guided Isolation of Antimicrobial Compounds

Birthday Paradox


Bouncing Around

Brain Booster The Effect of Omega 3s on Cognitive Ability

Brain Wave Relaxation

Brassicas Use Supplementary Glucose to Compensate for Low Photon Intensity

Brine Shrimp vs Chemicals

Building on Blocky II


Can We Trust the Dust

Caveman Skin

Channeling Light A Fiber Optics Experiment

Characterization of a Metamaterial as Terahertz Waveguides

Cockroaches and Dioxin

Color Power

Compaction Reaction

Computer DJ

Conformity in the Classroom

Congressional Representatives Changes in Voting

Converting Optical Computer Mice to Optical Drawing Apparatus

Cool Hands

Cosmic Correlation Solar Weather and Climate Change

Cutoff Dates A Flawed System

De Coupling Economic Growth from Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Dealing with Diabetes

Design of Natural Fiber Composites

Differences in Quality of Sleep

Dirty Plantsing

Dissolved Oxygen and Aquatic Life

Do Sound Effects and Visual Patterns Affect Balance

Do Sound Effects and Visual Patterns Affect Balance?

Does Appearance Affect Kids Choices

Does Expensive Grade Gasoline Provide a Cost Benefit

Does Eye Black Effect Contrast Sensitivity

Does Font Affect Memory

Does Temperature Affect a Tennis Balls Bounce

Does the Length of the Barrel of a Ping Pong Ball Gun Affect the Accuracy

Does Water Temperature Affect Oil Spill Cleanup

Don't Cry Over Bad WiFi

Driving Away Drosophila

Dynamic vs Static

Effect of Salinity Levels on the Hatching Viability of Brine Shrimp

Effectiveness of Murray City vs UDOTs Road De Icing Methods

Efficancy of CDC Ebola PPE Guidelines and Training

Efficiency of Biofuels and Nonrenewable Energy

Electrolyte Challenge

Electromagnetic Power

Enamel Erosion

Enzyme Catalyzed Reactions

Ethanol The Future Fuel

Eye Eye Captain

Fast Talker

Fence Against the Wind

Fertilizer Fun

Fireproofing Trees

From Brown to White Which Toothpaste Is Right

From Here to There Wirelessly

Functional Neural Networks

Genders Effect on the Ability to Taste

Genetics in Medicine

Genotyping Thy.1.YFP Transgenic Mice


Go Greenbeans Grow

Good Poop is the Nect Best Diet Thing

Good Poop is the Next Best Diet Thing

Got Gum

H2Ocean Power

Hacker Attack

Heat it Up

Heat it up: Developing a Thermoelectric Stove Fan From Scratch

Heat it up: Developing a Thermoelectric Stove Fan From Scratch

Hoe Does an Incrreased Carbon Dioxide Environment Affect Hard Red Spring Wheat and Millet

Homemade Cement

Hot r Not

How Do Battleships Float

How Do Different Ski Waxes Effect the Speed of a Ski

How Does An Intronic DNA Mutation Affect Protein Synthesis

How Does Temperature Affect Magnetism

How Many Beads Does it Take

How Old is Your Memory

Increasing Healthy Risks

Individual vs Group The Effect of Group Size on Learning Two Differet Activites

Innovative Structural Shapes

Invasive Species Common Survival Skills

Investigating Metastatic Characterastics of Candidate Dissemination Genes

Is It Mint To Be

Is the Electric Car Really the Answer to Utahs Air Quality Problems

Is There a Silver Lining That Wont Hurt a Flea


Jump: An Automated Jumprope Turner

Just a Spoonful of Robots Helps the Medicine Go Down

Lets Hear It

Lighting Up The Track

Lightspeed Compute At The Speed of Thought

Lost in a Food Desert

Lowering The Freezing Point of Water

Maf Lev Wind Turbines

Making Reading Black and Blue

Measuring Facial Perfection

Measuring the Moon's Movement


Microbial Output from Electric Hand Dryers

Mission Ignition

Mobile App For Cloud Based Voting

Modeling and Analyzing Melting Arctic Sea Ice with Percolation Thoery

Morning Sky

MS of MS

Nanoparticle Mass Spectrometry

Natural Stress Reduction

Nest to Home

Nested Cellular Automata Based Epidemic Simulation

Now I Can Scream

Ocean Acidification The Silent Killer

Oil to Boil

Optimal Conditions for Prenyltrnsferase Activity

Optimizing Koi Tank Tmeperatres

Our Electronic Memory

Ozone Friend or Foe


Parabolic Catapult Launch

Partial Perpetual Motion Machine

Password Security

PCR Amplification from Whole Blood and Blood Treated with EDTA

Peripheal Vision


Plant Distribution

Polar Prescriptions

Potato Power

Powering the Future Develpment of Novel All Solid State Bio Batteries

Prince Ruperts Drops

Prodigous Power

Propeller Power

Radiation Sensation

Radioactive Bacteria

Rainbow Fire

Reaction Time he Peak

Rescue Bot

Rescue Bot

Risks of Surgical Site Infections During Surgery

Risky Behavior

Salt Lake Inversion

Save Your Smile

Seeds Shoots and Roots

Self Similar Geometry for Medically Implantable Devices

Shake The Brace

Shapes and Weight

SHapes and Weight

Signature Signature

Slack Line In Your Way

SNail Repellant

So You Think You Know How Much Sugar is in That

Social Norms sa Motivation in High School Students

SOlar Desalination

Solar Energy More with Less

Springs in Motion

Stain Pain

Static Electricity

Statistics The Probability of Heads or Tails with Different Coins


Stocked Up Water


Stopping Fungal Growth

Stressed Out

Stressed Pikas AN Analysis of Hormones in Fecal Samples

Stroop Effect Boys Vs Girls

Sustaining the Science

Sweet Dreams with Lavender

Swimming in the Fast Lane

Taking the Energy Source of Tomorrow to New Heights

The Balancing Trick

The Best Sunscreen SPF

The Brains Behind Wheres Waldo

The Cost od Smelling Good

The Distribution of Elements in the Supernova Remnant MGC 1952

The Effect of Acids on Rock Mass

The Effect of Brining on the Sodium Content of Meat

The Effect of Calcium Signaling in Megakaryoposis

The Effect of Natural Mushroom Based Substances on the Regeneration Rate of Planaria

The Effect of Natural Mushroom Based Substances on the Regeneration Rate of Planaria 2

The Effect of Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide on C. Elegans

The Effect of Nutrient Enrichment on the Carbon Sequestering Potential of the Great Salt Lake

The Effect of Restriction Length on the Efficiency of Mixing

The Effect of Sulfur Depreivation and Light Cycles

The Effect on Mutant RAB28 on the Transport of Rhodopsin

The Effect pf Fppd Wrappings on the Preservation of Apple Slices

The Effects of Wind on Rain Collection

The Efficancy of Various Inhibiting Agents on LDS1 and LSD2 Protein

The Genetics of Taste Perception

The Human Brain and Uncommon Words

The Ice Rink Project

The Key to Immunity The Effect of Waterborne Viruses

The Mathematics of Angry Birds

The MeasureMe System

The Non So Sweet Side of Artificual Sweeteners

The Perfect Fishing Knot

The Perfect PID

The Power of Peppermint

The Race to Erase

The Science of Bioplastic

The Secret to Test Success

The Speed of Maglev Technology

The Sweet Smell of Burning Bugs in the Morning

The TypeIT Device Keyboards for Kenya Part II

The Versatility of the Coiled Coil in Cancer Therapeutics

The Wait Ends Now

Tilting Solar Panels

Tinia S Buoyancy Driven Atmospheric Glider

Tire Pressure Tactics

To Burn Wood or Gas for a Cooler World

To Float or Not To Float

To Spike or Not to Spike

To The Skies

Too Fruity Anthocyanin Effects on Solar Cell Output

Tooth Decay

Transepithelial Transport of Dendrimers

Treatment of Aqueous Organic Pollutants Utilizing TiO2 Nanoparticles

Truncating and Capping a Coiled Peptide for Treatment of CML

Turn Up and Tune In

Twins Left or Right

Ungravity Plants

Using Common Alcohols to Decrease Primary Particulate Output of and EPA Approved Wood Burning Stove

Using Geant 4 to Model Neutron Activiation Analysis

Using HPLC to Isolate the Antibacterial Protein of Bee Defensin 1

Using Stable Isotope Spectroscopy to Trace Nitrogen Pollution in the Jordan River

Utilizing a VO2maxRegression

Vehicle Generated Aeolic Energy

Wax On Wax Off

What Materials Block Radiation Decay

What Medication Creates Greatest Toxicity of Freshwater

What's The Angle

What's The Best Ship Shape

Which Mother Nose Best

Which Product is Better for Disinfecting Soft Contact Lenses

Which Two Piece Golf Balls Travels the Farthest Distance

Why Cant My Cute Dog Find Her Ball

WiFi Blockers

Wings of Power

Worm and Wheat

Xtreme Sports Charger

Your Carbon Footprint Matters

Zebrafish Lab System