2017 Project Photos (Secondary)

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A Device To Eliminate Catching An Edge For Snowboarders

A Holocene Record Of Deposition From An Oxbow Lake Near Rio Mesa Utah

A Method For Large Specimen High-Resolution Laser Scanning

A Penny For Your Crops

A Quantitative Comparison Of Water Consumption and Benation Between Normal and Damaged Leaves

A Robotic Approach To De-Escalating Police:Civilian Interactions During Traffic Stops

A Rose By Any Other Name

Accuracy Of Eyewitness Testimony

Air Quality And its Effect On Aquatic

An Anti-Inflammatory Drug With Anti-Cancer Properties

An Eggsperiment

An Experimental Study Of Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange

Analysis Of Retinal Fundus Images To Detect Macular Degeneration


ARF6 Inhibition Is Protective Against Acute Lung Injury

Auditory EGGsperiment Culmination

Automatic Dog Feeding Machine

Beat That

Bee-Safe Plants

Big Or Small Who Wins It All

Biodegradable Plastic VS Plastic

Biodiesel VS Diesel

Bird Brained

Blood Pressure And Heart Rate Response To Temperature

Building A Tachometer For A Robotic Flywheel

By Testing With A Homemade Calorimeter Can I Determine

Can CO2 Be Scrubbed From The Atmosphere

Can Laughter Improve Your Health

Can You Hear Me Now

Cannabidiol Is An Effective Anti-Seizure Drug

Cannabidiol Is Effective Against Pharmacoresistant Seizures

Carbon Dioxide Levels From Different Aged Cars

Carbonated Water VS Regular Water

Card Crash

Catalytic Converters

Catching Stardust

Cell Phone Radio Waves and Neural Stem Cell Differentation

Cellular And Genetic Mechanisms Directing Biological Rhythms

Changes In The Protein Expression Of The NLRP3 Inflammatory Marker

Chemistry On Single Carbon Nanoparticles

Clean Solar Energy


Co-Culture Of Endophytic Fungi To Induce Production Of Novel Antimycotics

Coding The Incredible Machine

Comparing Bridge Structures

Comparing Wild and Captive Golden Eagles

Compassion Fade and The Limitations Of Student Subjects

Composting For The Future

Cookie And Patience

Corroding Aluminum

Corrosive Liquids

Determining Fuel Conservation With Interstate Interchanges Modifications

Directing Neural Stem Cell Differentiation through Engineering the Extracellular Matrix

Disconnection From The Stem

Does Bagged Frozen or Fresh Spinach

Does Color Affect Memory

Does Freezing A Hockey Puck

Does Hand Dominance Affect How You See Optical Illusions

Does It Seem Cold To You

Does Room Temperature Affect Your ZZZ

Does Shape Matter

Does The Methylxanthine Alkaloid Increase

Does The Presence Of One Or More Comorbidity In The Intervention

Dogs And the Visual Cliff

Don't Slow The Flow

Double-Edged Sword on Embryos

Effect Of Barometric Pressure On Rate Of Births

Effect Of Mountain Biking On Biodiversity

Effect On Garlic Growth With Various Temperatures

Effectiveness Of Whitening Agents

Effects Of Color Of Light On Lactuca Satvia Morphology And Metabolism

Effects Of Diet-Induced Binge Eating History

Effects Of Rising Salinity On Brine Shrimp

Effects Of Temperature On Solar Panels

Electrohydrodynamic Thrusters



Emotional Super Bowl

Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions


Evaluating Salt Lake County Watershed

Every Apple Has A Voice

Exploiting The Metabollic Potential Of Great Salt Lake

Exploring Sustainable Materials Made From Waste Products And Their Applications

Exploring The Differences Between hTRPM8 and m:rTRPM8

Exploring The Economic Efficiency Of Solar Power

Fact Or Fiction Fruit Fire

Factors That Affect The Production Of Hydrogen

Flying Fingers

From Trash To Gas Biomass Energy

Get A Grip

Global Warming And The Effect Of Increased Water

Going Green As You Clean

Going The Distance

Got iNet

H2 Whoa

Haste To Remove Waste

Heat Sinks

Heat VS Static Stretching

Holding Carbon Dioxide Captive

Hot On The Market

How Do Different Solvents Affect Orbeez

How Do Personal Electronic Devices Affect Sleep Patterns

How Does A Tolerance To Caffeine Affect A Persons Heart Rate

How Does Lung Capacity Affect A Cyclists Endurance

How Does Talking And Texting Affect Driving Reaction Time

How Does Temperature Affect A Basketballs Bounce

How Does Temperature Affect Stringed Instruments

How Does The Air Pollution In Salt Lake City

How Does The Hardness Of A Golf Ball Affect

How Magnet Strength Varies With Temperature

How Piezoelectric Crystals Can Produce Electric Energy In Everyday Life

How Sound Waves Travel Through Different

How To Detect And Neutralize Carbon Monoxide

How To Make A Penny Battery

Human-Powered Generator

Hydroponics Gardening Without Soil

Hydroponics VS Auquponics

Ideal Tire Pressure For The Junior Rider

Identification Of Asteroid Collisional Families And Orbital Groups

Impact Of Radiation And Genotype On Zebrafish Embryo Development

Improving Reading Speed And Accuracy With Auditory Noises

In DaHood

Insomnia No More

Is It Faster To Train A Dog Using Praise Or Food

Is It Made Of Steel

Is Polystyrene Biodegradable By The Bacteria

Is The Dyson Air Blade Sanitary

Is There A Preferred Feature Of An Enclosure For Captive Sandhill Cranes

Is There A Relationship Between Air Pollution

It's A Match Morphology VS DNA

It's All In The Mind

It's Killer

Ive Got You Covered

Laser Limbo Machine

Liar Liar Map On Fire

Magnets Affected By Heat

May The Course Be With You

Measuring Energy Levels Of Nucleotides Binding To DNA

Measuring The Sensitivity Of A Magnetostrictive Level


Methods For Optimal Elimination Of White Flies

Microbial Fuel Cell Waste Power

Microbial Fuel Cells VS Nuclear Energy

Minimizing The Spread Of Invasive Species With Improved Watercraft

Modeling Traffic Flow Using Advanced Mathematics

MS of MS

Multiple Sclerosis Patients Feeling Frozen

Music As An Adjunct Therapy For Mental Disorders

My Magic Steps

No Pressure

Nonresident Father Involvement and Child Wellbeing

Not On My Noggin

Off The Rails With Superconductors

One Mans Trash Is Another Mans Fuel

Optimization Of Electrolysis

Optogenetic Recording Of Cultured TRPV1-Cre:GCaMP6

p16INK4A Mutations in Individuals with Multiple Melanomas

Passive Solar

Perception Of Knowledge

Permanent Marker Strength

Perpetual Motion Machines

Personal Air Quality Alerts

Physarum Polycephalum Can It Recreate A Pipeline Map

Physics in figure Skating

Picky Parasites

Plants VS Medicine

Plastic Biodegration By Mealworms And Waxworms

Plastic Is The New Rebar

PM2.5 VS SpO2

Poisonous Produce

Pollution Solution

Pollution Trap

Positive Placebo Effect

Power Protecting Pouches

Predicting Animal Population Growth With Models

Predicting The Future

Preserving Cucumbers

Production Of ABD-iTEP Through E.coli

PSII In Electrolysis

Puzzle Panels

Race Recognition and Memory

Reading And Eye Movements


Relative Particulates From Automobiles

Resource Recovery From Liquid Waste

Reverse Thrust Rockets

Rip Poke And Tear Household Chemicals

Risk Of White Noise Syndrome In Great Basin Caves


Rust In Peace

Saving Energy With Thermal Cooking

Semiconductor Capacitor And Its Application In Battery Technology

Simple Earthquake Resistance

Simple Power Generating Electricity With Wind

Sit Up Straight

Sky Glow And Stars

Sleep Depravation

Slip Sliding Away

Smart Growth

Soil Loss Prevention

Soil-Rific Plants

Solar Ovens Hot Or Not

Solidifying Motor Oil

Spice It Up

Spining Energy Geared Up

Swarm Robotics

Take My Advice

Tamarisk And Evaporative Cooling

Testing How The Brain Reacts to Somatosensation

Texting While Walking - Disastrous Multitasking

The Behavior In The Ant Camponotus Moduc

The Best Bounce

The Birth Order Effect

The Carbon Sequestrator

The Correlation Between Presence Of Radon Gas In Residences

The Effec Of Phosphates On The Growth Of Halotolerant Algae

The Effect Of Blueberries On Daphnia Heart Rate

The Effect Of Brainteasers On Test Scores

The Effect Of Density On Sound Blocking

The Effect Of Enviroment And Genotype On Tetrahymena Thermophila Dicer Upregulation

The Effect Of Flour In Cookies

The Effect Of Object Weights And Liquids Density

The Effect of Persuasive Messaging

The Effects Of GMOs On Larval Death Rate

The Effects of Vitamin C on Melanoma

The Freeway Effect

The Heat Is On

The Inflate Gate

The Most Efficient Way To Make Biodegradable Plastic

The Power Inside Us

The Problem Of Particulates Produced By Fules Used In Small Engines

The Role Of A Vertebrates Microbiome On Cortisol Levels

The Spread Of Disease

The WaterBug

Thermal Conductivity With Heat Pipes

Thermal Expansion

Thermal Impedance

Tiny Brains

To Talk Or Not To Talk That Is The Question

To Taste Or Not To Taste

Tooth Decay Project

Toxic Algae

Toxic Streets

Tracking The Migration Of Harbor Porpoises

Traffic Is Like sheep

Traffic Management Systems And Idling Time

Trajectory Prediction Of Atlantic Hurricanes With A Multi-Layer Perceptron

True Or SPFalse

Using Compressed Air For Energy Storage

Using Food Waste To Help Improve Soil Moisture

Using Mindfulness To Reduce Stress In Students

Using Simulation To Study The Electoral Effects

Using Stable Nitrogen Isotope Spectrometry To Analyze Elms

Vollyball Serving Accuracy

Wash Or Water

Waste Embraced 2.0

Wave Your Clean Energy Worries Away

What Amount Of Foam Is Created By Dropping Mentos Into Soda

What Are Plants Thirsty For

What is The Correlation Between The Presence of A SNP

What Is The Effect Of Acidity On Exotic Fruit Growth

What Is The Most Effective Pre Race Energizer

What Is The Optimal Cutting Board Surface

What Kind Of Milk Is Best For Your Diet

Wheeling Water

When Do Humans Identify Color In Their Far

Where Does The Snow Go

Wheres That Confounded Bridge

Which Method Of Food Preservation Prevents Bacteria Growth The Best

Which Of Salt Lake Citys 7 Watersheds Has The Cleanest

Which Over The Counter Acne Medication Can Zap That Zit

Which Programming Language Computes Fastest

Which Reducing Agent Will Turn An Iodine And Starch

Which Stain Remover Best Removes Enzymatic

Which Whitening Toothpaste Whitens The Most

White Bear Healthy Snack Experiment

Wi-Fi Blockade Density Does It Best

Will It Grow

Wind Turbines Which Blades Work The Best

Winging It

Wireless Fidelity Signal Attenuation Using Radio-Reflective

Wireless Power Transfer