2016 Project Photos

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A Cool Pad For A Cool Cap

A Gamer's Memory

A Hard Boiled 'Eggs'-Periment

A Midwinter Blueberry Dream

A Model for Autoimmune Disease Predicting Occurence of Diabetes

A Novel Approach To Inhibit Cancer Cell Invasion Disrupting the Trafficking of a WNT5A Receptor

A Toxic Topic - Cleaner vs Greener

Ability to Detect Overactive HER2 Receptors Utilising Antibodies and Enzymes

Abstract Visual Properties and Their Linkage to Sound in the Human Brain

Acid Rain's Impact on Radishes

Acne Outburst

Adidas, Nike, or Mitre

Aerowheels for the Junior

Algae Distribution in the Bay of Bengal

Almost in Hot Water

Amazing Leaves - A Study of Leaf's Vascular System and Da Vinci's Rule

An Auditory EGGsperiment

An Improved Variable Coefficient Error Diffusion Algorithm

An Investigation into the Viral Resistant Properties of Tetrahymena

An Investigation of the Role of Cemethylase LSD-2 in Breas Cancer

Ancient or Modern Mummification

Angles of Wings

Are Childproof Containers Really Childproof

Are Commercial Washes, Homemade Solutions, or Tap Water Most Effective at Removing Bacteria from Fruits and Vegetables

Are Natural Cleaners as Effective at Killing Bacteria as Artificial Cleaners

Are You Playing a Sport in a Surface or Temperature that Won't Help Your Ball Bounce

Are you sure this is sanitary - It looks questionable

Are you sure you want to eat that

Are Your Eyes Playing Tricks On You

Are Your Pajamas Safe

Art's Affect

Automotive Aerodynamics

Baby, It's Gas

Bad Air Got Your Lungs

Bakin' Bacon

Baking Soda & Vinegar Rocket

Ball Bounce Height vs Drop Height, Ball Inflation, and Ball Material

Baseball Hit Charts - Luck vs. Physics

Basketball Energy

Be Idle Free - The Effects of Idling Near William Penn Elementary

Beet the Ice

Better than Fertilizer

Biodiversity in Wetlands and its Effect on The Level of Nitrates in Water

Bird Brained - Sensory enrichment and bird intelligence

Black is the New Green Biochar

Blame it on the Game

Bounce or Pounce

Bouncin' Basketball

Breaking Bridges - Or the Strength of Different Bridge Designs

BRISTLEBOT - Follow the Light - The Engineering Design Process

Browning of Apples

Bubbly Growth

building a steel bicycle frame

Building Isolators

Building on Blockly III, Public Deploy, Website Development, Software Refinement, and Product Release

Building PWDRD

Burn Clean and Go Green

Camera Obscura - Focal Plane Distane for Lenses with Different Diopters

Can Clutter Make You Smarter

Can Elodea save us from oil spills

Can Water Take the Shape of a Sound Wave

Can You Charge a Cell Phone With No Electricity

Can You Heat Your Home Using Stuff From Your Trash Can

Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Cancer Therapy Using Mitochondrially Targeted p53

Candy Craze - A Social Experiment in Following the Rules

Change in the Color of Plants

Cheaper Speaker

Check Dams - Check

Chicken Experiment

Chicken Vs. Microwave

Clean Hands

Coding Robots

Colder Than the Freezing Point

Color On Memory

Color Science

Column Crushers

Compost Don't Waste


Conductivity Trends in the Tributaries of the Great Salt Lake

Conservation of Energy

Cool Curds

Cooler Than a Normal Horse

Copper Coil Conundrum

Correlating the Increase in Age & Decrease in Self-Esteem

Crack Length in Cheesecakes

Crash Safety Barriers

Crater Grader

Crosser Catastrophe

Daphnia on Drugs - A Study of OTC Medicines on Diaphnia Heart Rates

Degrading Gaseous Formaldehyde using an AgTi02 Bi-metalic Nanocomposite Reactor under Visible Light

Detecting Sub-Atomic Particles Using A Cloud Chamber

Determining Optimal Structure of Multilayer Perceptron Artificial Neural Networks

Developing Molecular Targeted Therapy for Organ Disease

Development of Self-Management Content for the Exercise-Empowerment Mobile Game Therapy for Pediatric Oncology Patients

Dexteri - Tee Experiment

Direct PCR from EDTA-Treated Whole Blood

Disease Spread Simulation Based on Hierarchical Abstraction and Cellular Automata

Dissolving in the Rain

Do All Liquids Evaporate at the Same Rate

Do Families Share Similar Finger Print Patterns

Do fingerprint patterns affect personality traits in parents and their children

Do lefties have similiar personalities

Do Liquids Evaporate at the Same Rate

Do More Coils Produce More Electricity

Do Screen and Text Color Affect Remembering

Do You Hear What I Hear

Does Brushing a Horse Relax it

Does Calories Burned Daily Affect Sleep

Does COLOR Matter

Does Extreme Sour Flavor Affect your Taste Buds

Does Music Affect Study

Does Noise Pollution Effect Motor Skills

Does Sight Affect Hearing

Does temperature affect how balls bounce

Does the melting point of chocolate change based on how many ingredients it has

Does the Molar Weight of Salt Affect how Conductive it is

Does the number of fan blades affect a wind turbine's electrical output

Does Utah have the Cleanest Snow on Earth

Does UV light kill bacteria better than sterile wipes?

Does Your Phone Radiate

Don't Eat The Green Cheese

Donation and Realization

Double Bubble

Eat More Cricket

Effect of Predation on Pupil Formation

Effect of Repeated Exposure to Antibiotics on Bacterial Resistance

Effect of Temperature on Hatching Brine Shrimp

Effectiveness of Whitening Agents on Sea Biscuits

Effects of caffeine on (A549) Cancer cell line

Effects of store bought drinks on teeth

Effects of Weight Distribution in a Yo-Yo

Eggshell Geodes

Electrolyte Challenge

Electromagnetic Fun


Elevate for Cleaner Snow

EMF Explosion

Energy Use of Different Types of Lights

Enhancing the Sensitivity of a Copper,Cobalt,Arsenic Biosensor

Ensuring Food Security through Nutrient Recovery from Waste Streams

Epilepsy - Seizure The Day

Ethanol or Gas

EV3 Line Follower


Exploring Computer Network Security through Design and Implement of Three New Encryption Algorithms

Fabric Saving Third World Countries

Facilitate a Creative Evolution

Fantastic Phytoremidiation

Fear and Exercise

Field of Germs

Fighting Fertilizers

Fighting the Fertilizers

Fins, are they faster

Fire history and environmental disturbance reconstrucion for Range Creek, Utah

Fire Resistant Balloons

Fishing Line Which Type is Strongest

Flying Footballs

Flying Trains

Focus Pocus - An Experiment Testing the Early and Late Filter Models of Attention

Forces Behind the Mystery of Interleaved Phone Books

Freaky Fingerprints

Frequency of Apnea Hypopnea Index Events as a Marker for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Compliance for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Frozen Skis

Fully Rigged

Fun and Formal Fonts

Game On - Does Mindfull Gaming Lead to Improvements in Cognitive Function

Gaming Tooth

Generating Electricity

Geomagnetism and the Inverse Square Law

Glucose - How Sweet It Is

Glycan-Based Molecular Manipulation and Analysis of Human Neural Stem cell Differentiation and Growth

Go Cars Go

Go Green by Growing Green

Going Up - How Fast Do Balloons Go in Different Temperatures

Goo Be Gone

Goodbye Greenhouse Gases

Got Gas

Got Gas - The Glycemic Index and the Production of Methane Gas

Got Ice

Got Lift

Got Winglets

Green Grass, Less Water

Green pennies or Clean pennies

Green to Green

Growing Grass with Soft Water

Halting Rrapidity of Terra Alteration Due to Metoeorological Processes

Happy Birthday Problem - A study of Permutations

Head vs Ball

Heal My Dog's Paws

Heart Pumping Science

Heat and Color

Heat That Liquid

Heavy Metals

High Potential

Hot and Cold Magnets

Hot Dogs and Sun Screen

Hot Rocks - Shielding the Radiation from Stone countertops

How Altitude Affects the Bounce of a Tennis Ball

How Are Antibodies Used In Blood Typing

How Color Affects your Sub-Conscience

How do different types of water resist electricity

How do rivers change at different angles

How do UVB-radiated human melanocytes react when treated with N-Acetylcysteine

How Does Ago Regulate Jun in Drosophila

How does music affect heart rate

How Does Temperature Affect Crystal Growth

How Does Temperature Affect Pitch

How Does the Air Pressure in a Soccer Ball Effect How Far it Travels When Kicked

How Does the Air Pressure of a Soccer Ball Affect How Far it Travels When Kicked

How does the Mass and Angle of an Impactor Determine the Size of a Crater on Mars, and how do Craters on the Martian Surface Relate to the Age of Various Geological Surfaces

How does the shape of an object affect its fall speed

How GMO's affect drosophila fitness

How hard is your H20

How Rising Acidity Levels In The Ocean Affect Marine Life

How Tall - Standing 'Tall' on the Podium

How To Make Fruit Salad Using Small Caliber Bullets

How to Prepare Your Green Bell Peppers

How Various Materials Affect Parachute Drop Rate

Human Impact on the WAter Qualito of the Provo River

Human-Powered Generator - An Engineering Solution (Phase II)

Hydraulics Under Pressure

Hydrogen Fuel Cell vs Battery



Hypeded-Up Bacteria

I Can't Believe It

I'm Leaven It

Immersion as Affected by Directional Stimuli


Innovative Safer High-Performance Energy - Nature -Derived Solid Polymer Electrolytes for sustainable Next-Generation Lithium Batteries



Into Thin Air

Investigating p16 Control of Mitochondrial Biogenesis in Melanoma

Investigation of Poxvirus Reaction to Cell stress Response - Stochastic and Deterministic Models

Investigation of the causes of the phenotypic behavior seen in sr45-1 transgenic plants through bioinformatics

Is Biodegradable Better

Is Fertilizer Really Helping my Plants

Is It Clean - Or Not

Is It Getting Hot in Here?

Is it Possible to Make a Magnetic Suspension Wheel

Is Sugar Actually Bad For You

Is There a Problem Officer

Is Your Subconscious Really Just Your Backseat Driver

It Only Takes 0.002970344 Seconds To Crack Your Password

It Wasn't Mento Explode!

It's a Bird! It's a Plane - What Shapes Are More Invisible to RADAR

It's Not What It Seems

Jack and The Beanstalk

Jalapeno Heat


Just a Drag

Keep'er Steady!

King of The Hill

Leaf Paper

Learning about Learning

LEGO to 3D Filament

Let the Algae Bloom

Let There be Light

Liar, Liar, Eggs on Fire!

Life and Death of Batteries

Lift It

Lights Out

Linear and Nonlinear Spring Applications to Force Absorption in Automobiles

Liquid Evaporation

Locker Unlocker

Long-term Effects of Prenatal Substance Exposure on Adolescent Internalizing Behavior Problems

Looping the Loop

loss aversion gender differences

Love the Glove

Magnet Madness

Magnet-Powered Generator

Magnetic Force Fields

Magnetism and the flow of water

Making Molecules Move Heat Conduction in Metals

Manufacture of Eco-Microbeads

Marvelous Muffin Manipulations

Matchstick Rockets

Materials That Block Wireless Signals Measured by Raspberry Pi

Measuring Bike Safety by Modeling Protected and Regular Bike Lanes Using Computer Simulations

Measuring Hyperactivity - Reducing isdiagnosis in Psychological Disorders by Quantifying ADHD Symptoms

Measuring the Quality of Learning Programs

Melt Away

Melt That Ice!!

Memory Magic

Mercurial Magnets

Miracle-Gro or Mirarcle No

Modeling Carbon Reservoirs and their Properties

MS of MS with CSF

Multitasking - Mission Impossible

Multitasking vs. Middle Schoolers

Music and Memory

Music for your Memory

Musical Keys - What People Like in Music

Musical Minds


Nanoparticle Ion-Trap Mass Spectrometry, Graphite Nanoparticle Analysis

Nanotechnology in Diabetes - Can Nanotechnology Create More Effective Glucose Test Strips than the Standard Ones

Nasty Nitrogen, Effect of Development on Nitrogen Levels in Rivers

No potassium = Stop

Now you see it, Now you don't

O' Chemistree

Ocean Water Desalination

Octopides - The Effect of Habitat Enrichment on the Giant Pacific Octapus

Off The Chain

Oh Chute

Ohm's Law and Resistance

Oil Spills and their impact on the Marine Environment

One Man's Trash is another Man'

Optimizing Lawn Watering - The Amazing Adaptation of Grass to Dry Climate

Optimizing Velocity from a Magnetic Linear Accelerator

Orange Pulp Paper

Organic batteries

Organized vs. Chaotic

Oxygen - You O-2 Try It

Oxygen Oxygen, Wherefore Arth Thou, Oxygen

Pain Resistance Test

Patient Sleepiness Improves With CPAP Treatment


Perfect Tic Tac Toe Program

Physarum Polycephalum, Can in mimic intelligence while solving a maze

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words, Developing an App to Visually Communicate Patient Health Intake Questions for English Language Learners

Plastic Milk

Playing Hot and Cold with Balloons

Please Call Stella! What gives some people a knack for hearing accents

Plowerful Pusher

Pollution in Plant Growth

Pollution Party

Popcorn - Which Brand Pops Best

Predicting Pandas

Primary Amebic Menenogeocephalitis and Climate Over Time

Probability Program Project

Project CHIP

Project Pirouette - A product designed to help dancers improve their turns

Promoting Postnatal Growth Ameliorates Retinopathy of Prematurity

Propelling Our Future Foward

Purification of Contaminated Water

Pyramid Power!!!

Python Program Reaction Time

Quantitative Measures for Intervertebral Disc Health and Physiology Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Quantitative Study Of Yeast at Different Conditions

Race Car Friction

Radiation, Mutation - A Plant Experiment

Rainbow Light Energy

Rapid Reactions

Re-Engineering a File Cabinet into a BBQ Smoker

Ready, Set, Fire

Really Long Arm

Rebound Height

Red Worm Composting

Resistance is Futile

Resistance to Death

Resisting Destruction

Rethink Your Drink

Robot-Assisted Life FIndEr (R.A.L.F.I.E.)

Robots and Sensors

Robots With Strut

Rock On!

Rocket Away

Rocking the Boat

Rocks Suck...Water

Roofie, A Novel Method for Automatic Installation of Roof Shingles

Running Focus

Rust Inhibitors

Samuel's Salt Water Solution

Science of the Deflate Gate

Scientific Symphony

Scurvy Science


Selection of Kanamycin-Resistant Genotypes in E. coli

Self Closing Gate

Separating, Breaking, or Leaking

Shake and Break

Shake Rattle but NOT Roll

Shake the Brace with Mass

Shapes, Sounds and The Bouba Kiki Effect

Sharp Shooter

Shotgun Fungus

Show Me The Money

Show Me Those Pearly Yellows

Sight Through Sound

Silent Killer

Silver Nanoparticles, Bacteria's Menace or a Whole Lot of Hype

Simple Motor

Singing String Science

Sit Up Straight

Ski Wings

Slingshot on Ice

Smart Mints

Smell vs Taste

Smog Eating Roads

Snow Pack Attack

Snow Pollution in the City and Country

Soar High Like Birds Fly

Soaring to Win

Soda or Powder

Solar Cells Put to the Temp

Solar Ovens

Solar Power

Solar vs Gas

Solarbot: The Most Efficient Two-Axis Tracker Solar Panel


Spinning Energy

Stall Prevention and Recovery

Sticky or Not

Stretching Rubber Bands

Sucking It Up

Sugar Crystals

Sugar on Top

Super Powers of a Superconductor - The Future of Frictionless Motion

Superluminal Data Transfer Via Photons through Semi-Stabilized Einstein-Rosen Bridges

Supplement This

Surface Tension of Water

Survival in The Great Salt Lake

Surviving Tsunamis

Suspension Bridge vs. Beam Bridge

Sweet as Sugar

Synthesis of a Lysosomally Degradable Comonomer

Target Delineation

That's The Way The Ball Bounces

The 'Brightest' LED light Bulb in Salt Lake City

The 'Eyes' have it!

The Alarm Clock Touch

The Bounce of a Raquetball

The Effect Evergreens Have on Winter Air Pollution

The effect of a Vegetarian lifestyle on Cortisol

The Effect of Cutting Roots on Adjacent Plants

The Effect of Delay Time on Germination Rate

The Effect of Functional Gradation on Flexural Strength of Simulated Bone

The Effect of Microwave Radiation on Seed Growth

The Effect of Molecule Size on Drug Release Kinetics of Molecular Imprinted Hydrogels

The Effect of Movement on Student Performance

The Effect of Reminding Students to Check their Answers on Student Performance

The Effect of Video Games on the Body

The effect temperature has on drying glue

The Effects of Articulation on Aerodynamic Properties

The Effects of Exercise and Age on Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

The Effects of Fluoride on Dead Bone Tissue

The Effects of Lowered pH on Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates

The effects of PM2.5 on the development of Danio rerio

The Effects of Seizures on Learning and Memory in C57 BL6 Mice

The Effects of Stress on Short Term Memory

The Effects of Sugar Drinks On Our Human Body When Taking a Blood Glucose Test

The Effects of TiO2 on Volatile Organic Compound Reduction

The Efficiency of Methane Capture via Anaerobic Digestion of food Waste in Residences

The Fast And The Furious

The Fun Area of Math

The Future of Fire Retardants

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

The Impact of Backpack Srap Length On Shoulders

The implementation of deep learning to diagnose patients with Alzheimer's disease.

The Massive Mysery - Can the mass of Saturn be determined by tracking the orbits and radiuses of its moons

The Perfect Cookie Bake Off!!

The Power In People

The Power of a Bike Generator

The Power of Food

The Power of High Fives

The Power of Mindfulness

The Power of Music

The Relationship Between Thermal & Electrical Conductivity

The relationship of Exercise and Heart Rate

The SAAAp, Surrounding Aware and Alerting App

The Science of Memes

The Sense of Smell and Your Memory

The Shocking Truth of Batteries

The Strength of Shapes

The Stroop Effect - Male vs Female

The Unbreakable Arch

The use of whipped eggs in a souffle

The Wise Man Build His House Far from the River

There's No Accounting for Taste

Think Before You Drink

Third World Water

Through the Filter

To Drink or Not To Drink

To React or Not to React

To Spike or Not to Spike, The Effects of Fructose, Glucose & Sucrose on Blood Sugar

Toilet Flood Warning

Tornado Alley

Traffic Efficiency Study of Car Spacing at A Red Light

Trick Test ABCD

Tropospheric Ozone Electrochemical Cell

Tubular Turbines

Turn Signal Jacket

Two Magnets, Together or Seperated, Which has a stronger magnetic field

TypeIt Tutor - Part III Engineering a real way for people in third world countries to learn how to type.

Under Pressure

Under Pressure - Lateral Compression of the Earth

Using Machine Learning and Image Segmentation to Analyze Retinal Blood Vessel Densities

Using Myoglobin to Study the Nitrogenase Cofactor

Using Stable Carbon Isotopes in Tree Rings to Create a History of Fossil Fuels in Salt Lake's Atmosphere

Using Stable Isotope Spectrometry to Trace Nitrogen Pollution in the Jordan River

Using the Glycemic Index to Predict Blood Glucose Levels

Vegetable Garden

Video Game Effects

Video Games and Memory

Vision Quest

Waste Embraced Addressing the Issue of Fossil Fuels Depletion through the Optimization of Biogas Production using an Eco Genomics Framework

Water Does NOT Conduct Electricity

Water Filtration By Lilly DeFeudis

Water Wonders

WaterSmart, ClearWater Revival A Novel Method for Separating Clear Residential Waste Water from Gray and Waste Water

Ways of Waxes

We'll Break That Bridge When We Get There

Wearable Safety

What Area of Our School is The Dirtiest

What Conditions are Best for Fossilization Soil VS. Soil

What Cools the Hot Sauce

What is the Most Effective Method of Removing Bacteria from Teeth

What Kills Bacteria Better

What Kitchen Item Will Put Out an Oil Fire the Best

What Liquids Stain Teeth the Most

What Makes Ice Melt Fastest

What Metal Conducts Electricity The Best

What Protects Best

What works better - Reward or Consequence

What's Your Number

What's Your Specific Gravity

Wheely Fast Wheels

Where Oh Where Did My WiFi Go

Where's My Wi-Fi

Which Backpack Is Better

Which Battery Lasts the Longest

Which Brand Pops Best

Which Bubble Wrap Protects The Best

Which Grade is The Grossest

Which Lacrosse Goalie Pad Reduces The Most Force to the Sternum

Which nutrient out of NPK helps Arabidosis survive the best through droughts

Which stain remover works best?

Which stain remover works best?

Which Starch Will Make The Best Slime

Which Stitch is the Strongest

Which Type of Upcycled Insulator Works Best

Who Soiled My Soil

Wi-Fi Blockers

Wicked Roots - Roots Defying Gravity

Will You Have Cavities In the Future

Wind Turbines

Windmills Pumping Water

Wonderful Bridges

Wood it Burn

Worms and Plants

Yay or Neigh...

Yeast Fermentation

Yoga Ball Infusion

You Kneed This Brace

You Should Care About What You Wear

You're Hot and You're Cold

Your Taste Threshold

Your Taste Threshold - 1

Zap goes the static