2019 Project Photos (Elementary)

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5 Second Rule

A Battery that makes cents

A Comparison of Egg Density Between Pastured

A Human Mirror

A Shocking Experiment

Acoustic Levitation

Aerodynamics of a golf ball

Air Drag and Flight

Air Wind Rain

All those waves

Are Fingerprints Inherited

Are You Inside Out

Are your eyes playing games

At What Age Do People Stop Choosing Skittles

Automatic Chicken Door

Automatic Pet Food Dispenser

Automatic Water Dispenser

Balloon Powered Car

Bandage Bondage

Bathroom Hand Washing

Better Blades for Wind Turbines

Blame it on the Acid Rain

Bouncy Balls

Bridge Strength


Bring the Heat

Buoyancy a fruity situation

Can you lift a car with two phone books

Can you take the heat

Canine Reaction

Car Key Remote Signal Booster

Cereal Confessions

Cleaners vs Germs

CO2 and air temperature changes in direct sunlight

Color and Emotions

Color and Temperature

Color Preference

Colorblind or Not

Coloring Memory

Cookie Chemistry

Corrosion Explosion

Crystal vs Crystal

DAD's In Training

Dangers of Road Salt

Dirty snowball

Dizzy Melody

Do Cookies Affect Your Mood

Do Dogs have a color preference

Do fruit or vegetables have more DNA

Do glass bottles really float

Do Mints Effect Test Scores

Does Eye Color Affect the Way We See Light

Does Mint Lower Temperature

Does the cost of flushable wipes

Does Water Temp Affect The Breathing Rate of Beta Fish

Does your sunscreen work

Don't let distraction drive you off track

Don't let the sun get under your skin

Dont be a drag

Double Trouble Pinball

Egg Oxidation

Egg Substitutes

El-Clip Raspador Presentacion

Electromagnetic limits

Electromagnetic Trains

Enzymes Activity

Evaporation Exploration

Eyes vs Ears

Fast and Furious

Fee Fi Mo-Nana Banana Biofuel

Fermentation Fued

Fetch it then stretch it

Five Second Rule

Food is power

Fountain of Youth

Freezing Batteries

Freezing Tanning Floating

Getting a Grip on Germs

Glow Sticks

Green Power Bike


Hair tie explosions

Hamsters Amaze Me

Hearing or Sight

Heartburn vs Antacids

Heating Enzymes

Heron's Fountain

Hey Cookie, Why You So Flat

How Air Temperature affects Balloons

How Candy Types Affect Bodies

How Different Liquids can Change the Size of Orbies

How do we know how big our sun is

How does food effect people with dibetes

How does gender age and genetics

How does light effect the way grass grows

How does slope angle affect a skier's speed

How does the temperature affect the volume of a gas

How does the temperature of a baseball effect the distance it travels

How Safe is Our Drinking Water

How slime reacts when different things are added

How Sweet's the Temperature

How the height of water influences hydrostatic pressure

How would the light spectrum cause temperature differences

Humans vs Computers

Hydration Frustration

Hydraulic Reaching Assistant

Ice Ice Baby

Impact Angles and Crater Shape

Infrared radiation and the color spectrum


Invisible Ink

Iodized Salt vs Other Salts

Is your lunch healthier than a 5th grader's

It's a long shot

Just Like You

Keepin' It Cool

Kick This

Kickboard Plus

Kids Signs or Cops

Know your Snow

Leaves Be Gone

Lentil plants are growing up

Let it Grow

Let's plant it

Lights On

Maglev Ski Train

Marksmanship and speed

May the Electromagnetic Force Be With You

Measuring mass with a homemade watt balance

Measuring Static Electricity

Melting Ice with Salt

Memorization Mode

Memory Strategie

Meteorites Around

Mind Tricks

Mono's vs DI's

Mood Ring Bling

More Power to Rooftop Solar Power

More than meets the Ear

Mousetrap Car

Moving objects

Multimeter Madness

Mung beans germination

Music and Heart Rate

Myth Buster

Natural power

Neck Stand

No Work Cat Feeder

Normal distribution

One Leaf Two Leaf

Ooey Gooey Slime

Optimal Pivots for Quicksort

Outerspace sun shield

Paper Airplanes

Paper Plane-Bot

Park City Power

Pinocchio's Arm

Plant vs Soil Erosion


Plants and Light Spectrum

Plants vs smoke

Plastic bag insulation

play the pain away

Playing with Fire Yet Again

Pollution Distribution

Potential Energy Unwound

Power of Positive Thinking

Power on the Go

Power plants

Power Yes or Power Less

Powerless pollution

Pressure Reducing Turbine

Project aqua-gray

PTC Taste Test

Pumpkin Preservation

Purrfect Pillow

Quicker Picker Upper

Race to the bottom

RC Snowplow Project

Read Write and Color

Red light Green Light

Reducing LED Flicker

Remote control light switch

Rethink your sugary drink

Ring Ring

Rise of the Cookies

Rush to Relief

Rusty rain gutters

Safe abd effecient bridge design

Salty Solutions

Say It Again, My Eyes Didn't Catch It

Seeing the light

Serve Velocity and string tension in tennis

Shake and Quake

Simulating Object Motion Using Scratch

Sip all day, get decay

Skipping sparks

Slime Time

Snake Cube Math

Snow vs Snow

Soaking up Science

Solar Powered Desalination

Solute to the Ice Cube

Stains and Drinks

Static Electricity

Stayin' Alive

Steam Boat

Strength of an Electromagnet

Stress - Does it make a difference

Stress Balls & Relief

Sugar Ice Cream Freeze

Sunlight vs artificial

Super Trains

Temperature and tuning

Temperature and Tuning.jpeg

Terrific toothpaste

Testing the effect of air pressure on travel under load

The effect of salt on Bacterial Growth

The Filter

The Heat is On

The Household Chemical Cooler Warmer

The Meltdown

The On Fortnite

The Power of Distraction

The Reading Race

The Relationship between the sense of smell and age

The search for micro meteorites

The Sleep Study

The Sound Absorber

The Sound of Music

The Sweetest Snooze

The tooth and nothing but the tooth

The US Citizenship Test

The Vaporace

Tic Tac Toe AI

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

To Heat or Not to Heat

To rust of not to rust

Tooth Decay Egg Experiment

Tree Trials

Turbidity of Toll Canyon Creek

Virtual Reality


Walking Water

Want to Avoid Cavities, Don't drink soda

Want to Play

Water Purification using Natural Materials

Weighting for Take Off

What Are You Afraid Of

What causes an Avalanche

What is the best common roofing material for insulation

What is the fastest method to cool a bowl of soup

What is the Force of Light Pollution

What is the lightest material that I can put Inside

What keeps you up at night

What liquid will orbeez grow in

What liquid works best for plant growth

What materials can block a Wifi signal

What Motivates kids

What puts the puffin' in your muffin

What taste did Yogurt

What's good for your blood vessels

What's in Your Snack

Where is my WiFi

Which Activator Makes the Stretchiest Slime

Which boat holds the most weight

Which Foundation is Safest during and Earthquake

Which is Better, Bacteria vs Personal Hygine Products

Which liquid causes the most tooth decay

Which Nose Works the Best

Which One Boils Faster

Which Soda Is Most Likely To Damage Your Teeth

Which type of metal water bottle keeps its temperature

Which type of sunscreen protects best

Which Water is Best

Which Wick

Will a zinnia seed grow differently in different typles of soil

Will it Grow

Will it Live

Will LIghtning Destroy Carbon Fiber Airplanes

Wire Shoelaces vs The Adjustable Elastics