2016 Project Photos (Elementary)

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A Hard Boiled 'Eggs'-Periment

A Midwinter Blueberry Dream

A Toxic Topic - Cleaner vs Greener

Adidas, Nike, or Mitre

Almost in Hot Water

Ancient or Modern Mummification

Are Childproof Containers Really Childproof

Are You Playing a Sport in a Surface or Temperature that Won't Help Your Ball Bounce

Are you sure this is sanitary - It looks questionable

Are you sure you want to eat that

Are Your Eyes Playing Tricks On You

Are Your Pajamas Safe

Automotive Aerodynamics

Bakin' Bacon

Baking Soda & Vinegar Rocket

Baseball Hit Charts - Luck vs. Physics

Basketball Energy

Be Idle Free - The Effects of Idling Near William Penn Elementary

Beet the Ice

Blame it on the Game

Bounce or Pounce

Bouncin' Basketball

Breaking Bridges - Or the Strength of Different Bridge Designs

BRISTLEBOT - Follow the Light - The Engineering Design Process

Browning of Apples

Building Isolators

Can Elodea save us from oil spills

Can Water Take the Shape of a Sound Wave

Can You Charge a Cell Phone With No Electricity

Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Candy Craze - A Social Experiment in Following the Rules

Change in the Color of Plants

Check Dams - Check

Chicken Experiment

Chicken Vs. Microwave

Coding Robots

Colder Than the Freezing Point

Color On Memory

Color Science

Column Crushers

Conductivity Trends in the Tributaries of the Great Salt Lake

Conservation of Energy

Cool Curds

Cooler Than a Normal Horse

Copper Coil Conundrum

Crack Length in Cheesecakes

Crash Safety Barriers

Crosser Catastrophe

Detecting Sub-Atomic Particles Using A Cloud Chamber

Dexteri - Tee Experiment

Do All Liquids Evaporate at the Same Rate

Do Families Share Similar Finger Print Patterns

Do Liquids Evaporate at the Same Rate

Do More Coils Produce More Electricity

Do You Hear What I Hear

Does Brushing a Horse Relax it

Does Calories Burned Daily Affect Sleep

Does COLOR Matter

Does Sight Affect Hearing

Does temperature affect how balls bounce

Does the melting point of chocolate change based on how many ingredients it has

Does the Molar Weight of Salt Affect how Conductive it is

Does Utah have the Cleanest Snow on Earth

Does UV light kill bacteria better than sterile wipes?

Don't Eat The Green Cheese

Double Bubble

Effect of Repeated Exposure to Antibiotics on Bacterial Resistance

Effect of Temperature on Hatching Brine Shrimp

Effectiveness of Whitening Agents on Sea Biscuits

Effects of store bought drinks on teeth

Effects of Weight Distribution in a Yo-Yo

Eggshell Geodes

Electrolyte Challenge


Elevate for Cleaner Snow

Energy Use of Different Types of Lights

EV3 Line Follower


Fighting Fertilizers

Fire Resistant Balloons

Fishing Line Which Type is Strongest

Flying Footballs

Forces Behind the Mystery of Interleaved Phone Books

Freaky Fingerprints

Glucose - How Sweet It Is

Go Cars Go

Go Green by Growing Green

Going Up - How Fast Do Balloons Go in Different Temperatures

Goo Be Gone

Got Gas - The Glycemic Index and the Production of Methane Gas

Got Ice

Got Winglets

Green pennies or Clean pennies

Head vs Ball

Heat That Liquid

High Potential

Hot Dogs and Sun Screen

How Altitude Affects the Bounce of a Tennis Ball

How do rivers change at different angles

How Does Temperature Affect Crystal Growth

How Does Temperature Affect Pitch

How Does the Air Pressure in a Soccer Ball Effect How Far it Travels When Kicked

How Does the Air Pressure of a Soccer Ball Affect How Far it Travels When Kicked

How does the shape of an object affect its fall speed

How hard is your H20

How Tall - Standing 'Tall' on the Podium

How To Make Fruit Salad Using Small Caliber Bullets

How to Prepare Your Green Bell Peppers

How Various Materials Affect Parachute Drop Rate

Human-Powered Generator - An Engineering Solution (Phase II)


I'm Leaven It


Into Thin Air

Is Fertilizer Really Helping my Plants

Is It Clean - Or Not

Is It Getting Hot in Here?

It Only Takes 0.002970344 Seconds To Crack Your Password

It's a Bird! It's a Plane - What Shapes Are More Invisible to RADAR

It's Not What It Seems

Jack and The Beanstalk

Jalapeno Heat

Just a Drag

Leaf Paper

Learning about Learning

LEGO to 3D Filament

Let There be Light

Liar, Liar, Eggs on Fire!

Life and Death of Batteries

Lights Out

Liquid Evaporation

Looping the Loop

Love the Glove

Magnet Madness

Magnet-Powered Generator

Magnetic Force Fields

Magnetism and the flow of water

Manufacture of Eco-Microbeads

Matchstick Rockets

Melt Away

Melt That Ice!!

Memory Magic

Multitasking - Mission Impossible

Music and Memory

Music for your Memory

No potassium = Stop

Now you see it, Now you don't

Ocean Water Desalination

Oil Spills and their impact on the Marine Environment

One Man's Trash is another Man'

Orange Pulp Paper

Oxygen - You O-2 Try It


Playing Hot and Cold with Balloons

Please Call Stella! What gives some people a knack for hearing accents

Popcorn - Which Brand Pops Best

Probability Program Project

Pyramid Power!!!

Race Car Friction

Radiation, Mutation - A Plant Experiment

Rainbow Light Energy

Rapid Reactions

Re-Engineering a File Cabinet into a BBQ Smoker

Ready, Set, Fire

Really Long Arm

Rebound Height

Resisting Destruction

Rethink Your Drink

Robots and Sensors

Rock On!

Rocket Away

Rocking the Boat

Rocks Suck...Water

Running Focus

Samuel's Salt Water Solution

Scientific Symphony

Scurvy Science


Self Closing Gate

Shake and Break

Shake Rattle but NOT Roll

Shapes, Sounds and The Bouba Kiki Effect

Sharp Shooter

Show Me The Money

Show Me Those Pearly Yellows

Sight Through Sound

Silent Killer

Slingshot on Ice

Smart Mints

Smell vs Taste

Snow Pack Attack

Snow Pollution in the City and Country

Soar High Like Birds Fly

Soaring to Win

Soda or Powder

Solar Ovens

Solar Power

Solar vs Gas


Spinning Energy

Sticky or Not

Stretching Rubber Bands

Sucking It Up

Sugar Crystals

Surface Tension of Water

Survival in The Great Salt Lake

Surviving Tsunamis

Sweet as Sugar

That's The Way The Ball Bounces

The 'Brightest' LED light Bulb in Salt Lake City

The 'Eyes' have it!

The Bounce of a Raquetball

The Effect of Microwave Radiation on Seed Growth

The Effect of Video Games on the Body

The effect temperature has on drying glue

The Effects of Exercise and Age on Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

The Effects of Stress on Short Term Memory

The Fast And The Furious

The Fun Area of Math

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

The Perfect Cookie Bake Off!!

The Power of a Bike Generator

The Power of Food

The Power of High Fives

The relationship of Exercise and Heart Rate

The Sense of Smell and Your Memory

The Unbreakable Arch

There's No Accounting for Taste

Think Before You Drink

Through the Filter

To Drink or Not To Drink

To React or Not to React

Toilet Flood Warning

Tornado Alley

Turn Signal Jacket

Two Magnets, Together or Seperated, Which has a stronger magnetic field

Under Pressure

Using the Glycemic Index to Predict Blood Glucose Levels

Video Game Effects

Video Games and Memory

Vision Quest

Water Does NOT Conduct Electricity

Water Filtration By Lilly DeFeudis

Water Wonders

Ways of Waxes

We'll Break That Bridge When We Get There

What Area of Our School is The Dirtiest

What Conditions are Best for Fossilization Soil VS. Soil

What Cools the Hot Sauce

What is the Most Effective Method of Removing Bacteria from Teeth

What Kitchen Item Will Put Out an Oil Fire the Best

What Liquids Stain Teeth the Most

What Makes Ice Melt Fastest

What Metal Conducts Electricity The Best

What Protects Best

What works better - Reward or Consequence

Wheely Fast Wheels

Where's My Wi-Fi

Which Backpack Is Better

Which Battery Lasts the Longest

Which Brand Pops Best

Which Bubble Wrap Protects The Best

Which Grade is The Grossest

Which stain remover works best?

Which stain remover works best?

Which Starch Will Make The Best Slime

Which Stitch is the Strongest

Which Type of Upcycled Insulator Works Best

Who Soiled My Soil

Wi-Fi Blockers

Will You Have Cavities In the Future

Windmills Pumping Water

Wonderful Bridges

Wood it Burn

Worms and Plants

Yay or Neigh...

Yeast Fermentation

You're Hot and You're Cold

Your Taste Threshold

Your Taste Threshold - 1

Zap goes the static