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 how does the viscosity of a substance affect the time it takes for a marble to move through it

How Does the Viscosity of a Substance Affect the Time it Takes for a Marble to Move Through it

3d tracking using ultrasonic sound

3D Tracking Using Ultrasonic Sound

A cheap complete water solution

A Cheap Complete Water Solution

A fountain of germs

A Fountain of Germs

A new way to cool

A New Way to Cool

A new way to generate electricity made better or worse

A New Way to Generate Electricity Made Better or Worse

A novel mathematical model for the early detection of dengue fever

A Novel Mathematical Model for the Early Detection of Dengue Fever

A novel method towards the determination of the role of microvascular

A Novel Method Towards the Determination of the Role of Microvascular

A short walt to water

A Short Walt to Water

A speeds viability after having been frozen

A Speeds Viability After Having Been Frozen

Acid attack

Acid Attack

Adrenalines effect on reaction speed

Adrenalines Effect on Reaction Speed

Algae bioreactor

Algae Bioreactor

All a flame

All a Flame

All about that bass

All About that Bass

Aloe juice vs molding fruit

Aloe Juice vs Molding Fruit

Americas new epidemic

Americas New Epidemic



An affordable alternative to conentional fused deposition modeling

An Affordable Alternative to Conentional Fused Deposition Modeling

An epidemiological study quantifying differences in thyroid cancer risk across birth cohorts and i 131 exposure levels

An Epidemiological Study Quantifying Differences in Thyroid Cancer Risk Across Birth Cohorts and I-131 Exposure Levels

An innovative approach to estimating suicide underreporting

An Innovative Approach to Estimating Suicide Underreporting

An investigation of the sexual size dimorphism of the feather louse

An Investigation of the Sexual Size Dimorphism of the Feather Louse

Antibiotic chilli peppers

Antibiotic Chilli Peppers

Antimicrobial investigation of dental caps

Antimicrobial Investigation of Dental Caps

Are certain fingerprint pattterns correlatied

Are certain fingerprint pattterns correlatied

Are eco friendly dish detergents actually safer to the environment than conventional dish detergents

Are Eco-Friendly Dish Detergents Actually Safer to the Environment than Conventional Dish Detergents

Are microwaves safe

Are Microwaves Safe

Are you cold outside wear this

Are You Cold Outside Wear This

Are you left or right

Are You Left or Right

Areas of highest bacteria on campus

Areas of Highest Bacteria on Campus

Attenuated synaptic plasticity in the iak

Attenuated Synaptic Plasticity in the IAK

Bamboos ability to remediate arsenic contaminated water

Bamboos Ability to Remediate Arsenic Contaminated Water

Barriers to hand hygiene

Barriers to Hand Hygiene

Battery powered

Battery Powered

Beet vs meat

Beet vs Meat

Beware of bacteria they appear in strange areas

Beware of Bacteria They Appear in Strange Areas

Bio batteries

Bio Batteries

Biomarker development for sudden

Biomarker Development for Sudden

Bites   envenomations

Bites & Envenomations

Bitter coffee

Bitter Coffee

Blind sweat

Blind Sweat

Bottles vs fiberglass a fight to the death

Bottles vs Fiberglass A fight to the death

Bound and bricked

Bound and Bricked

Building a phone microscope

Building a Phone Microscope

Bully no bullying

Bully No Bullying

Caffines effect on plants

Caffines Effect on Plants

Can a dilute solution of medications

Can a Dilute Solution of Medications

Can game extract the desire to learn

Can Game Extract the Desire to Learn

Can grey water reclaimed from washing machines

Can Grey Water Reclaimed from Washing Machines

Can we find diabetes in your breath

Can we find Diabetes in your Breath

Can you breed a super algae through forced adaptation

Can You Breed A Super Algae Through Forced Adaptation

Can you give me a hand or foot

Can you give me a hand or foot

Candied apples

Candied Apples

Characterizing behavioral comorbidities in mouse model

Characterizing Behavioral Comorbidities In Mouse Model

Chemistry of ice cream making

Chemistry of Ice Cream Making

Citrus fruit and ph

Citrus Fruit and pH

Clear the air

Clear the Air

Comparing drought stress and water retention

Comparing Drought Stress and Water Retention

Concentrations of ibuprofen causing false positives on thc marijuana immunoassays

Concentrations of Ibuprofen Causing False Positives on THC Marijuana Immunoassays

Conditions for enzymes in biofuel production

Conditions for Enzymes in Biofuel Production

Constructing the strongest bridge

Constructing the Strongest Bridge

Cooling the atmosphere

Cooling the Atmosphere

Copper to the rescu

Copper to the ResCu

Cultivating mars

Cultivating Mars

Design of improved inverse transition cycling protein

Design of Improved Inverse Transition Cycling Protein

Determine the effectivity of phage therapy

Determine the Effectivity of Phage Therapy

Developing microorganisms for drug discovery

Developing Microorganisms for Drug Discovery

Disco dancers

Disco Dancers

Diversity in music taste in age groups

Diversity in Music Taste in Age Groups

Diy cell phone

DIY Cell Phone

Dna sequencing and analysis of microbial colonies

DNA Sequencing and Analysis of Microbial Colonies

Does birth order affect personality

Does Birth Order Affect Personality

Does octane rating on fuel affect the amount of particulate matter a car emits

Does Octane rating on fuel affect the amount of Particulate Matter a car emits

Does organic milk contain more protien than regular or dry milk

Does organic milk contain more protien than regular or dry milk

Does sensitivity to sound frequencies differ by gender

Does sensitivity to sound frequencies differ by gender

Does the temperature of cupcakes affect its weight

Does the Temperature of Cupcakes Affect its Weight

Does unconscious bias affect donation behavior

Does Unconscious Bias Affect Donation Behavior

Does virtual reality affect hand eye coordination

Does Virtual Reality Affect Hand Eye Coordination

Dog repellent for mink

Dog Repellent for Mink

Dont be stressed do it less

Dont Be Stressed Do It Less

Dont blow it

Dont Blow It

Drone power efficiency

Drone Power Efficiency

Drone wind

Drone Wind

Earth needs to chill how about some

Earth Needs to Chill How About Some

Effect of sugar source on growth and lactic acid

Effect of Sugar Source On Growth and Lactic Acid

Effects of age and gender on long distance

Effects of Age and Gender on Long Distance

Effects of atmospheric pollution on an aquatic food chain

Effects of Atmospheric Pollution on an Aquatic Food Chain

Effects of soil type on plant growth

Effects of Soil Type on Plant Growth

Eggcellent packaging

Eggcellent Packaging

Eggless cupcakes

Eggless Cupcakes

Emission spectra of single trapped nanoparticles

Emission Spectra of Single Trapped Nanoparticles

Enzyme catalase reaction

Enzyme Catalase Reaction

Erosion and wildfires in rance creek utah

Erosion and Wildfires in Rance Creek Utah

Evaluating salt lake county watershed

Evaluating Salt Lake County Watershed

Exploring enviromental justice in the salt lake valley

Exploring Enviromental Justice in the Salt Lake Valley

Exploring motivated numeracy

Exploring Motivated Numeracy

Face and obstruction detecting robot

Face and Obstruction Detecting Robot

Fantastic plastic

Fantastic Plastic

Fat content in food

Fat Content In Food

Fertilizer fiesta

Fertilizer Fiesta

Fiery fabrics

Fiery Fabrics

Fight obesity are you really burning it off

Fight Obesity Are you really Burning it off

Filter out the different types of drinks using activated carbon

Filter out the different types of drinks using activated carbon

Flight endurance testing

Flight Endurance Testing

Flying high

Flying High

Food scraps earthworms and soils

Food Scraps Earthworms and Soils

Freestyle swimming breathing patterns

Freestyle Swimming Breathing Patterns

From foe to friend

From Foe to Friend

Functionality of the oligodynamic effect in copper

Functionality of the Oligodynamic Effect in Copper

Good or bad biofuel

Good or Bad Biofuel

Growth rate of carrots grown indoors

Growth Rate of Carrots Grown Indoors

H2 oh no

H2 Oh No

Haugh nutrittious are your eggs

Haugh Nutrittious Are Your Eggs

Healthy relationships

Healthy Relationships

Heat check

Heat Check

Helping to help

Helping to Help

Hey what do you know about dna

Hey What Do You Know About DNA

High fat diet is best

High Fat Diet is Best

How clean are your hands

How Clean Are Your Hands

How do different conductive materials and distances affect resistance

How Do Different Conductive Materials and Distances Affect Resistance

How do different shoe treads types affect traction

How Do Different Shoe Treads Types Affect Traction

How do different types of lights affect plants rates of photosynthesis

How Do Different Types of Lights Affect Plants Rates of Photosynthesis

How do different types of water affect plant growth

How do different types of water affect plant growth

How do melting ice caps affect plankton growth

How Do Melting Ice Caps Affect Plankton Growth

How do wood burning devices affect air quality

How do Wood Burning Devices Affect Air Quality

How does a worms diet affect

How Does A Worms Diet Affect

How does kicking a soccer ball at different points

How does kicking a soccer ball at different points

How does local bird population diversity change along the urban gradient

How Does Local Bird Population Diversity Change Along The Urban Gradient

How does tenstion relate to a catapults

How does tenstion relate to a catapults

How does the difference in angle size of a triangular truss

How Does the Difference in Angle Size of a Triangular Truss

How does the strength of bone glue

How Does the Strength of Bone Glue

How does water affet thermal conductivity in soil

How Does Water Affet Thermal Conductivity in Soil

How interior walls make a difference

How Interior Walls Make A Difference

How much weight can jello take

How much weight can jello take

How temperature influences the effectiveness of catalase enzymes

How Temperature Influences the Effectiveness of Catalase Enzymes

How to clean up water using household materials

How To Clean Up Water Using Household Materials

How water depth effects wave height and velocity

How Water Depth Effects Wave Height and Velocity

How well do various filtration methods eliminate chlorine

How Well Do Various Filtration Methods Eliminate Chlorine

Hype over hydroflask

Hype Over Hydroflask

Implementing markov chains to forecast the weather

Implementing Markov Chains to Forecast the Weather

Improvement in hurricane forecast using neural networks

Improvement in Hurricane Forecast Using Neural Networks

Improving network communication safely using diffie hellman algorithm

Improving Network Communication Safely Using Diffie-Hellman Algorithm

Investigate the effects of small molecule

Investigate the effects of small molecule

Investigating the effects of histone

Investigating the Effects of Histone

Is garlic a miracle cure

Is Garlic a Miracle Cure

Is it possible to use acoustic levitation

Is it possible to use acoustic levitation

Is recycled glass a good water filter

Is Recycled Glass A Good Water Filter

Is your school clean

Is Your School Clean

Jitsarg fitness index

Jitsarg Fitness Index

Killer in the kitchen

Killer In The Kitchen

Kinetic energy

Kinetic Energy

Lawn mowers

Lawn Mowers

Leaves in the wind

Leaves in the Wind

Like it or not

Like It Or Not



Low cost sonar equipped remotely

Low Cost Sonar Equipped Remotely



Machine learning for the classification of cyber attacks

Machine Learning for the Classification of Cyber Attacks

Magnetic hydraulic arm

Magnetic Hydraulic Arm

Maximizing the voltage of a solar panel based on tilt

Maximizing the Voltage of A Solar Panel Based on Tilt

Measuring impact resistance of different 3d printing materials

Measuring Impact Resistance of Different 3D Printing Materials

Measuring particulate matter during after school pick up

Measuring Particulate Matter During After School Pick Up

Meditation effect on reaction time

Meditation Effect on Reaction Time

Memory efficiency due to recall order

Memory Efficiency Due To Recall Order

Microbacteria in our water

Microbacteria In Our Water

Moisturizer barriers against water evaporation

Moisturizer barriers against water evaporation

Nadh regeneration at an electrode

NADH Regeneration at an Electrode

Nature connection

Nature Connection



New results on the dynamics of

New Results on the Dynamics of

Oceans ii

Oceans II

Opioid like deactivation

Opioid-Like Deactivation

Organic vs regular eggshell

Organic vs Regular Eggshell

Ouch what pet hair creates the most static electricity

Ouch What Pet Hair Creates The Most Static Electricity

P53 bad   a novel mitochondrially

p53-Bad - A Novel Mitochondrially

Paper airplane flight tests

Paper Airplane Flight Tests



Passed gas

Passed Gas

Patient compliant non invasive diagnostic apparatus

Patient Compliant Non Invasive Diagnostic Apparatus

Peer relationships cerebral palsy vs fractures

Peer Relationships Cerebral Palsy vs Fractures

Perplexing pollution

Perplexing Pollution

Pesticides in utah water

Pesticides In Utah Water

Pet doorbell

Pet Doorbell

Ph variations on diastase activity

pH Variations on Diastase Activity

Phones vs keyboards

Phones vs Keyboards

Phyla fun

Phyla Fun

Pitch in for the environment

Pitch in for the Environment

Pitch test on musicians vs non musicians

Pitch Test on Musicians vs Non Musicians

Plastic degradation in the great salt lake

Plastic Degradation in the Great Salt Lake

Playing with mcgerms

Playing with Mcgerms

Potential correlation between biased

Potential Correlation Between Biased

Potential plastic solution

Potential Plastic Solution

Precision medicine analysis of clinical literature

Precision Medicine Analysis of Clinical Literature

Prove them wrong

Prove Them Wrong

Put the tee in nitrate

Put the Tee in NiTrate

Restaurant computer program

Restaurant Computer Program

Rhizosphere microbiota and drought tolerance in sunflowers

Rhizosphere Microbiota and Drought Tolerance in Sunflowers

Rope diameter   velocity

Rope Diameter & Velocity

Salty water   radishes. will it grow

Salty Water & Radishes. Will it Grow

Salvaging heat produced by electronics

Salvaging Heat Produced by Electronics

Saving energy with an electronic shut off timer

Saving Energy with an Electronic Shut Off Timer

Saving the monarch butterflies

Saving the Monarch Butterflies

Scared of earthquakes

Scared of Earthquakes

Self esteem   sport participation in teenagers

Self Esteem & Sport Participation in Teenagers

Self solving rubiks

Self-Solving Rubiks

Shoot for the moon

Shoot For the Moon

Should you flush that

Should You Flush That?

Sight vs taste

Sight vs Taste

Silent killer investigation of silent myocardial

Silent Killer Investigation of Silent Myocardial

Silver to copper

Silver to Copper

Skittles vs liquids

Skittles vs Liquids

Sniffing out cancer culturing cells

Sniffing Out Cancer Culturing Cells

Social media addiction and self esteem

Social Media Addiction and Self Esteem

Socially awkward or intellectually smart

Socially Awkward or Intellectually Smart

Solar powered aquaponics system

Solar Powered Aquaponics System

Somethings fishy

Somethings Fishy

Sorry not sari

Sorry Not Sari

Speed wobble stopper

Speed wobble Stopper

Speedy steel

Speedy Steel

Spice it up or not

Spice It Up or not

Step into the light

Step Into the Light

Stop signs hurt people

Stop Signs Hurt People

Stopping algal blooms

Stopping Algal Blooms

Stress level comparison between genders

Stress Level Comparison Between Genders

Stress relievers

Stress Relievers

Sucky water bottles

Sucky Water Bottles

Synthesis and characterization of gnrh

Synthesis and Characterization of GnRH

Talking about difficult topics

Talking About Difficult Topics

Temperature and train efficiency

Temperature and Train Efficiency

Testing synergistic effects of drug pais on e coli

Testing Synergistic Effects of Drug Pais on E Coli

Testing the archbacterial effects of dog saliva on e coli

Testing the Archbacterial Effects of Dog Saliva on E coli

Testing the reacion rate of tetrazine

Testing the Reacion Rate of Tetrazine

The bar chalker

The Bar Chalker

The best way to purify river water

The Best Way to Purify River Water

The boiling point

The Boiling Point

The decellularization of collard greens

The Decellularization of Collard Greens

The development of anxiety disorders in teenagers

The Development of Anxiety Disorders in Teenagers

The effect of benzene on bacterial growth

The Effect of Benzene on Bacterial Growth

The effect of different uv light

The effect of different UV light

The effect of irradiation on plants

The Effect of Irradiation on Plants

The effect of piano practice on fluency speed

The Effect of Piano Practice on Fluency Speed

The effect of smell on dream content

The Effect of Smell on Dream Content

The effect of the salinity of a saltwater

The Effect of the Salinity of a Saltwater

The effects of sunscreen on marine life

The Effects of Sunscreen on Marine Life

The fat in the food we eat

The Fat in The Food We Eat

The future of flight

The Future of Flight

The great shakeout

The Great Shakeout

The influence of calcium on the effectiveness

The Influence of Calcium on the Effectiveness

The jimed chicken feeder

The Jimed Chicken Feeder

The liquefaction reaction

The Liquefaction Reaction

The n body problems simulating space with computers

The N-body Problems Simulating Space with Computers

The physics of volleyball

The Physics of Volleyball

The roots of trouble

The Roots of Trouble

The salty snow shovel

The Salty Snow Shovel

The yawnimo effect

The Yawnimo Effect

Thermo electricity   the seebeck effect

Thermo Electricity - The Seebeck Effect

Think blue

Think Blue

Three methods to test salt concentration in water

Three Methods to Test Salt Concentration in Water

To trust or not to trust

To Trust or Not to Trust

Up up and forever away

Up Up and Forever Away

Using isotope analysis to determine archaeological features

Using Isotope Analysis to Determine Archaeological Features

Using machine learning techniques to predict mutant p53

Using Machine Learning Techniques to Predict Mutant P53

Utilizing ligand structuring metaservers to model pathogenic

Utilizing Ligand Structuring Metaservers to Model Pathogenic

Vibration analysis in adictive manufacturing

Vibration Analysis in Adictive Manufacturing

Video games

Video Games

Videoless game

Videoless Game

Water quality in the wasatch range and the salt lake valley

Water Quality In The Wasatch Range And The Salt Lake Valley

Water rocket

Water Rocket

What effect does a small amount of stress have on productivity

What Effect Does A Small Amount of Stress Have On Productivity

What is the best recovery drink

What Is The Best Recovery Drink

What is the fastes way to cool a

What is the Fastes Way to Cool a

What materials can block a wifi signal

What Materials Can Block A WiFi Signal

What the emf

What the EMF

What type of toiletpaper is most biodegradable when backpacking

What Type of Toiletpaper Is Most Biodegradable when Backpacking

Which ice cream melts the fastest

Which Ice Cream Melts the Fastest

You see it now you dont

You See It Now You Dont

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