2017 Project Photos (Elementary)

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3d filament 2.0

3D Filament 2.0

A battery that makes cents

A Battery That Makes Cents

A comparison between traditional aviation design

A Comparison Between Traditional Aviation Design

A jazzy step back in time

A Jazzy Step Back In Time

A light in the fog

A Light In The Fog

A maze solving robot

A Maze Solving Robot

A new spin on dizziness

A New Spin On Dizziness

A race to the freeze

A Race To The Freeze

A sticky situation

A Sticky Situation

Affects of ph on chemical weathering of sandstone

Affects of pH on Chemical Weathering of Sandstone

All jumbled up

All Jumbled Up

And the flavor is

And The Flavor Is

Antigravity scale

Antigravity Scale

Are leopards gecko food critics too

Are Leopards Gecko Food Critics Too

Are you a super taster

Are You A Super-Taster

Bacteria meet your match

Bacteria Meet Your Match

Balloon wars

Balloon Wars

Band aid business

Band-Aid Business

Baseball curve

Baseball Curve

Basic water filter or brita

Basic Water Filter or Brita

Bath bombs

Bath Bombs

Battery power

Battery Power

Blooming algae

Blooming Algae

Boiling point

Boiling Point

Botanical affirmations

Botanical Affirmations

Bottled up buoyancy

Bottled Up Buoyancy



Bread molding

Bread Molding

Broken beaks

Broken Beaks

Bubbles everywhere

Bubbles Everywhere

Burn baby burn

Burn Baby Burn

Burning calories

Burning Calories

Cabbage chemistry

Cabbage Chemistry

Can gaming improve test scores

Can Gaming Improve Test Scores

Can ice sink

Can Ice Sink

Can it fly

Can It Fly

Can solids flow like liquids

Can Solids Flow Like Liquids

Can you score under pressure

Can You Score Under Pressure

Can you see the dna of an onion without a microscope

Can You See The DNA Of An Onion Without A Microscope

Candy chromatography

Candy Chromatography

Candy waterfall

Candy Waterfall

Carbon fiber is strong light and anisotropic

Carbon Fiber Is Strong Light and Anisotropic

Cardboard connections what would iron man use

Cardboard Connections What Would Iron Man Use

Changing colors of flowers

Changing Colors Of Flowers

Choices in generosity

Choices In Generosity

Choose murray water not bottled

Choose Murray Water Not Bottled

Cinch sacks how long will they last

Cinch Sacks How Long Will They Last

Colors of nature

Colors Of Nature

Contactless counter

Contactless Counter

Cooking for chemists

Cooking for Chemists

Designing a self driving car

Designing A Self-Driving Car

Dissolving bath bombs

Dissolving Bath Bombs

Do all brands of paper towels pick up

Do All Brands of Paper Towels Pick Up

Do birds prefer a certain colored food like people do

Do Birds Prefer A Certain Colored Food Like People Do

Do people blink more when they lie

Do People Blink More When They Lie

Do the chemicals that affect the color of fire

Do The Chemicals That Affect The Color Of Fire

Does changing the amount of salt in salt water

Does Changing the Amount of Salt in Salt Water

Does color affect taste

Does Color Affect Taste

Does darker colored water absorb more light

Does Darker-Colored Water Absorb More Light

Does heat affect how strong a magnet is

Does Heat Affect How Strong A Magnet Is

Does mint cool down water

Does Mint Cool Down Water

Does packaging effect taste

Does Packaging Effect Taste

Does temperature affect a chemical reaction

Does Temperature Affect A Chemical Reaction

Does temperature affect the behavior of non newtoian fluids

Does Temperature Affect The Behavior Of Non-Newtoian Fluids

Does temperature affect the bounciness of a bouncy ball

Does Temperature Affect The Bounciness Of A Bouncy Ball

Does the brand design of a paper towel affect

Does The Brand:Design Of A Paper Towel Affect

Does the percent of cacao in a chocolate bar

Does The Percent of Cacao In A Chocolate Bar

Does the weight distribution on a trailer matter

Does The Weight Distribution On A Trailer Matter

Dont destroy it keep it

Don't Destroy It Keep It

Dont sweat it

Don't Sweat It

Drinkable water

Drinkable Water

Droning on and on

Droning On And On

Effects of frozen water on rocks

Effects Of Frozen Water On Rocks

Egg   go seek

Egg & Go Seek

Egg adhesive

Egg Adhesive

Egg osmosis

Egg Osmosis



Electrolysis of water

Electrolysis Of Water



Erosion of sandstone in solutions of different acidity

Erosion of Sandstone in Solutions of Different Acidity

Every move counts

Every Move Counts

Experi mint


Experiments on light refraction

Experiments On Light Refraction

Fast or friction

Fast or Friction

Fastest freezing

Fastest Freezing

Fight or flight in a virtual world

Fight Or Flight In A Virtual World

Find the drip to save the drop

Find The Drip to Save The Drop

Firefighting intelligent robotic equipment

Firefighting Intelligent Robotic Equipment

Floride good for teeth and skis

Floride Good For Teeth And Skis

Friction is accident

Friction is Accident

Garage door open or closed

Garage Door Open or Closed

Geo thermal the heating and cooling of the future

Geo Thermal The Heating and Cooling Of The Future

Geytricity electricity from geysers

Geytricity Electricity From Geysers

Gluten free baking

Gluten Free Baking

Go bananas for science

Go Bananas for Science

Going bananas over oil spills

Going Bananas Over Oil Spills

Going green

Going Green

Golf balls

Golf Balls

Graffiti removal

Graffiti Removal

Grease in my chips

Grease In My Chips

Groan work


Gum glaore

Gum Glaore

Gummy bear osmosis

Gummy Bear Osmosis

Hallo halogens goodbye bacteria

Hallo Halogens Goodbye Bacteria

Hardy hawk

Hardy Hawk

Heart rate

Heart Rate

Heat absorbption

Heat Absorbption

Heating up and cooling down

Heating Up and Cooling Down

Homemade silters

Homemade Silters

Horrible homophones

Horrible Homophones

Hovering high

Hovering High

How do exterior sunshades affect the interior

How Do Exterior Sunshades Affect The Interior

How do sugary drinks affect your teeth differently

How Do Sugary Drinks Affect Your Teeth Differently

How does an electro magnetic train work

How Does An Electro-Magnetic Train Work

How does bridge design impact load capacity

How Does Bridge Design Impact Load Capacity

How does social media affect us

How Does Social Media Affect Us

How does temperature effect the stretch of rubber bands

How Does Temperature Effect The Stretch Of Rubber Bands

How does temperature inversion affect air pollution

How Does Temperature Inversion Affect Air Pollution

How does the size of a diamagnetic substance effect how high it levitates

How Does The Size Of A Diamagnetic Substance Effect How High It levitates

How good is your memory

How Good Is Your Memory

How light and colors of light affect plants

How Light and Colors Of Light Affect Plants

How long does vitamin c last in fresh fruit and juices

How Long Does Vitamin C Last In Fresh Fruit and Juices

How materials affect wireless communication

How Materials Affect Wireless Communication

How much did you really read

How Much Did You Really Read

How much f  is in your h20

How Much F- Is In Your H20

How much sugar is in your drink

How Much Sugar Is In Your Drink

How old is the universe

How Old Is The Universe

Hydro electric power source

Hydro Electric Power Source

Hydroponic vs soil

Hydroponic Vs Soil



Hyperloop movement through a vacuum

Hyperloop Movement Through A Vacuum

Ice be gone

Ice Be Gone

Ice will it melt

Ice Will It Melt

Immune to dizziness

Immune To Dizziness

In what types of soils do bean sprouts grow best

In What Types Of Soils Do Bean Sprouts Grow Best

Insect experiment

Insect Experiment

Insulation vs insulation

Insulation vs Insulation

Is 40 years too long

Is 40 years too long

Is a denser fruit healthier

Is A Denser Fruit Healthier

Is the enviroment youre in affect the levels of pollution

Is the Enviroment Youre In Affect The Levels Of Pollution

Is this water sanitary

Is This Water Sanitary

Its called sound dampening sweetheart

It's Called Sound Dampening Sweetheart

Its hot out here

It's Hot Out Here

Just a spoonful of sugar

Just A Spoonful Of Sugar

Keep a cat entertained with robotics

Keep A Cat Entertained With Robotics

Laundry pods

Laundry Pods

Leptospermum honey and e. coli

Leptospermum Honey and E. Coli

Lets talk lures

Lets Talk Lures

Light in a 2 liter bottle

Light In A 2 Liter Bottle

Light refraction in sugar solutions

Light Refraction In Sugar Solutions

Magis wave

Magis Wave

Magnetic plant growth

Magnetic Plant Growth

Magnets hot vs cold

Magnets Hot vs Cold

Making cents of the taco sauce penny cleaner

Making Cents Of The Taco Sauce Penny Cleaner

Marble mania

Marble Mania

Medical remote control

Medical Remote Control

Melting ice

Melting Ice

Melting styrofoam

Melting Styrofoam

Milk to plastic

Milk To Plastic

Mixing of lights and colors

Mixing of Lights And Colors

Mold growth

Mold Growth

Mousetrap powered car

Mousetrap Powered Car

Mummifying hot dogs

Mummifying Hot Dogs

Naked eggs

Naked Eggs

Non newtonian fluid   controlling viscosity using electricity

Non-Newtonian Fluid - Controlling Viscosity using Electricity

Not so yummy fruit

Not So Yummy Fruit

Now you see it now you dont

Now You See It Now You Don't

Oil clean up

Oil Clean-UP

Oil eating microbes cleaning the sea naturally

Oil Eating Microbes Cleaning The Sea Naturally

Oil spill cleanup

Oil Spill Cleanup

Oil spoil

Oil Spoil

On rock on different hills

On Rock On Different Hills

Organic vs graphite options for plasma cutters

Organic Vs Graphite Options For Plasma Cutters

Paper airplane flight

Paper Airplane Flight

Pinewood derby

Pinewood Derby

Pnf stretching

PNF Stretching

Polluted plants

Polluted Plants

Pop pop fizz fizz

Pop Pop Fizz Fizz

Potato electricity

Potato Electricity

Power and pressure

Power and Pressure

Power to energy

Power To Energy

Powerful fruit

Powerful Fruit

Predicting marble paths

Predicting Marble Paths

Put gum to the test

Put Gum To The Test

Quickest dissolving painkiller

Quickest Dissolving Painkiller

Race for the finish line

Race For The Finish Line

Recycling changing the paradigm

Recycling Changing the Paradigm

Reflux redux

Reflux Redux

Remember this

Remember This

Rethink your drink

Rethink Your Drink

Rigged potato chip taste test

Rigged Potato Chip Taste Test

Rough air

Rough Air

Run run robot

Run Run Robot

Safe arrival what packing material protects the best

Safe Arrival What Packing Material Protects The Best

Salty cysts

Salty Cysts

Savvy salt

Savvy Salt

Seeing vs. hearing

Seeing Vs. Hearing

Shake and wake

Shake and Wake

Simulating the immune system

Simulating the Immune System

Slow down children at play

Slow Down Children At Play

Snack attack

Snack Attack

Solar power

Solar Power

Solar trees

Solar Trees

Solid brake rotors vs drilled and slotted

Solid Brake Rotors vs Drilled and Slotted

Solving dresser tip overs

Solving Dresser Tip-Overs

Solving the water crisis

Solving The Water Crisis



Sound with reeds does the humidity effect

Sound with Reeds Does the Humidity Effect

Spf 15 or 30

SPF 15 or 30

Splash goes the h20

Splash Goes The H20

Statements are they more powerful than you think

Statements Are They More Powerful Than You Think

Stealthy shapes

Stealthy Shapes

Sticky fingers

Sticky Fingers



Sun sun sun here it comes

Sun Sun Sun Here It Comes

Super stain solutions

Super Stain Solutions

Sweet and salty flowers

Sweet and Salty Flowers

Sweet as sugar

Sweet as Sugar

Sweet as sugar table 84

Sweet As Sugar Table 84

Swimming caps

Swimming Caps

Temperature and magnet strength

Temperature and Magnet Strength

Temperature on acid base reaction

Temperature on Acid Base Reaction

Testing newtons laws of motion

Testing Newtons Laws Of Motion

The big bone theory

The Big Bone Theory

The bigger the better

The Bigger The Better

The effect of different memorization techniques

The Effect of Different Memorization Techniques

The effect of the concentration of nacl and mgcl2

The Effect Of The Concentration Of NaCl and MgCl2

The effects of light

The Effects Of Light

The grab and drop apricot picker

The Grab and Drop Apricot Picker

The impact of temperature on solar

The Impact of Temperature on Solar

The memory game young vs old

The Memory Game Young vs Old

The mobile impact why people should park their cars

The Mobile Impact Why People Should Park Their Cars

The perfect pass

The Perfect Pass

The power of baking powder

The Power Of Baking Powder

The sun predictably unpredictable

The Sun Predictably Unpredictable

Theres muffin like science

Theres Muffin Like Science

To eat or not to eat

To Eat Or Not To Eat

To freeze or not not freeze

To Freeze Or Not Not Freeze

Tornadoes master of damage

Tornadoes Master Of Damage

Touching memories

Touching Memories

Tribo electricity


Trick or healthy treat

Trick Or Healthy Treat

Up in flames

Up In Flames

Vacation time is one

Vacation Time Is One

Viscosity and velocity

Viscosity And Velocity

Visual sounds

Visual Sounds

Water bottle rockets

Water Bottle Rockets

Water density experiment

Water Density Experiment

Water evaporation

Water Evaporation

Water tension to the max

Water Tension To The Max

Weight and speed on a waterslide

Weight And Speed On A Waterslide

What do the eyes prefer

What Do The Eyes Prefer

What is the effect of plaque build up on the blood

What Is The Effect Of Plaque Build-Up On The Blood

What is utahs best water

What is Utahs Best Water

What makes a bean stonger

What Makes A Bean Stonger

What materials can block a wi fi signal

What Materials Can Block A Wi-Fi Signal

What stains teeth the most

What Stains Teeth The Most

What type of wood burns the slowest

What Type of Wood Burns The Slowest

Whats growing on when gases meet plants

Whats Growing On When Gases Meet Plants

Whats in our air

Whats In Our Air

Whats in your snow

Whats In Your Snow

Whats poppin

Whats Poppin

When is a baseball not round

When Is A Baseball Not Round

Where do i get my freckles

Where do I get my freckles

Wheres my wi fi

Wheres My Wi-Fi

Which brand of gum produces the largest bubbles

Which Brand of Gum Produces the Largest Bubbles

Which form of insulation is the most effective

Which Form Of Insulation Is The Most Effective

Which is faster

Which Is Faster

Which liquid blows the most bubbles

Which Liquid Blows The Most Bubbles

Which liquid will dissolve candy the fastest

Which Liquid Will Dissolve Candy The Fastest

Which material will resist water erosion

Which Material Will Resist Water Erosion

Which mouthwash kills more bacteria

Which Mouthwash Kills More Bacteria

Which suspension platform bridge holds more weight

Which Suspension Platform Bridge Holds More Weight

White gloves in black light

White Gloves In Black Light

Who is the dirty birdie

Who Is The Dirty Birdie

Who is the real boss

Who is the real boss

Who needs sunlight

Who Needs Sunlight

Why do rocks dissolve in acetic acid and other acidic waters

Why Do Rocks Dissolve In Acetic Acid and Other Acidic Waters

Wi fi


Wind turbine blade sizes vs

Wind Turbine Blade Sizes vs

Windmills a cleaner solution

Windmills A Cleaner Solution

Wonder leash

Wonder Leash

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