2018 Project Photos (Elementary)

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A Better Way to Break the Ice

Acceleration of Melting Ice

Aim Click Connect

Air Pollution - A Burning Issue

Are Childproof Containers Really Childproof

Are Fingerprint Patterns Inherited

Are Geckos in thier Right Mind

Are Males More Likely To Be Colorblind Than Females

Are Teachers Telling the Truth

Are Your Eyes Playing Tricks on You

Artificial Snow

Avoiding Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Bad Air is Exhausting

Balloon Power

Bathtub Safety Helmet

Battle Of the Cleaners

Beat the Inversion

Bendable Bones

Best Bag

Boys vs Girls Memory Test

Bring the Boom

Brush Your Teeth

Buckle Guard

Bulbs Get Hot

Bullet My Line Following Robot

Can Plants Clean Water and Stop Erosion

Car Speed and Tire Friction

Cast Stiffness vs Hold Size

Chickens Growth, Does Food Matter

Circuts - The Great Electron Race

Citric Acid Against Tooth Enamel

Clean Plants

Coin Sorter

Color and Taste

Color of Fire

Comfy Student Chair

Cool Anomalies

Creepy Crawlies

Cure or Curse

Data Types vs Speed


Diabetic Emergency

Different Liquids for Cilantro

Digit Disaster

Dissolving Canycanes

Do Coronal Mass Ejections Follow the Sunspot Cycle

Do Different Liquids Effect Photosynthesis

Do Fidget Spinners Really Help You Focus

Do Impurities Hurt the Snowmaking Process

Do Rich Cities Have Better Water

Do You Know What's In Your E-Cigarette

Does An Electric Car Use More Energy

Does Media Impact Girls Self Image

Does Music Affect Blodd Pressure

Does the Type of Flour Affect the Density of a Muffin

Don't Stand in Front on the Microwave

Dream Machine

Driven to Distraction

Easy to Use Chopsticks

Education Loss

Effects of Different Amounts of Lotion on Slime

Efficiency in Learning

Eggstraordinary Cookies

Electrified Sleep

Etching Copper

Expanding - Shrinking and Egg

Fabric and Fire

Factors Impacting a Projectile's Penetration of a Target

Family Fingerprints

Ferrofluid Fun

Ferrofluid to the Rescue

Filter Decay

Find the Right Gear

Flick Flash Film

Floating on Air

Flower Power

Fluidized Air Beds

Focus Pocus

Foil Strength

Fuel Filled Flame


Get Ready for Take Off

Good Bye Energy

Got Dirt

Gravity Falls

Gravity Power

Grizzly Garbage

H2 Woah

Hand Washing 101

Heat Conductivity in Metals

Helmet Drop

Help - We Need Water

High Tech Cheating

Home or Away

Hot Seats

Houston We Have a Problem

How Certain Objects Affect WIFI Speeds

How Do Differently Sized Fins Affect Rocket Flight

How Does Light Intensity Change With Distance

How Does Weight Affect Friction

How Far Will It Go

How Great is the Great Salt Lake

How Tall Do I Sound

Howard:Heidi Junior

Hypersensitive Hearing, Stress and Music

Ice Ice Baby

Insulation Demonstration

Is Harvesting Rain and Snow From Your Roof Worth It

Is It Corrosive

It's Getting Hot In Here

Jr High Space Pack

Leafcutter Ants

LIfe Light

Light it Up

Line Following

Lithium Ion vs Lead Acid Batteries

Lucky Number 7

Magic Melting Chocolate

Magnetic Consistency


Magnets Up Against Brutal and Safe Temperatures

Make More Bling

Man vs The Forces of Nature

Margles on a Roller Coaster

Mass Effect

Micro Hydro Generator

Microwave Radiation

Mindful Mathematics

No Pain, Lots of Game

Oh No, My Jello won't jiggle

Old Dog New Tricks

On Which Surface Does Ice Melt the Fastest

Oobleck - A Non Newtonian Fluid

Operation Accuracy


Package Material Protection

Parabolic Stick Cooker


Pencil Pal

Permanent Remover

Plastic vs Edible

Play Ball

Pollution Solution

Potato Chips, Popcorn, or Some Nuts

Potty Problems

Pressure Affects the Lungs

Pressure and Pollution

Pump It Up

Pupil Perception

Radiant Energy and the Color Spectrum

Recycling Grey Water

Rethink Your Drink

Rhetoric, Studies with Books

Rocket Distance vs Divergence

Roll the Dice

Roller Coasters and Conservation of Energy

Shellsort Gap Sequences

Sleeping Sling

Smart Watering System

Soda Bottle Rockets

Solar Bots vs Battery Bots

Solar Power


Sound or Fire

Speed Is Key

Speedy Smart Bugs

Spice it Up Or Not

Static Electricity in Motion

Stayin Alive

Stop the Slip

Strawberry Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid Extaction

Stressed Out

Strongest Lego Structure

Sun Prints

Sweet Meltdown

Swim Caps - Do They Work

Swimming vs Soccer

Sympathetic Sprouts

Taking Flight

Taste What You See

Temperature Tuning

Temperature vs Mold, Fight

Testifying Sound

Text Bros - Distracted Driving

The Age of Caffeine

The Age of Optimisim

The Art of Lying

The Best Grabber

The Brain in Music

The Browning Battle

The Effect of Heat on Rubber Bands

The Emotions of Advertising

The Future of Prosthetics

The Great Escape

The Great Omelette Tasting

The Honest Truth About Lying

The Race of Rust

The Shike

The Silent Killer

The Soda Test

The Solution to Plastic Pollution

The Tastebud Test

The World Onto Your Feet

Thermal Insulation

This is Your Brain on Music

Tide Pod Scince Challenge

Time to Boil

To Egg Or Not To Egg

Too Hot to Bounce

Tooth Paste and Stains

Truly Juicy

Tsunami Simulation

Turning Discarded Produce Into Organic Fertilizer

Type of Outfield Throw vs Distance Softball Travels

Up Up and Away

Using Learning to Classify Birds

Variables in Programming

Video Games and Education

Want To Shake On It

Water - The Effect of Flow On Turbines

Water Bears in Space

Water Walking

Water-What are- People to do for Change

Watts Up Light Bulb

Weight vs Quadcopter

Weighted Bat Effect

What Brakes Stop a Go-Kart the Fastest

What Effects Do Drugs and Other Substances...

What Floats Your Boat

What Floats Your Boat - Testing for Buoyancy

What Fruit Has More Volts

What Laundry Soap Gets Stains Out of Clothes

What Paper is The Best for Paper Airplanes

What Soap Affects Surface Tension

What Sugary Drinks Destroy Teeth the Most

What's In That Water

Where is My Signal

Which Banana Will Ripen First

Which Bat Hits the Farthest

Which City Has The Most Particles In The Air

Which Colors are Quickly Recongnized

Which Flour Rises to the Occasion

Which Material Grows Plants Fastest

Which One Wood you Choose

Which Playground Surface Breaks the Most Bones

Which Spice is Best for Preserving Food

Which Turss to Trust

Who Can See What Isn't There

Who's That Smell

Wi-Fi Cubed

Will Insulating Heat Make Cooking More Energy Efficient

Wind Attack

Wind Turbines

Wind's Effect on Cars

Wood and Metal Tester

You Don't Have to Cry About It

Zoom Zoom Balloon