2018 Project Photos (Secondary)

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A Comparision of Material Effectiveness in Preventing Ice Formation on Roads

A Measurement of the Onset Time of the Occipital Alpha Rhythm Using a Brain Computer Interface

A Method to Automatically Detect Intravitreal Neovascularization

A Simulation of Infrared Radiation in The Earth's Atmosphere With Added CO2

A Sound-ing Acoustics

A Sunscreen Solution

Acid H2O

Acid Rain and Our Plants

Afraid to Remember

Amount Absorbed By a Sponge vs Viscosity

Amplifying Music Without Speakers

An Examination of Chromosome Labeling Methods

An Imperfect Lever

An Investigation of Host Choice Using the Feather....

Attraction and Repulsion to Babies

Audio Illusions

Automatic Dog-Feeding Machine

Bad Hair Day

Bed of Nails

Biological Warfare

Blood Sugar

Break the Ache

Calculating the Speed of Light in Gelatin

Can A Student's Knowledge of Their Test Scores Affect Improvement

Can Music Calm the Wild Beast

Can Solids Flow Like Liquids

Change the Ratio - Change the Voltage

Changing Chill Time

Cheap Electric Guitar

Clothing vs Society

Coding Calculators

Color Science

Comparing Heat Retention in Greenhouse Models

Compost vs. Sand

Concentration of Salt in Electrolysis

Contactless Counter

Cookie Components

Cooling and CPU Performance

Correlation Between Extracurricular Activities and Cellphone Use

Counting Elliptic Curves Over Qi with Respect to Torsion Subgroups

Creating a Peristaltic Pump

Dancing on a Budget

Dawg In The Haus

Decellularized Bone Marrow Matrix Composite Materials...

Design of Quick Sweat Test for Cystic Fibrosis

Designing, Building and Testing an Automated pH Monitoring System...

Determining Fuel Conservation on Interstate Interchange Modification

Developing a Mathamatical Model for the Reduction....

Developing Siea Overcoming Mutants of P22 Virus

Development of Therapeutic Video Games...

Diabetes - Prick on Someone Your Own Size

Diamagnetism in Salt Water

Dirigible Support Structures

Do Drums or Cymbals Affect Hearing More

Does a High Concentration of Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere...

Does Memory Vary by Age and Gender

Does Pay Affect Play

Does Screen Time Affect Your Sleep

Does Social Media Affect Happiness

Does the Material of a Paper Rocket Influence....

Does the Rating on Fuel Affect...

Don't Start Crying Now

Dos the Iodine in Iodized Salt Oxidize a Significant....

Dowel Destroyers

Duct Tape Dilemma

Earthquake Impact Analysis

Effects of Noise Pollution on Zebrafish Stress Levels

Effects of Oxygen on the Brain

Efficiency is Key

Electromagnetic Force - Strong or Weak

Electromagnetic Induction

Elemental Composition of Particulate Matter

Emergency Water Treatment Using Household Items

Employing E Coli in the Biodegration of PET

Epidermis (Skin) for Robots

Evaluating the Effectivness of Microphones in Speech-to-text Programs

Evaluation of Encryption Algorithms

Examining the Effect of Reactive Oxygen Species....

Exoloring the Transmission and Strategic Intervention of Dengue....

Externality Framing Effects on Cognition

Faraday Generator Experiment

Fast as a Speeding Bullet

Faster, Faster, Faster

Fertilizer Runoff Effects On Land Based Plants

Filament Faceoff

Fingerprint Doorbell

Flee, Water Fleas Flee

Foggy Conditions Can Affect Car Visibility

Force and Long Boards

From Air to Water

Genetic Fingerprint Patterns

Go the Distance

Great Filter Only For The Wealthy


Guardian - Anti-bullying System

H2 Whoa 2.0

Hairy Predicament

Have You Been Exposed

HoneyComb Armor

How Can The Placebo Effect Be Used In Medicinal Practices

How Do Different Amounts of Salt Affect How Long...

How Do Different Drinks Affect Your Blood Oxygen Levels

How Do Different Types of Lights Affect Plant Growth

How do Pollutants from Microfibers Affect Zebrafish Growth

How Does Acid Rain Affect The Flora of Our Enviroment

How Does Caffeine Effect the Growth of Plants

How Does CO2 Affect Plant Nutrient Content

How Does Different Type of Music Affect Blood Pressure...

How Does Elevation Affect Air Quality in SLC

How Does Liquid Fabric Softener...

How Does Soil Temperature Affect Root Growth in Plants

How Does Temperature Affect the Strength of Chemiluminescence

How Does the Amount of Strontium in Our Tap Water Affect Tooth Decay

How Does the Position of Your Arms in a Round-Off...

How Does Time Affect Memory

How Fast Do Different Types of Wood Burn

How Much Force is Needed to Break a Piece of 1 Inch Rugged Tile...

Human-Powered Generator

Hungry - The Effect of the Type of Carbohydrate Rich Food....

Hurricane Prediction Using Neural Networks

Immigrants and Hospitals

Impact of Xylem Cavitation..

Improvements of Poultry Production During Cold Weather

In Which Environment Does Trash Produce the Most Methane Gas

Investigatin the Rate of Plastic Decomposition....

Investigating Granulated Activated Carbon Physisorption Potential...

Investigation on the Plausibility of Sun Blocking...

Is Lift a Myth

Is More Better

Is the Use of Headgear Effective in Reducing the Force....

Is There a Correlation Between the Color of Tap Water....

Isotopes in Snow

Knowledge May Be Power But Is It Change

Lasers vs Balloons

Levees Will Fail

Light Benders

Light Pollution in Salt Lake City

Liquid Light

Lithium in Our Water

Lotion Motion

Macro Managing

Magic Lamp

Maglev Cars

Marx Generator

Material Obstruction and Microwaves

Material Strength

Microbial Effects on Plant Growth

MicroRNA Expression and Mutation Status in Colorectal Cancer

Mold Growth in Different Types of Water

Molecular and Functional Characterization of a Novel p16...

Mom's Spit, Who Knew

Morphology of Pinyon Mice

Most Fizz For Your Buck


Motion from Photons

Mountain Water Safety

MS of MS

Mucoadhesive HA-based Film Delivering Metronidazole....

Mycelium Bricks

Nano vs Colloidal

Natural Production Biosynthetic Pathway....

New Flood Drainage System

New Guard - Drone Propeller Guards

Of Meats and Dogs

Off With Their Heads

Optimizing the Performance of Classic Arcade Games

Organic vs Non Organic

Organic Water Filters

Pastel Neon Effect

Paw Preference

Peeling off the Carbon Filters

Perpetual Motion Machine

Pixel Deep Learning Al

Plants vs Coffee

Plastic Powerhouses

Pocket Herbalist

Probiotics vs Bacteria

Protective Factors of Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Pulmonary Anatomy of the Rock Monitor

Pygoscelis Papua

Qula of Music

Rain, Rain Go Away

Reaching to Make A Better Mechanical Arm

Rethink Your Drink

Reusable Ink

Safer Seat Belt System

Say Cheese

Self Solving Rubik's Cube

Silver Lining or Not

Simple Filtration

Sit Up Straight

Smart Traffic Light Sensors and Their Effects on CO2 Emissions

Solving Light Level Induced Stress in Fish

Stable Isotopes and Diet in the Brewers Sparrow...

Stereotypical Association

Storm Drain Filters

Sugar, OrangeYou Glad to See Yeast

Sunflower Panels

Super Sensor

Surface Tension Powered Raft

Sweet But Not Too Sweet

Sweet Pea

Swimmers' Hair

Synthesis of Peptide Conjugates

Targeted Drug Delivery Using Thermoresponsive Nanotechnology...

Temperature and Sublimation Rate Measurements...

Testing the Effects of Eco-Friendly vs. Conventional Dishwashing Detergents...

Texting While Driving

Texture Wars

The $100 PC

The Bandwagon Effect

The Basic Approach to CO2 Emissions

The Big Bone Theory

The Big Fizz

The Card Shuffler

The Connection Between Stress and Body Temperature

The Earth Needs to Chill

The Effect De-icer has on Lumbriculus Worms

The Effect of Bow Design on Hydrodynamic Efficiency

The Effect of Caffeine in Coffee On Bacterial Growth

The Effect of Font Size on Memory

The Effect of Humidity on Yeast Fermentation

The Effect of Natural Antibiotics on the Rate of Antibiotic Resistance...

The Effect of Photodegradation and Ozonation on Polymers

The Effect of Velocity on a Personal Sized Green Energy...

The Effect of Water Salinity on Electrolysis

The Effect that the Elevation has on Various Aspects of Flight...

The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Seizures Threshold

The Electric Revolution

The Finned Flier

The Future with Nanotechnology

The Great Salt Lake, Or Is It

The Impact of Air Pollution in the SLC Valley...

The Influence of Lavender Oil...

The Lie Detector

The Perfect Glove

The Perfect Shuffle

The Picture of Dorian's Decay

The Possible Suppression of FSH by a Regulatory....

The Quest for a Faster Dissolving Bath Bomb

The Root of the Problem

The Spectroscopic Analysis of Elements

Thermal Leaks in Windows

Thermal Mass to the Rescue

Thermally Controlled Propagation Properties...

Thyroid Cancer Trends in Communities Exposed to Nuclear Fallout

To Infinity and Beyond

Toxic Algae

Toxic Water

Triangle Strength

Trip Proof Charger

Tropical Cyclone Model

Tsunami Safeguard

Turf Wars

Two Minds

Underwater Sound

Undetected Suicide...

Using Isotope Analysisi to Determine Archaelogicial Features

Using Magnetic Nanoparticle Engineering to Treat Water...

Using Neural Networks to Optimize Key-Length Prediction....

Utah Water Crisis

Viruses to the Rescue

Visions of a Safer Future

VR New Approach to Education

Water - UV AC Purification

Water Smarter

Water Wheels for Water Ways

Water Widget

Watering Frequency for Water Conservation

Wave Energy Viability on the Western Coast...

What Affects Light Refraction

What is Causing Feather Damaging Behaviors In Captive Scarlet Ibises

What is the Effect of Thermal Energy on an Objects Expansion

What is the Ideal Ratio of Magnetism to Weight ....

What is the Optimum Printing Temperature for a Material...

What is the Process of Mummification

What Material Works Best on Knee Pads

What Water Pollution Does to Plants

What's in Your Ice

When Different Species of Wood are Placed Together With Titebond 2...

Where Do Expiration Dates Come From

Where's My Wi-Fi

Which Baseball Bat is Better for the Game

Which Pathfinding Algorithm is Best

Who Nose the Flavor

Who's the Criminal

Will A Group Of People Associate The Same Color With A Stimulus

Will Daphnia Magna Survive in Jordan River....

Will Magnets Separate in the Stomach

Winglet Design